autumn outfit featuring stripe trenchcoat

stripe trench coat and platform shoes

60s-inspired autumn look

rainy day look for autumn

Terry actually took these photos for one of my Shoeper Shoe Challenges today, but, as usual, he took about eleventy-one shots, so I thought I may as well offload them here, so someone can use them to advertise their second-hand clothes on eBay or something. I’m all heart, me.

These photos feature:

1. Those shoes that girl posted on eBay that one time.

2. The abandoned asylum Terry and I visited last year, and which I’ve been back to several times since, with the dog. I dunno, I just seem to feel at home there for some reason?

3. My new stripe trench coat: Primark, ยฃ18 (or something equally ridiculous.)

4. My current obsession with beehive hairdos. Because one minute you’re looking at all the new issue of the Next Directory, with all of the models looking a bit like Marge Simpson, and the next thing you know, you’re walking around looking a bit like Marge yourself.

It WAS actually raining, by the way (in fact, if you look closely enough, you can see the raindrops against my legs). Then it was sunny. Then it was raining again. Then it was so sunny I could hardly see, because I’d remembered to bring the umbrella, but had left my sunglasses in the car, thinking I wouldn’t need them. Then, on the way back to the car? Torrential, Biblical-style rain. My legs and feet? Soaked.

  1. I love these photos – especially the one with your whole reflection in the puddle. Where is this – Bangour? I know a girl who would love to take photos of this building. Keep on writing and tell Terry to keep taking the pictures. love, M xx

    1. Myra, yes, it's Bangour – absolutely fascinating to visit, and to photograph: you should head out there next time you're up and get some photos before the buildings all rot away: such a shame that's it's being allowed to just rot away…

  2. The pics are just gorgeous! (And the coat… I wish they had Primark here. Sniff!)

    Makes me miss Scotland terribly ๐Ÿ™ (We wanted to come back next summer, but Dave’s parents want to come here! Madness!)

    1. They’re building a huge Primark here, right on the site of my old office building – now we just need a Zara and I’ll never have to leave town again!

      It’s a shame about your trip, but I have to admit, I can see Dave’s parent’s point – Terry and I were both absolutely drenched by the time we got back to the car, yesterday, and that was the second time that day: it just couldn’t seem to make up its mind whether it wanted to be super-sunny, or to drown us all! (At least it wasn’t cold, though: small mercies :))

  3. Great pictures and what an adorable outfit! It’s at times like this, I wish I hadn’t chopped my hair short. Then again, when I’m late for my train and only have time to run a comb through it, I’m reminded of why I did it ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I love the photos – particularly the two-puddle kind of disconnected reflection one – so artistic. We had an abandoned mental hospital near us once. Now it’s a modern housing estate, although the developers DID retain one original feature – a clock tower (which has not been renovated and looks a bit of a mess) I preferred as it was, I think. And also I think it’d be a shame if ‘they’ got their hands on Bangour.

    1. There's been a few developers interested in transforming this place into "executive appartments" too – the problem is, no one can afford it! It's a vast, vast site – it's literally a "village" hospital – with over a dozen buildings on it, most of which are mansion-sized and grade A listed, so to restore them to the required standard would cost millions, on top of the millions you'd have to pay for the site itself. On the one hand, it has such an amazing atmosphere the way it is that I'd hate to see it turned into appartments, but on the other, I worry that it's just going to moulder away, to the point where they'll be able to justify knocking down the buildings and selling the site. It would be wonderful if it could be preserved as some kind of historical site – it was fairly unique in its day, and had its own train station etc, so I'm sure they could make something of it.

  5. Oh yes, that’s what I meant about the clock tower, it’s listed so they had to leave it. I think there are plans to spruce it up, eventually. Some of the other old buildings are listed too, and they’re very similar to the ones on your photos. Really majestic – they were ‘adapted’ and now they’re luxury apartments. It’s not a shabby estate at all, I didn’t mean to give the impression that it was – just a bit formulaic to my mind. The original hospital was self-contained, too, like a small village – I worked there for quite a few years and loved it. Not so sure it was such a good experience for the clients, though. It didn’t have its own train station, just a bus stop on site. You can’t have everything!

  6. Goodness, I would topple in those (or any other shoes that you might have posted.) Not that I’m against high-heeled shoes but I just can’t seem to balance on even the smallest of them.
    And I wish we have half as much as rain as you do.
    *looks out to find alone miserably starving black cloud.*

  7. Gorgeous outfit, as usual… am totally blown away that you walk Rubin in platform heels!

    The beehive – I've been looking for a tutorial to do my hair like this, but all the ones I can find are for beehives right at the crown rather than behind a hair band. Any top tips? Cx

    1. Oh, I wasn't walking Rubin in these – I normally wear flats (or wellies!) to walk him, I'd ruin all my shoes otherwise!

      As for the beehive, I just used a bumpit and then stuck a hairband on – I can't do it any other way because my hair is too fine for backcombing, etc: if I try to do a beehive without something to prop it up it just goes flat within seconds!

  8. Fantastic photos & modeling. I am so tired of seeing fashion magazines where the models are in bizarre posed being artsy and original just like every other photo shoot for the same set of magazines for the past 30 yrs. You look great, I can actually see & admire the clothes and Terry is a fabulous photographer.

  9. Wow! You look amazing, I love the trench coat. Would drive to the next town to get it myself if I didn't already know the sleeves wouldn't fit me.

    And the coloured umbrella works really well with the stripes ๐Ÿ™‚

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