blue jeans white blazer and red shoes

Breton shirt and white blazer

blue skinny jeans and Breton top

[Jeans c/o 7 for All Mankind // Blazer: Zara // Breton top: Zara kids // Clutch: Dune // Shoes: Primark // Sunglasses: Gucci]

I don’t often wear jeans here on the blog, but I DO actually wear them fairly often in “real life”: in fact, a few years ago, before I got brave enough to start wearing dresses all the time, I wore jeans CONSTANTLY, and it’s really only the fact that I find it so difficult to find pairs I like  that stops me still doing it. Now I come to think of it, if my beloved Dorothy Perkins skinnies hadn’t died, this blog probably wouldn’t exist in its current form, so you can either thank jeans for that fact or curse them for it, depending on how you feel.

These particular jeans were sent to me by 7 for all Mankind, and they’re the ‘Cristen’ skinnies: I picked them mostly because of the mid-rise, which means the waist fits perfectly, unlike low-rise jeans which, without exception, will either give me muffin-top, or will stick out at the back creating a charming “builder’s butt” scenario when I sit down. Man, I hate low-rise jeans. I also liked the fact that the legs are skinny without being legging-like, and although the 32″ inseam means they will obviously have to be hemmed (I’ve just tucked them under for now, because I was impatient to wear them!), that’s par for the course for my short legs, so I’d have been more surprised if it wasn’t the case. These are my second pair of 7s, and once again I was completely enamoured with the soft, stretchy denim, which kind of holds everything in, without making you FEEL like everything’s being held in, if you know what I mean?

Add a Breton top (of which you can never have too many, and don’t let anyone tell you different) and a pair of heels, and you basically have my standard uniform for any time I’m not wearing a dress. Exciting, huh?

*  *  *

In other news, we have someone coming for a second-look at the house tonight, so as soon as I hit publish on this post, I’m off to throw myself into another cleaning frenzy. This would be exciting anyway (the second-viewing, I mean, not the cleaning frenzy. Although I guess it depends what floats your boat…) because let’s face it, you don’t come back for a second look at a house you DON’T like (Do you? As you know, the behaviour of The Others is a mystery to me…), but it’s even more exciting because the person in question told our agent that she’s “really keen”. GULP.

I’d say we’re not getting our hopes up, but honestly, I would be lying, because the hopes are WAY up here, folks, despite our best attempts to batten them down. It’s hard NOT to feel hopeful when the words “really keen” have entered the conversation, isn’t it? The house we’re interested in is still available (which is a miracle in itself, seriously), so if this person were to make a good-enough offer, it would allow us to make an offer on IT… Obviously there are a lot of “ifs” in this scenario, and also a lot of “buts” and “maybes”, and I’m totally getting ahead of myself, because it may all come to nothing, but… keep your fingers crossed for us? If nothing else, at least it would allow me to replace all of the “OMG I AM SELLING MY HOUSE!” posts with “OMG I AM MOVING HOUSE!” ones instead. A change is as good as a rest, you know…

blue jeans and red shoes


  1. Very chic – I’m deliberately not wearing my breton too much at the moment in case it goes the same way as your DP skinnies! Hate wearing jeans, I need to devote some time (without taking Elodie with me as she is bored instantly at the shops) to trying on a few pairs and styles to find a comfortable, flattering pair. I need to, but I don’t want to 🙂

  2. Amber you look just as amazing in jeans as you do in skirts and dresses, although jeans and a blazer is my favourite kind of style, and I love breton tops. I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of 7fam jeans as I hear nothing but good reports about them. Are they true to size??

    1. The two pairs I have are in my usual size and the fit is perfect for me (seriously the best fit I’ve ever had in jeans, other than the leg length, obviously), but I think with jeans you really need to try them on – they can fit so differently on different people!

  3. You look gorgeous in jeans, as you do in dresses! I also hate low-rise jeans event hough I still have many of them from the previous years. I now prefer mid-rise ones.
    I really hope she’s interested in buying your house. I’m happy for you! 🙂

  4. *crosses all fingers and toes*


    Disclaimer: I can’t actually cross my toes- otherwise I’d be off living an exciting life in the circus as the Cross Toed Woman.

  5. I have no good jeans right now. They have either worn out, or are too big and baggy looking. I need a good pair! I am taking your advice and next time I am in a ‘real’ city, I am gonna try myself a pair of these. I know jeans aren’t your usual blog look, but they do suit you well.

  6. Love the entire outfit (especially the red shoes). Hope all goes perfect with the “second look” people. Hope they offer a lot of $$$$ for your house:)

  7. Hi i love this look Jeans and a white shirt can do so many different occasions and can you can get away with them in so many situations and still fit in nicely. The stripes and high heels finish off the look perfectly.

    love it lee

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