autumn outfit featuring blue pencil dress and black leather biker jacket

blue dress and black leather jacket

black moto jacket and blue wiggle dress

When my friend Stephanie and I were at university in Edinburgh, we used to quote that “blow winds, and crack your cheeks” line from King Lear to each other all the time.

Stephanie was from the south of England, and she just couldn’t get over how WINDY Edinburgh was. I, meanwhile, have lived in this part of the country my whole life, and I STILL can’t get over it how windy it is: or how the wind seems to know when I’m planning to take outfit photos, and then makes sure to blow extra hard.

These photos were pretty much doomed from the start, though, even without the wind’s best effort. The outfit, for instance, was thrown together in less than two minutes: I’d been planning to wear something completely different, but it was an outfit I’d put together in my head, rather than on my body, and when I actually got round to trying it on – about ten minutes before we were due to leave – I realised it looked ALL WRONG. There then followed a frantic few minutes in which I tried on and then immediately discarded various outfits, while trying not to disturb my giant bun – which, by the way, I was wearing purely because I knew that if I left my hair down on such a windy day, I wouldn’t get a single usable photo.

Absolutely nothing I tried worked.

“I HATE ALL MY CLOTHES!” I told Terry, as I ripped yet another pair of boots off. “AND I HATE THE STUPID WEATHER! AND I HATE TIGHTS MOST OF ALL!”

It’s true that the tights were the main culprit. I know everyone loves them, and I love them too – on OTHER people – but basically every single outfit I tried looked fine… until I added the tights, at which point it instantly looked drab and ordinary. NOT wearing tights wasn’t really an option, because it’s way too cold for bare legs, and all of the nude fishnets I swear by were in the wash. Eventually I settled on this blue Zara dress, which Terry zipped up on our way out the door. I hadn’t intended the jacket to be in the photos at all, but when I stepped out of the car, and was almost knocked sideways by the wind, I realised my plan to remove the jacket for long enough to get a couple of photos of the dress (Which has a really nice neckline. You’ll just have to take my word for it, though…) was a foolish one, so I kept it on, and these photos were taken in about 60 seconds flat, with both of us struggling to stand up against the gale.

At the 30 second mark, it started raining quite heavily, even although the sun was still right in my eyes, making me scrunch up my face, really attractively. “For the love of God, put your sunglasses on!” said Terry. So I did, and we took a couple more photos, before giving it up as a bad job, and beating our retreat.

I think Terry did a pretty good job under the circumstances (And if I’ve learned one thing from this it’s that the key to dressing in the wind = hair up, and clothing that doesn’t fly up in the breeze…), but if you’re wondering why there’ve been fewer outfit photos than usual around here, now you know why. Not only am I completely incapable of dressing for the cold weather, I’m also fairly sure the weather has some kind of personal vendetta against me, too. And King Lear thought HE had it bad!

I know it’s only October, but… roll on spring!

autumn outfit

WEARING:  ZARA dress (similar) // Topshop jacket  // Buffalo shoe boots* // House of Harlow sunglasses (this season’s)

  1. Whaaat…!!! Are you serious??? This outfit is A MA ZING, I’m literally left open-mouthed I like it so much. Really not exaggerating over here. I love the biker jacket on top! :)))
    btw, I’m really enjoying the new layout of your site, with the extra diary section.. makes your blog feel like a house somehow with rooms I can enter and exit.. as opposed to a site on a flat screen.. don’t know if that makes sense but I feel it’s just got that added dimension to it now, which is great!
    The banner at the top of the homepage rolling blog category suggestions is very sophisticated too. me likey! 🙂 personally I think just one suggestion looked lovely, but maybe I just haven’t got it yet 😉
    Thanks for all the eye candy on this site! Also to Terry for picture taking 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you so much I’m really glad you like both outfit and site! The “house” feel is exactly what I was aiming for with the layout, so I’m really happy that comes across!

      As for the slider, I’m still experimenting with it… This one is a much less fiddly to use, and there are a lot more images which actually fit into it (the other one is so large it can only really show a small part of the image, which makes it quite awkward!), but I’m not sure if I like the look of yet, so I’ll give it a few days and see what I think!

  2. Well personally I love this outfit – probably mostly because it is something I would wear and so it’s given me some inspiration 😉 I have similar problems in Copenhagen, I end up chucking my hair in a ponytail every day because it drives me crackers when my hair is in my face.

    1. Seriously, it’s so annoying! If I wear my hair down, there’s no point in even brushing it, because the second I step outside it’s a tangled mess! I think I need to stick to pencil skirts and updos when it’s as bad as this – if I’d worn the outfit I’d been planning, I’d either have had my skirt over my head, or all of my clothes (and hair!) plastered against my body by the wind – gah!

  3. I love the outfit think you look great and love the site layout – although for me as I get a bit obsessed with reading blogs I would love a way to read all the posts in order they were originally published (but that’s just me) still love being able to dip into the categories though.
    Oh and I hate tights as well – the devil’s invention if you ask me

  4. Great outfit. I love the boots! I share your feelings about wearing tights, but I do think they look elegant. And woolly tights, less glamorous but can be quite cosy …

  5. Amber, you look wonderful – that blue is stunning on you!
    I have definitely had the same experience: having an outfit idea in my head which looks completely ridiculous on, trying to decide what to wear, hating my entire wardrobe (especially tights – curse all tights!), after which I usually end up wearing the same outfit I wore the day before. Ha!
    Fortunately it hasn’t been *too* cold here, so I can still get away with bare legs and midi skirts… which is what I’ve been wearing basically everyday. I’m trying to justify wearing the same skirt in all my outfit photos for the next month…

    1. It happens to me far too often – I definitely need to try to set aside more time for getting dressed! (Or actually try on the outfits first, rather than just putting them together in my head and thinking, “Ah, I’m sure it’ll be fine!”

  6. I find bare legs to be boring and dreary, strangely enough. Give me coloured or patterned tights and I’m happy, something to make an outfit stand out. I love your outfit regardless

  7. Sometimes the outfits we throw on at the last minute actually work out for the best – and that’s what happened here. It’s chic and you look great, so who’s complaining? Not your readers! My first experience of the Edinburgh wind was on my first ever visit earlier this year and it’s pretty much all I talked about when anyone asked me about that trip – it astounded me so! I don’t know how you ever wear your hair down, so find it pretty impressive when you do!

  8. Haha, your smile definitely looks a little more force in these photos than it does normally. I know when something starts to go wrong in my photoshoot (normally the BF just can’t seem to figure out how to focus, haha), my smile becomes increasingly more forced no matter how much I tell myself to relax. All the same, these turned out stunningly! What a hairdo you have 🙂


    1. Oh no, I didn’t even realise it looked different! I was just laughing at Terry the whole time – and at the ridiculousness of the whole situation!

  9. As always, your posts crack me up and I adore this blog. Plus that outfit is to DIE for! I love the cobalt on you and with the glasses, jacket, and tights to give it an edgier look you are looking hot, hot, hot! 🙂 Plus, I like big buns and I cannot lie. 😉

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