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Blogger Mailbag | What the Postman Brought

blogger mailOne of the biggest perks of blogging – and, well, of being a bit of a shopaholic, really – is all of the mail you get.

I mean, it’s a perk for ME, obviously: I’m not sure it’s quite so much of a perk for my poor postman, obviously, and most of the delivery drivers and I are on first name terms now, but hey: doing my bit for the economy here, OK?

Anyway, I’ve been showing quite a few of the pieces of blogger mail I receive over on my Instagram stories lately, but just in case you missed it, here are a few things the mailman brought lately: small dog not included…

Clarins suncare collection

Clarins Suncare Collection*

This selection of goodies from the Clarins suncare collection arrived just in time for the recent sunny spell we’ve had (and which you might know as “summer”), which gave me plenty of time to try them out. My favourite of these was the Sun Care Oil Spray: I generally prefer oil or spray-based sunscreens to cream ones, purely because they tend to be absorbed more easily, and to not leave that tell-tale white residue you can get with creams (I mean, I’m not ashamed of my pale skin, but I’m not going to go out of my way to make myself look even PALER than I already am, you know?). This one was definitely easily absorbed, and totally non-sticky, which is another plus-point: unfortunately, because it only goes up to SPF 30, and I’m totally paranoid about sun protection, although it was my favourite of the lot, I actually ended up using the Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray more often.

It goes up to SPF 50, and while I’m sure the 30 would do the job, the higher number gives me a bit of added reassurance – although you still gave to be careful to reapply it, obviously! I honestly didn’t expect to like this when I saw the white colour of it, but luckily it’s a “milk” rather than a “cream”, which means it’s not remotely gloopy or hard to rub in: in fact, it was just as easily absorbed as the oil, and left my skin feeling soft and non-sticky, so I was really happy with it. The Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for Face, meanwhile, is similarly nice to use, and I know I keep using the phrase “easily absorbed” here, but it’s one of the main issues I have with sunscreen: I absolutely HATE applying the stuff, and then feeling like my skin is suffocating under a thick layer of grease (Excuse the visual, but that’s why I stopped buying cheap sunscreen years ago: they all had exactly that issue!), so it’s kind of a big deal for me, really.

The one product I haven’t used yet is the After Sun Moisturizer, which claims to “boost” your suntan. I don’t have – or particularly want – a suntan, so I didn’t have much use for this one, but the reviews claim it adds a subtle touch of bronze to the skin, and given that I’ve been looking like Caspar the Friendly Ghost in some of my outfit shots lately, I’m thinking I might have to give it a go, after all!

Next up…


Hylamide low-molecular HA booster*

As I’m not even remotely qualified to try to explain what any of the words in the title of this product mean, I’m going to give you the product description first, before my lay-person’s response to it:

Expertly quenching skin’s thirst, the comforting solution targets rehydration both on and below the skin’s surface, providing short and longer-term benefits so skin appears plump and youthful. Its dose of very low molecular hyaluronic acid (HA) targets lower layers to hydrate and encourage better topical absorption, whilst a hyaluronic pre-curser and plant HA boost HA production to encourage visible plumping and improve skin elasticity.

 So, it’s essentially a serum, from what I can gather – or, at least, I hope so, because that’s how I’ve been using it. It is, as it happens, a really nice product to use, too: I like skincare that comes with a “dropper”, partly because it allows me to be a mad scientist in a lab, rather than just a slightly mad woman in her suburban bathroom, but also because it stops me pouring out the whole bottle in one go: yes, it’s happened, people.

As for the product itself, it feels slightly oilier than I’d expect from a serum, but it isn’t greasy on the skin, and it sinks in pretty fast, so you can apply your makeup right away. I have actually noticed a bit of an improvement in my skin over the past few weeks: I’m fortune to have pretty clear skin anyway, but it’s been looking a bit smoother, and less dull: I always hesitate to attribute small changes like that to any one product, because it’s just so hard to know for sure, but I’ll continue to use it, and keep my fingers crossed that I end up ten years younger by the end of the bottle. Don’t worry, I won’t be holding my breath…

TIDI Bedhead Epic Volume Shampoo and ConditionerTIGI Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

I bought these on impulse, purely because they were on sale for £20 at, and that didn’t seem like too bad a deal at the time, given the size of the bottles. Unfortunately, though, as soon as I started using them I had one of those, “Oh crap, don’t tell me I’m going to have to pay full price for these now?” moments, because I kind of love them: and that’s saying a lot for me, because I’m normally pretty ‘meh’ about hair products, to be honest. These, however, smell like bubblegum, and actually DO add a bit of volume to my roots: it’s not exactly EPIC volume, granted, and I wouldn’t say I have “BIG BIG” hair as a result of it, but yeah, I really enjoy using them – but will definitely NOT enjoy the price to re-purchase them when they finally run out.

As part of that LookFantastic order, I also got a replacement tube of…

Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Temporary Face Tightener

As I said on Instagram, I’ve been buying this stuff for years now, despite the fact that it’s £30 a tube, so that alone should tell you how much I like it. It is, as the name suggests, a temporary face tightener, and before you go rolling your eyes at me (yes, I can see you doing it), let me just tell you that yes, it DOES actually tighten the skin on your face, albeit temporarily. In fact, it will completely erase any fine lines or wrinkles you might have, so it would be a bit of a miracle product, really, if it wasn’t for the fact that, having performed its tightening magic, I’m usually left with a white residue on my skin, which I find it totally impossible to apply makeup over. (I mean, according to the reviews I’ve read, some people seem to manage this just fine, but… not me.)

So, why do I keep on buying it, I hear you ask? Well, not to wear during the day, that’s for sure: I’d look like I’d been recently exhumed or something. Line free, and about ten years younger, granted, but still, pretty much dead. Instead, I apply a thin layer of this to my forehead just before I go to bed, as an extra line of defence against the dreaded sleep lines which have plagued me for years now. I don’t use it every night, granted, but it’s a good product to have on hand (or on forehead, rather), for those times when all of my other sleep-line defences have failed me, and I wake up looking like Harry Potter, with a giant line across my forehead, which is still there when I go to sleep the next night…

Also in the mail this week…

H&M floral bell shaped skirtThis skirt

So, yeah, you’re going to have to just take my word for this one, and excuse the terrible photo (That goes for all of these, by the way: all of my Instagram Stories are shot with my phone…). It’s much nicer in real life, I promise…

And finally…

Boden Honor dress in greenThis dress

Again, crappy photo, awesome dress. I’ve been stalking Boden’s ‘Honor’ dress ever since it arrived on the website, but it kept selling out in my size, so when I noticed that it was available again earlier this week, I didn’t hesitate to grab it. Well, actually I DID hesitate – I hesitated just long enough to find myself a discount code, and THEN I bought it. I’m really glad I did, too, because this is an awesome dress, which I can see myself getting a lot of use out of – and hopefully some better photos, too!

[ * PR Sample]
  • I love that H&M skirt – it so beautiful. I also need to try out that TIGI shampoo & Conditioner. Have a nice weekend Amber. xx

    September 3, 2016
  • Rachel


    Love that skirt, judging by the size of the box there was more inside too…..!

    September 4, 2016