A list I’m not even going to apologise for

I’m exhausted. No, seriously: EXHAUSTED. So, remember I told you about how I’m going to Florida in June? And how that’s going to be lovely and relaxing and I can’t wait? Well, that all may be true, but as it turns out, I will REALLY NEED THAT HOLIDAY because when you work for yourself, and particularly when your work involves churning out a ridiculous number of blog posts ever weekday, the run-up to any break is not so relaxing, really.

I, you see, am currently less than a quarter of the way through writing advance posts to cover the period I will be away on holiday. IN JUNE. I started doing this at the start of this month (APRIL! I started preparing for my June holiday in APRIL!) and let me tell you, that writing-my-posts-in-advance thing is getting pretty old already. My hope is that by the next time I decide to take a holiday, I will be rich enough to be able to just pay someone else to cover for me, but in the meantime, it’s a case of all work and no play makes Forever Amber a pretty dull blog. Which is why today, my friends, you are getting a list. A list which is a follow up to my previous Five Things You Didn’t Want to Know About Me post. I call it ‘Five More Things You Didn’t Want to Know About Me’. Here it is:

Five More Totally Random Things You Didn’t Want to Know About Me

1. My fingernails grow freakishly quickly. Seriously, if I didn’t trim those bad boys every couple of days, I’d be like one of those old women with the long, gnarled nails that look like tree branches before a month was out:


This would be a good thing, obviously, if I was one of those women who enjoys carefully tending to her nails and looking after them like they were precious babies, but, er, I’m not one of those women. I am lazy. And I can’t stand the feel of long nails on the keyboard, so I’m currently working a "hands-that-could-easily-belong-to-a-man" look instead.  And speaking of keyboards…

2. I can type very fast, but with no accuracy whatsoever. My most used key is the "back" button. Seriously, I used it about ten times in this bullet point alone. Gah.

3. I hardly ever watch TV. OK, that’s a lie: I watch Neighbours religiously, and I’d urge every last one of you to do the same, and I love me some Lost. The rest I can take or leave, and I will mostly leave. I have never been one of those people who is obsessed with TV shows, which sometimes makes social occasions difficult for me, because I just have to stand there dumbly while the people around me go, "Did you see Heroes? Did you see The Apprentice? Did you see Insert-TV-Show-of-Your-Choice*?" Me, I’d rather read a book. Speaking of which…

4. I read anything from 2 – 5 books every week. I’m a fast reader, and I’m also a compulsive reader: it’s pretty much my default activity, so if I’m at home and I’m not working or doing chores, I’ll be reading. When I go on holiday, my suitcase is weighed down with the number of books I have to take with me. Because of the volume of my reading, though, I tend to read a lot of rubbish: I can’t afford to buy a bunch of new books every single week, even at Amazon’s prices, so I’m forced to rely on the meager stock of our local library, which has pretty slim pickings indeed. This is why I sometimes end up with books I’m too embarrassed to be seen in public with…

5. If there was some kind of freaky disaster, and the only food left in the world was bread, I’d be OK with that. I could happily live on toast for the rest of my life if I absolutely had to. In fact, I could really fancy some now…

* Not an actual show. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, to be honest.

  • Stephen


    What I want to know is – how does she drink coffee?

    (Or, y'know, go to the toilet?)

    (Or, y'know, do anything?)

    April 18, 2008
  • I know! I've wondered exactly the same thing myself. Especially about the toilet…

    April 18, 2008
  • "I can type very fast, but with no accuracy whatsoever. My most used key is the "back" button."

    I'm exactly the same (well, "fairly fast", rather than "very fast"). There have been a few occasions when I've sat down at a computer, and the keyboard has the backspace in a different place, or is shorter, and I can't type on it. I pick my seat at college carefully for this reason.

    April 19, 2008
  • Steph


    Yay for reading! I read very quickly as well, and I am famed for always having a book with me. If I was being taken to my own beheading, I'd still bring along a book or two – well, I wouldn't want to get bored. We have a tiny library as well, I must have read everything in there at least four times.

    Don't watch much telly either, but that is because I spend a lot of my free time playing videogames, which as every tabloid will tell you, turns people into HOMICIDAL AXE-MURDERERS. Seriously. If the Sun says it, it must be true.

    And total sympathy on the exhausted front. I gots me some exams soon, and am allowed no fun until they are over. *sigh* I want a holiday…

    April 19, 2008
  • I'm with you on the reading. I've actually ventured into fantasy land, and I'm reading Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time". If you're not freaked out by a little Tolkien-esque fantasy, these could keep you busy for a while. I'm totally not ashamed… anymore 😉

    And at first, I didn't understand your last paragraph, but now I do. It's funny how one little letter can make such a huge difference.

    April 19, 2008
  • How does that woman have those nails? Like she lives in a trailer and is poor because how would you have a JOB? And also, that is disgusting!

    I hate long nails too. I have man hands for sure.

    And I also type fast with no accuracy. I heart the backspace key.

    April 20, 2008