dark green pencil dress

The Best Bodycon Dresses in All the Land

dark green pencil dressAaaand, just like that, we were right back to Autumn.

Actually, that’s not quite right: these photos were actually taken a few days before the warmest September day on record, which is a good indication of just how screwy our weather is right now. This is also a pretty good indication of my amazing capacity to keep talking about the weather, even although I know talking about the weather is one of the most boring things a blogger can do, and for the love of God, woman, would you just shut up about the weather already?

Sorry. How about I talk about the dress instead, which is this one by Closet London. You might recognise it as being a close cousin of this dress – ALSO by Closet London – and yes, you’re right, it is: they’re two very similar dresses, but I’m not even sorry, because these dresses? These are just the best bodycon dresses in all the land, no exaggeration. I want one in every single colour now. (And hey, it looks like I’m well on my way to achieving that aim, huh?) Specifically, I want this one:

navy blue long-sleeved bodycon dress

(Checl the ‘tude on this model, by the way: she’s all, “Yes, I look incredible: what of it?”)

This one:

Closet London blacl bodycon dress

And, honestly, I wouldn’t even say a convincing “no” to this one, even although I know it would make me look like I had the consumption, and people would leave comments saying, “Amber, not trying to be rude, but you look like you have the consumption,” and then I’d cry into my pillow all night long, even although I’d know perfectly well that actually, YES, they WERE trying to be rude:

nude bodycon dress by Closet London

No, this would not be a good dress for me, on reflection. I guess I’ll just stick to the navy, the black and the green. Oh, and the mint green. And, well, the other mint green.  You, however, should go wild, and get ALL the colours. They are the best bodycon dresses in the land, after all…

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Dress c/o Closet London

Moda in Pelle shoes

Zac Posen bag via Shopbop

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  • Ellen


    Nice dress. Are my eyes failing me, or is that a dark green biker jacket you’re wearing? It looks great. The dresses look to be a good shape, shame they are man-made fabrics.

    September 16, 2016
  • But if you had consumption you could die all romantically like Ruby Gillis. No, okay, on second thoughts, that’s a bad idea, you should probably go with the mint green. It will look better against the rain and sleet.

    September 16, 2016
  • D. Johnson


    Amber, thank you for being so inspirational. I kept you in mind as I purchased some of my Fall/Winter clothes. I selected a tan sweater I would have ordinarily passed on and one of the turtlenecks is the lush green of this dress. You have re-started my craving for handbags, too!

    September 16, 2016
  • Sharon


    Hi Amber I have only just started reading your blog – very inspirational by the way. Back to my question the dress looked fantastic on you but how does it compare with the boden bodycon dresses? I have never tried or even heard of Closet London but the range looks great.

    September 17, 2016