Earlier this year, I realised it was time my makeup moved to a new home.

Up until recently, my collection had resided in a silver Sephora train case, which had spilled over into a random selection of bags, drawers, and other pieces of storage scattered around the top floor of my house. I could never find anything, I’d constantly forget about things I hadn’t seen in a while, and I seemed to spend most of my morning makeup routine rummaging around trying to find the right eyeliner or lipstick, or whatever.

Something had to give, and luckily for me, I happened to be in Sainsbury’s a few months ago picking up some groceries, when I noticed these little storage sets:

cheap makeup storage

No, they’re definitely not the prettiest things out there, I’ll give you that. But they were cheap (I can’t remember the exact price, but it was something like £5 per set…), they’re easy to clean, and they have enough room for me to store and organise a large part of my makeup collection in a way that makes it much easier for me to see what I have, and actually use it. And they’re stored under my desk, so it’s not like they’re on display, anyway.

I bought two, and got straight to work decanting my various products into them, with a designated drawer for each type of item: one for lip products, one of foundations, one for eyeshadows, and so on:

cheap makeup storage solution

makeup storage

Now everything is easy to find, my products don’t get all dirty and scratched from rolling around inside makeup bags, and I’ve found I’m getting much more use out of the more neglected items in my collection. I’m the type of person from whom “out of sight” can easily mean “out of mind”, and the fact that I can actually SEE everything I have now makes me much more likely to use different things, rather than sticking  to the same old products every day.

Not bad for £10, or thereabouts!

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