Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit featuring black dress and sunglasses

Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit

modern Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit featuring little black dress and pointed flats

As soon as these sunglasses arrived from SmartBuyGlasses, I knew I wanted to style them as part of an Audrey Hepburn-inspired outfit. And, I mean, it’s possible I took that inspiration a bit far, really, but when I tell you I’d originally intended to wear my hair in a beehive, and that the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I was running late (as usual), we can all just be grateful I stopped when I did. In related news, that’s my Halloween costume sorted for this year, too!

Anyway! The sunglasses! As someone with extremely light-sensitive eyes, I wear sunglasses almost every day – even on days when it’s not particularly bright out, and “normal” people are all staring at me wondering if I’m in disguise or something. (Actually, one time at Disney World it was blazing hot, so I was wearing both sunglasses for my sensitive eyes, and a hat to stop my scalp from burning, and one of the cast members started shouting, “Look, everyone, it’s a famous person in disguise!” I was mortified. And also secretly quite pleased, to be honest.) Because of this, I’ve amassed quite a collection of sunglasses over the years, and the vast majority of them are very similar to each other. What can I say, I know what I like, and what I like is normally a 50s-inspired cat eye shape. Multiplied by 10.

As well as those retro cat eye styles, though, I’m also quite partial to the good ol’ bug-eye frames, which have that classic Jackie O/ Audrey Hepburn feel to them, and which are the perfect way to turn a simple black dress into an outfit that looks like you put a bit of effort into it, even although you totally didn’t.

Which brings me to these sunglasses and this dress – and also these shoes, which, as you can see, are the same Boden flats I wore in this post. Very unusually for me, I’ve been quite into flats lately: don’t worry, they’ll never replace heels in my affections, but I find myself reaching for them more often at this time of year, when I’m out and about more, and doing more walking than usual. They’re also a handy way to make a big skirt or fancy dress feel just a little bit more wearable: because after all, you can’t be over-dressed when you’re wearing flats, can you?

(Answer: YES.)

Ralph Lauren oversized sunglasses

reflection in sunglasses

retro-inspired sunglasses


(This is a sponsored post.)

WEARING: ZARA dress (2013); Boden pointed flats (2013); Dune clutch (2012); Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses c/o SmartBuyGlasses


  1. You look fabulous and I’m totally copying this look. Love everything about it! And you look exactly how I imagine all glamorous off-duty film stars looked in the 50’s / 60’s.

  2. Hi Amber!

    First time I write you! I’m from Hungary and i love your blog, i’ve been following it for a year or so now.. 🙂 Im pretty sad that here we don’t have stores like in the UK, only one or two stores offer ’60s inspired clothes.

    However, you were my inspiration to start writing a Hungarian blog about shoes, because there weren’t any quality one. Thank you so much!!

  3. I’ve been wearing flats every day for about the past month, but not by choice. Stoopid sprained ankle. I had hoped to be able to wear heels again this week, but alas, no. As a woman with sturdy calves, I am not happy about this at all.

  4. Stunning photography! If I had something to sell, I would send it to you – you (Terry?) are so creative in showcasing it! Really love the close-up of the glasses with your reflection in it, wow.
    Gorgeous outfit as usual, and how cool that they mistook you for a celebrity! They weren’t far off, in blog-terms you are!

    1. Oh, they didn’t mistake me for a celebrity – he was just making a joke of the fact that I looked like I had disguised myself! I was only about 18 at the time, so I was just pleased someone had even noticed me 🙂

  5. Brilliant look! How do you get that gorgeous big bun? I’ve been trying various techniques but I suspect I just need more hair. 🙂

  6. You look wonderful as usual. You can’t go wrong with a pair of pretty sunglasses. Being short, I wear sunglasses while driving for the majority of the year – car visors were not developed with short people in mind.

  7. One of your best outfits, Amber! You look stunning. 🙂 Especially love the simplicity of the dress. So often I find a dress that would be perfect if they hadn’t added one or two crazy details.

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