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ASOS red scuba midi skirt

bright red 50s style circle skirt

red skirt and breton stripe top

It occurred to me this morning that if I’d announced on January 1st that I was going do some kind of “Wear a Full Midi Skirt Every Day for a Year” style challenge, I would currently be feeling much less awkward about wearing more or less the same outfit over and over again. You always think of these things too late, don’t you?

Instead, here I am, starting to think that someone should name a skirt after me. It could be the “Forever Amber” skirt, and it could be very full, and very swirly, and I would buy it in every single colour available, because when you only ever wear 50s-inspired skirts, you need them in a LOT of different colours. Trust one who knows.

Today’s full skirt comes from ASOS, and wearing it taught me an important lesson, which I will share with you now. The lesson is this:

When you’re deciding what to wear with your 50s-inspired midi skirt in the morning, check the weather, not the calendar.

Me? I checked the calendar.

“Yay!” I said, “It’s officially spring at last! That means it’s FINALLY time to burn all my tights and run around bare-legged, like a spring lamb! Or something.”

Then I skipped joyfully out of the house in my bare legs, and ran right into a wall of freezing cold wind, mixed with a little bit of rain. Rain that totally hadn’t been there until the EXACT MOMENT I decided to leave the house, I might add. And that, my friends is why, not matter what it says on the calendar, you take a quick look at the weather report in the morning, and you dress accordingly. But you knew that, obviously. Hell, even I knew that: I just didn’t do it this time because, well, let’s just say optimism got the better of me. That’s probably the kindest way to put it.

In my defence, I was only out of doors for as long as took to take some quick photos, so I didn’t get too cold, and I definitely learned my lesson. I won’t try to do bare legs again until, oooh, Thursday at least, I would say. It should be warm enough by then, right?

Regardless of when the weather decides to catch up with the calendar, though, I will be ready and waiting for it. Because the other thing wearing this outfit taught me is that I’m at my happiest and most comfortable when I’m wearing things that are just really basic. I mean, this is literally just a skirt, top and shoes: it doesn’t get much more basic than that, and honestly? That’s just the way I like it.

I’ll probably hold off on the tights-burnin’ for another couple of weeks, though.

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[Wearing: ASOS red circle skirt // H&M Breton stripe top // black Pelle Moda shoes]