Lindy Bop Tabby dresses

All Hail Lindy Bop

Ever since the Lindy Bop sale started, I’ve been playing a pointless game of shopping roulette, in which I visit their website on a daily basis*, and check to see whether or not the items I want have sold out yet. 

(*I do this because it’s my job to find clothes and shoes to blog about, not because I’m completely obsessed with Lindy Bop. I would probably STILL do it even if I didn’t have to constantly find things to blog about, mind you, so, yeah, it looks like I AM totally obsessed with Lindy Bop. Is there, like, a 12-step programme I could join?)

This is particularly exciting/stupid with Lindy Bop, because they have one of those websites where it tells you when stock is starting to get low. So you’ll look at that dress you’re thinking of buying, and next to your size it’ll say “8 left in stock” – and so the tension grows. The next day, you’ll check again, and it might say ‘6 left in stock’, so you’ll know that two lucky people have snatched YOUR dress right out from under you, and that you’ll now have to hunt them down and steal it back.

Wait! That’s TOTALLY not what I meant to write there! Er, no, what I MEANT to say was simply that you’ll know you have to act soon, or miss out forever. What will you do, when the number of available dresses drops worryingly low, though? Will you close down the website and think of it no more? Or will you panic, and add it to your bag, just in case? It’s like Russian Roulette, basically, only less dangerous, and with better clothes. And so far, I’ve been winning. I have not, for instance, bought one single thing in the Lindy Bop sale. Not yet, anyway. I WAS trying to hold out until the end of the month, at least, but then what did they go and do? They added new stock. And some of it looked like this:

polka dot Lind Bop dresses

And then I threw myself upon the floor and screamed until I was sick.

OK, I didn’t. Because I’m not actually that bad.  (*Worries that people will take this post super-seriously, and want to have me committed or something…) I did roll my eyes and think, “SERIOUSLY, Lindy Bop? SERIOUSLY?” though, so that was quite dramatic, too.

Now, the saving grace with this dress is that I actually like the pink version best (I know, I thought I’d have gone for the green, too. Surprising, isn’t it?), but that’s not really a shade of pink I think I’d get much wear out of, so I’m OK with this one.

But then…

Lindy Bop Valerie dress

Valerie’s a bit of a cutie, isn’t she? Look at her, just sitting there with her little polka dot bodice, daring you to resist her! Resist I shall, though, because…

Lindy Bop Audrey dress

Oh, Audrey.

This dress is the same green brocade as the dress I wore on New Year’s Eve: now, it might seem stupid to want to have TWO dresses in exactly the same fabric, and, well, it is a bit. Don’t really have much of a defence for that, really. I was, however, really impressed with this fabric when I bought my other dress – it’s thick and stretchy, and while that particular dress is very much an “evenings only” number, THIS dress could be worn just about anywhere, don’t you think?

I’m resisting for now. But don’t be surprised if I crack…

  • Ha ha, I’ve literally been doing the exact thing today! I just spent a good hour daring myself to buy ALL THE DRESSES and then thought, “What now? Maybe I’ll pop over and see what Amber is up to today?” And there were all the dresses again! I really, really want the green Tabby dress. Let’s just buy them, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. LET’S GO! I’LL RACE YOU!

    January 16, 2016
  • I love the pink and blue dresses with pola dots on them. Gosh I sometimes wish I was the kind of girl that could pull of a dress like that. You could though, it woul look great on you I bet. Just so you know.
    But me I’m more of a sitting on the floor or climbing chairs kind of girl. But sometimes I do wish that I was more lady like. Then maybe I could buy a dress like that to wear./Ida

    January 16, 2016
  • I love the wiggle dresses! It’s so hard to resist pretty dresses 🙂

    January 17, 2016
  • I actually saw a ton of dresses I wanted to buy in the Lindy Bop sale. Caved when I spotted one with a horse print, because HORSES! I’m really excited for it to come, but I’m trying to resist looking at the website again, because…. All the pretty dresses. This sale is a killer!! I don’t think I’ve seen one as good as this one in a long time! Wayyy better than the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales I’ve got to say. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    January 17, 2016
  • Always fall in love with vintage dresses. Since I saw for the first time Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts dancing in Dirty Dancing movie. Time of my life! Still dreaming kido.

    January 17, 2016
  • Lindybop have upped their game haven’t they? If there’s an addicts group, I’ll join it too – despite all of the misses, I’ve had some fab ‘hit’s with their stuff, and keep returning to their site… x

    January 17, 2016