Hi, I’m Amber: I’m a blogger and author based in the UK, and my main claims to fame include a couple of unfortunate eyelash-related incidents, plus my uncanny knack of making almost everything I do unbearably awkward.

I’ve kept diaries since I was 11 years old, and this blog is basically a continuation of my inexplicable impulse to document my life.

I live in central Scotland with my husband, Terry, and toddler son, Max, write romantic fiction when I’m not busy blogging,  and am regularly voted one of the top UK parenting and/ or lifestyle bloggers –  which is as surprising to me as it is to anyone else, really.

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My Story

On December 15, 2003, Terry and I got engaged on the banks of the Grand Canyon, while holidaying in Las Vegas.

Two weeks later, on boxing day of that year, Terry was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, and told that, without immediate treatment, he had just two weeks to live. It wasn’t the best Christmas we’ve ever had, all things considered.

Unable to continue with the day job, Terry started a web design business from his dialysis chair. As for me, meanwhile, I finally took the hint that it was time to leave the office job I hated, and start building a life that didn’t make me cry in the shower every morning at the thought of going into work.

Freelance writing turned into freelance blogging, and pretty soon I realised that, instead of getting paid to write for other people, I could get paid to write for myself: and so Forever Amber was born.

Terry finally had his transplant on December 15th, 2005 – two years to the day we got engaged – receiving a kidney from his brother, John, also known as “Our Hero”.

And me? I kept on blogging – the only difference being that, these days, my blog is read by over 70,000 people per month. Trippy, no?

I gave birth to baby Max in December 2017, after one miscarriage, one ectopic pregnancy, and a lifetime’s worth of tokophobia and anxiety, and, since then, I’ve been doing my best to juggle a full time blogging/writing career with the demands of 3-year-old Max, and his imaginary friend, Shoeshubb.

My blog

Have you ever felt like life would be so much easier if you could just be a little bit more like everyone else? If you could like the same things, have the same skills, just …. fit in a bit better? Or if disaster didn’t seem to just somehow follow you wherever you went? Because, same.

What I’ve come to realise, though, is that fitting in is over-rated. Sometimes it’s the most awkward of moments that make us who we are, and that’s what this blog is all about. This is where I document all of my most awkward moments, from the trials of navigating life as a first-time parent, to my ongoing battle to look vaguely alive, despite having skin like Dracula.

This a site for introverts, outsiders, and anyone else who doesn’t feel like they quite fit in. If you’ve ever felt your life would be better if you were in some way different, this blog is here to reassure you that you’re fine just the way you are.

So embrace “abnormality”. Own your awkwardness. And, above all, know that it’s not just you: actually, as it turns out, it’s mostly ME, apparently. I do the awkward things so you don’t have to: then I write about them here on my blog…

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My health anxiety / hypochondria story

I also write books...

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Some more about me

I am Not A People Person. I love inanimate objects a little too much. I once lived next door to an international man of mystery. I have an unfortunate habit of flooding my own house. I am never knowingly seen without a hair elastic on one wrist. I was voted ‘Most Likely to Be a Bit Better Looking When She’s Older’ in high school. As a child, I was obsessed with horses and Enid Blyton stories. I hate birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and cold weather. I am terrified of crabs. I  feel like things haven’t really happened to me until I’ve written about them. I’m so pale that if I don’t wear makeup, everyone assumes I’m dying. I’m an only child. I was not named after my red hair. I once declined an invite to my own party. I had an elective c-section because I was convinced I’d die during childbirth. I don’t have a favourite book, song or movie, and get anxious when asked to choose one. “Why does it always happen to YOU, Amber?” is the thing people say to me most often.  I love sad songs and books about mysterious old houses, and I never know how to finish these kind of lists.

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ForeverAmber.co.uk launched in 2006, and has a loyal, highly-engaged following, many of whom have been reading the site for well over a decade. The site regularly tops the HIBS100 lifestyle blog chart, and has been featured in She magazine, Company, Modern Gardens, Office Shoes MagazineEssentials,  BOE Magazine, on the Vanessa Feltz radio show, and in the Easyjet in-flight magazine, amongst others.

The site primarily focuses on parenting, style, beauty, travel, and other lifestyle topics, and I’ve worked with brands like Jet2Holidays, Citroen, Universal Orlando, Boden, Jo Malone, Brabantia and more.

If you’d like to find out how your brand could feature on Forever Amber, click here to read more about my brand collaborations, here to see some of my previous work, or here to get in touch.

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