full polka dot skirt

After the Storm

polka dot skirt and over-the-knee boots
50s style polka dot skirt and black leather boots

polka dot full skirt and over-the-knee boots

I’ve called this post ‘After the Storm’, and it technically was after the storm when these photos were taken – it just didn’t really feel like it. 

In fact, quite what prompted me to wear such a full skirt on such a windy day, I will never know. Probably the same thing that ALWAYS prompts me to do that, though: sheer stupidity, combined with the fact that windy days are the only kind we seem to get now, so if I don’t wear my full skirts on windy days, I wouldn’t get to wear them at all. Which would be a shame, because it’s not like I have many other types of clothes, is it?

Now, I know I talk a lot about the weather on this blog, and I even annoy myself with it sometimes. Seriously, it’s just weather, Amber! Why can’t you seem to get over the fact that weather exists?! The thing is, though, if you were in the UK this weekend, YOU’VE probably been talking about the weather too, because WOW, that was one hell of a storm. It came after a full week of non-stop rain, and with many places already flooded because of it, MORE rain was the very last thing we needed. Or more wind, for that matter.

We were very lucky not to be affected by it personally, but the flood waters caused  a huge amount of damage in parts of England, and it’s been pretty miserable everywhere, from what I can gather. By Sunday morning, I was starting to get a serious case of cabin fever, and although I still have a lingering cold (which I’ve now passed on to Terry: sorry, Terry!), when I saw the blue sky peek out from behind the clouds for the first time in days, I couldn’t get out of the door fast enough…

This outfit is very much a “no-brainer” for me (Because all of my other outfits are so well thought-out, you know?): you can’t go wrong with a full skirt and a trusty polo neck, and I’ll take any excuse to wear my new boots right now, too, so it was a really easy one to throw together on a day when I didn’t really feel up to much. Is it almost spring yet?

Wearing:  Choies skirt*; Moda in Pelle boots; Vero Moda sweater

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  • I talk about the weather way too much too – but sometimes it’s just all you can do. I wasn’t even near the storm, and yet I’ve been talking at length about the fact the weather was not stormy. Those are some amazing boots, by the way. (Cos when you’re not talking about weather, you should be talking about clothes, right?)

    December 7, 2015
  • So sorry about the weather, I live in the UK too but its not so bad in my part of the kingdom, so now unto the outfit, those boots are gorgeous, you wear them so well

    December 7, 2015