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Things to see in Scotland

From castles and other historic sites to cities, beaches and more.

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I’ve lived in Scotland my whole life… so you’d think I’d have pretty much seen it all by now, huh? There’s always something new to explore, though, so whether I’m hunting down Outlander filming locations, or ticking another castle off the list, there’s plenty to keep me busy. Over the past few years, Terry and I have staycationed in Aberdeen , Edinburgh and the Isle of Arran, taken day trips to Millport, Fife and the beautiful village of Culross, and sailed to Loch Leven and Inchmaholme Island. Those are just a few of our Scottish adventures, though, so check out the archive here, or take a look at some of my most popular posts…

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Travel Advice

A few of the things I've learned about travel

I also love the U.S.

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United States

One of my earliest memories is of visiting the U.S. (Montana and Idaho) and Canada when I was just 5 years old. I’ve been going back ever since, and it’s one of my favourite travel destinations. Most of my U.S. adventures are focused around my favourite states – California and Florida – and you’ll find everything from national parks and monuments to theme parks, beaches and bars. Come and take a look

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European Adventures



I’ll be honest: this section is still very much a work in process, and, in addition to visits to cities like London and Bruges, many of the European Adventures you’ll find here revolve around beach holidays to destinations like the Canary Islands and similar. There’s a lot to be said for winter sun, however, and when we do take a beach break, we don’t stick to the resort, preferring to get out and explore the local area, and take in some of the lesser-known sites. We’ve stood on top of Europe’s highest mountain, taken the Go-Pro to one of the world’s biggest water parks, and much more. See all of our European Adventures here.