flared dress and leather biker jacket

Boden Amy dress and leather jacket

green leather biker jacket over silk dress

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but autumn has been really pretty this year. 

I mean, I still hate it, obviously: don’t worry, I’m not about to start banging on about pumpkin spiced lattes or anything. But the weather has been sunny and reasonably warm, and the leaves have been spectacular, so that’s nice, I guess. We took these photos in that golden hour right before the sun goes down, which is when the world is at its prettiest at this time of year, and also when the sun makes my hair look like it’s on fire or something, so that’s nice, too. I wish I could tell you it just looks like that all the time, but nope, only when the sun shines: so let’s just hope the sun decides to stick around this winter – my hair is depending on it, people!

Anyway, this outfit provides further evidence of my ongoing obsession with biker jackets. This one was from River Island last year, and I remember worrying I wouldn’t get much use out of it, because it was so different from my usual, more retro-inspired style. It actually turned out to be one of the most frequently-worn jackets in my closet, though – probably because I wear so much green that it goes with pretty much everything. I’m particularly enjoying wearing my biker jackets with full skirts and dresses right now, and am just hoping the weather stays mild enough to let me get away with it for a while yet. No such worries about my trusty old black shoe boots, though: you all know I’ll be wearing them until spring, right?

Note to self: maybe think about investing in some other pairs of boots…

Wearing: Boden dress*, River Island biker jacket, Buffalo shoe boots*

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  1. You look fab as always. Autumn has been really pretty over here as well this year, mainly because instead of the usual torrential rain, it’s been sunny and relatively warm which actually makes leaving the house nice rather than a chore.
    I love the biker jacket on you too – everything is still “you” but a lovely update on your usual style (not that your style needs an update but you know what I mean……………)

  2. What a perfect pairing! You have definitely made this jacket look very Amber. I’m always a little timid to step out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to fashion. I love the look of biker jackets, but then wonder how I’d wear one. You’re always such a stylish inspiration.

  3. It’s funny, I have hardly worn my biker jackets so far this Autumn. They are lost under a pile of coats somewhere! Super dress, Boden is so blooming pricey though! X

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