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When I started this “photo a day” project, my main concern was that I just wouldn’t have anything to photograph. I mean, I work from home, I don’t live in a big, bustling city… there’s not a whole lot to see here, folks. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for anything (Well, I wouldn’t change the “working from home bit”. I’d DEFINITELY change where the home in question is located…), but it does mean my life isn’t all that interesting most of the time. In fact, that’s actually one of the reasons I started focusing primarily on outfit photos in the first place: just to have SOMETHING to talk about on the days there are no random acts of stupidity or McNaughtiness to report.

So I worried I’d have nothing to document in this “document every day of my life” thing I’m doing. Still, I guess that’s part of the point: to be more creative, to pay more attention to the little things in life, to ferret out the ways in which every day is different, even when they all feel exactly the same. With that in mind, this week has a THEME. Yes, I know, exciting, huh? Don’t worry, I won’t be doing this all the time (And in fact, I’m not sure how many of these roundups I’ll end up actually doing: I keep reading comments about how much people detest Instagram roundups on blogs, and it makes me paranoid, because of course everything anyone writes on the internet is OBVIOUSLY a passive-aggressive dig at me. I am THAT important. But at the moment I’m quite enjoying it, and am finding that it’s helping me get back into writing about things other than fashion, so…yeah.), but with this set of photos from last week, I decided to give you a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at what it’s like being a full-time blogger. It ended up being a lot of photos of my computer screen, which… more or less sums up my life, really, so I guess it’s kinda appropriate. Here they are…

365 project

9. The man behind the outfit photos
I’m sure there are lots of things Terry would rather do than take photos of my shoes, and yet here he is: my hero! I’ve told him that if he ever wants to start his own fashion blog, I’ll happily return the favour, but he just didn’t seem into it for some reason…

10. Choosing photos for a post

When I posted my last 365 roundup, Erika commented that she never seems to get the right photo on the first take, to which all I can say is: TELL ME ABOUT IT. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a complete inability to keep my eyes open while I’m being photographed, and if I’m not closing my eyes I’m probably going to be pulling some weird face, or waving my hands around or something. Again: Terry is my hero.

photo a day

11. Desktop essentials

I try to drink a bottle of water every day (Yes, I know regular water is better for me, but I would forget to drink that altogether, so I figure this stuff is better than nothing…), but actually my blogs are fuelled by 100% caffeine. I have very dry lips(probably because of all that coffee…) so I always have some kind of lip balm on hand (Well, on lips, rather…), although I normally forget to use it. (Yes, I know some people think lip balm makes your lips drier. Mine are dry whether I use it or not, though, so I think I was just born that way, baby.)

12. Review samples for Hey, Dollface!

When it comes to clothes and shoes, I only ever receive freebies I’ve chosen myself, and which the company in question (or more normally, their PR agency) have contacted me about in advance. The beauty blogging world is a little different, though, and I occasionally open the door to a mystery package full of samples to review on Hey, Dollface!  On Saturday morning, I received a very exciting package from Clarins, which included this pink lipstick, which I’m looking forward to trying. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe that this is actually my JOB…

Blogging behind the scenes

13. Weekend work

Officially, I take the weekend off from blogging, but more often than not, I’ll end up spending at least a few hours working anyway – especially in the winter, when the weather prevents us getting out as much as we do in spring/summer. I got the glasses a few months ago: I’ve worn contact lenses since I was a teenager, but always have a pair of glasses as a backup. Because I spend so much time at the computer, my eyes get quite dry, so I try to wear the glasses a couple of times per week to give them a rest. Unfortunately for me, although I love glasses on other people, I absolutely hate them on myself, and am really self-conscious about them, so I never leave the house in them: in fact, apart from immediate family, I think the only other person who’s seen me in them is my best friend, and that’s purely because we lived together at university, and I used to sometimes wear them to study in. (And because there are no secrets between best friends, are there? She’s also one of only a handful of people who’ve ever seen me without makeup. Poor girl…) I bought these ones thinking the retro look of them might make me like them better than all of my previous frames, but nope:  hate ’em. I’m thinking next time I might go all-out retro and get a pair of 60s style cat eyes, with, like, diamanté and stuff on them: well, if I’m going to hate my glasses (and it looks like I am…), I might as well have some fun with it, right?

(And no, I will not be posting photos of me wearing the glasses. Even Terry could only bring himself to say they looked “fine” when I first got them: the above paragraph is definitely not false modesty!)

14. Sorting through images of the Golden Globes for The Fashion Police

This is possibly weird for someone who writes about fashion for a living, but I’m never particularly interested in the red carpet: I figure pretty much ANYONE can look good with the help of an army of  the best stylists and makeup artists a Hollywood budget can buy, so when it comes to celebrity fashion I’m actually more interested in seeing what they wore to the airport, say, when I know they dressed themselves and didn’t spent five hours in makeup first. I’m pretty much alone in my lack of interest, though, so most Monday mornings at this time of year are spent frantically refreshing my image agency account to see if the photos of the latest event have been uploaded yet, then putting together a post. This week it was the Golden Globes, so Monday started with an overdose of couture gowns. There are definitely worse ways to start the week.

AAaand, once again I find I’ve managed to write over 1000 words, on what is supposed to be a quick, image-based post. I’ll stop now. Tune in next time  for the next thrilling instalment of “OMG, why can’t she just post the photos and be done with it?!”

  1. I love your glasses. 🙂 (I’ve just caught up on my #365s for the week. I’m finding it a little too easy to get distracted!!)

    1. I just wish I hadn’t started it in January, even although it was the logical choice – I pretty much hibernate all winter so there’s not much opportunity to take photos!

  2. You seem to be the perfect girl-next-door kind of blogger, adding the fact that you are very funny and laughs at yourself quite regularly, AND has awesome taste in clothes….that’s why I love it in here!

  3. Ah I like these kind of posts! Lenses make my head hurt so I need glasses most days, but I always think I look ridiculous in them too so I have to take Mother when I’m picking new ones – not sure I’ve ever picked any myself! 🙂

    1. Haha, it’s not just me, then! I always see other women looking amazing in glasses, but honestly, “ridiculous” is pretty much how I feel in them too, and it isn’t just the frames, because I can spend hours trying them on, and just hate every single pair. I really need to save up and get myself some laser eye surgery!

  4. I totally agree with Bianca! And I love reading your posts! I even like the Instagram round ups I see on blogs. I don’t have Instagram myself, so I like to see what others usually post. And it was nice to be behind the scenes of your life as a full-time blogger.
    P.S. I also hate how I look with glasses, and I can’t even find sunglasses that look good on me.

    1. Whoops, I just realised I’d typed “I keep reading comments about how people hate reading Instagram roundups on MY blogs…” by mistake: my ego is obviously much bigger than I thought it was, because I didn’t mean to say “my”: I’ve never read any comments about people hating them on my sites specifically, just about hating them in general!

      And I think you look fantastic in sunglasses – I think all of the ones I’ve seen you wear on your blog look good on you 🙂

  5. Maybe I am weird as I love instagram round ups. Even though I follow you on instagram and already see your photos as they are posted I still really enjoyed this round up because you gave words/life to the photos. One thing that really bothers me about instagram (ok, maybe it doesn’t ‘bother’ me, but I don’t like it) is that there are no real spaces for lengthy comments underneath from the person posting it to explain the photo (or the logic or thought behind it if need be) or for the people who see it/like it. Yes you can write a bit on there but not like you can on FB or on a blog and I am most definitely with you in the ‘why write 100 words when 1000 words will do’ club. At work I am known for my legendary emails, real war and peace style. Sometimes I read them back a few months later and think ‘who is this person who wrote this?’

    Annyywaaay, back to topic. I love this post just as much as your others as your writing style is why I follow this blog (and of course the fab photos and the weird humour of the lady writing it). Also I am with you about the red carpet photos, I find myself really switching off to them, they don’t engage me. Maybe this is because it isn’t real life, not even for those celebrities. I like to keep it real (man!).

    Ooh definitely get some blinged up glasses if they look bad on you anyway. I agree that you should at least make fun of it and yourself 🙂

    Janine xx

    1. I’m so glad it’s not just me with the red carpet stuff… Every year at this time people start freaking out about it on Twitter/Facebook etc, and I always feel like I must be from another species, because while I don’t actively DISlike it or anything, it just doesn’t interest me the way other fashion stuff does. It’s like you say: it’s not even reality for the celebrities themselves most of the time, and it’s definitely not something I can take inspiration from (not many red carpet events around here, unfortunately), so I’m only ever vaguely interested in it. Ah well!

      I do agree about Instagram: I love it, but I’m really bad at typing on my phone, so I tend to leave short captions (or none at all) and then forget to check back to see if anyone commented… I like the idea of a picture telling a thousand words, but to be honest I find it hard to resist adding the 1000 words anyway!

  6. Instagram round-ups are always a favorite of mine, and even though I also follow you there, I very much enjoy what you have to say. 100% with you on the glasses. I once stepped on mine because I took them off when the doorbell rang and then obviously forgot where they were once my company had left. I should give my eyes more of a break, but I just can’t wear glasses in public. I have tried many styles, and even thought the expensive ones surely have to look better… nope. Now I can tell my husband it is NOT just me with this problem!

    1. I’m actually heartened by how many people feel the same – I thought I must just have a really weird face or something! I’m the same with taking them off: I wear them at the computer, but will even remove them if I get up to go to the bathroom, so I don’t have to see myself in them in the bathroom mirror. Yes, I am THAT vain…

  7. I quite like Instagram roundups and think in this case it’s totally appropriate – I usually read your blog on my laptop rather than my phone so it’s nice to see the photos on a bigger screen, and hear the story behind them as well.

  8. I often like Instagram round ups – I get bored of looking at tiny pictures on my phone, so I enjoy having the chance to see them full size on my laptop (and it’s a bonus if they’re explained).

  9. I used to hate my glasses too (they were very ‘Deirdre Barlow’. haha) and NEVER wore them outside but I got some super sexy 50’s ones and now wear them to the cinema, not quite managed the pub, still nervous, but will get there. Do we think people will stop us in the street, burst into laughter and point?! Crazy. I think you need to find a pair that make you feel sexy librarian. Bet you look gorgeous in them but just lack the confidence.
    I agree with the ‘celebs at events should always look the biz’ but am constantly amazed by how many that manage to balls it up.

    1. I don’t think people would stop and laugh, I just think they look horrible on me! I really wish they were a bit more affordable so I could experiment more with different frames, but they’re SO expensive they’re always quite a big investment, so I worry about getting something I’m just going to end up hating (Which is obvioulsy what happened anyway!). I actually bought some cat eye frames with the aim of having my prescription put in while I was in America this summer (they’re a bit cheaper there), but I was quoted $250 to do it, and although I’d liked them at home I absolutely hated them when I tried them on in the store – gah!

  10. 1,000 words! I remember having to write essay exams in school, and I’d sit there in a numb panic while everyone around me was scribbling away. {And yes, one actually wrote essays with pen and pencil back in the day.} Anyways, your 1,000 words made for a very enjoyable read this morning. When my mister is choosing new frames, I try frames on with wild abandon. They always seem to look good, that is until I fork over the big bucks and they put the ugly lenses in them. Then, I usually despise them. I get around that by just not wearing glasses. My bad.

  11. I’ve never understand why people get so excited about red carpet outfits. Yes, they are very pretty, but I only admire a celebrity for their style if they look amazing when they actually dress themselves. Like you say though, working your way through hundreds of photos of celebrities in to-die-for dresses isn’t so bad!
    Bemsy x

  12. Instagram photo blog posts are boring when people just post the pictures, but I like how you added a little story/explanation to each one. You are fun and quirky. I do not like red carpet event type things either. I don’t really care what celebs wear, maybe apart from Zooey Deschanel, but that’s because I kind of love her. I’m not really interested in celebs at all, my housemates laugh at me because I don’t know anybody’s name, even the really popular ones, meh.

    I always wanted to wear glasses. When I was about 9 I pretended I couldn’t see very well, I remember having my keyboard lesson and saying I couldn’t read the music, totally faking it. Then my mum took me to the optician and I pretended I couldn’t see the letters – he looked at my eyes and said they were fine and it must be a medical problem and to go to the doctor. I suddenly was able to see then.

    I kinda wanna see a photo with you in the glasses, now you have built it up to be this hideous image that one should not look directly at.

    Corinne x

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