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Want to turn your
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I’ve been making a full-time living from blogging|
for over a decade now: in fact, I even wrote a book
about it. Scroll down to find out how I can help
you turn your blog into a thriving business…


I'm Amber.

When my husband (then fiance) was diagnosed with kidney failure,  I quit my job and started a blog: because life’s too short not to follow your dreams, and I had apparently always dreamt of getting paid to write about my life on the internet. Weird, huh?

Over a decade later, that blog is still going, and is now my full-time job, allowing me to stay home with new baby Max, and live a lifestyle I couldn’t even have imagined back when I was a downtrodden office worker, crying in the shower every morning because I hated my job so much.

Want to know how I turned my blog into a career? Well, you could buy my book, obviously… but you could also just scroll down and read some of my blog posts on the subject: up to you!

What do you want to do?
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Or maybe you just want to know what it's really like making a living from blogging?

Because it’s not all macarons and selfies…

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I'm also obsessed with social media.

If you love Instagram, but hate the algorithm, these posts are for you…

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