Boden Antonia dress

OUTFIT | Boden Antonia dress at Loch Leven Castle


Blue polka dot wrap maxi dress

Boden Antonia dress

blue polka dot maxi dress

Boden Antonia wrap dress

I was about to begin this post with an apology for the photo spam, but then again… you know those rare occasions when the perfect dress meets the perfect location? This was one of those times.

The dress in question is the Boden Antonia wrap dress, which had arrived the day before these photos were taken. And, honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it at first. I mean, I LOVED the dress, that goes without saying, but, even with 50% off in the Boden sale, it was still the price of two ASOS dresses, say, and that was a little bit more than I really want to be spending on a new dress right now. So I hung it on the back of the dressing room door, and told myself I’d sleep on it (Er, not literally, obviously: don’t sleep on brand new dresses, kids…) and decide its fate in the morning.

The next morning, though, was one of those rushed ones that have become the norm since Max arrived, and, as usual, I found myself with two people to dress (That would be me and Max, btw: Terry dresses himself. Sometimes with LOL-worthy consequences…), and not enough time to do it. I couldn’t find my sunglasses, I forgot to bring a sunhat, and had to borrow this one from my mum when we dropped Max off… there was absolutely no time for the protracted ‘trying-on-everything-in-my-closet’session I used to be able to indulge in BM (Before Max), so I just grabbed the Antonia dress from the back of the door and threw it on – thankfully remembering to remove the tags before I ran out of the house in it.

Under normal circumstances, I’d have expected to hate the outfit that was thrown together under that particular set of circumstances, and to immediately regret my rash removal-of-the-tags, but actually? Je ne regrette rein. In fact, I LOVE this dress. I actually have a longer post planned about this (So, yeah, that’s something to look forward to, I guess?), but, at the time of writing, at least 30% of my wardrobe is crammed into plastic bags in the hall cupboard, because I decided I hated it all, but can’t quite decide what to do about it, yet. This dress is actually one of the few things I DON’T currently hate, but, I mean, I obviously can’t just keep on buying £80 dresses in a bid to restock my closet so I guess that’s another problem for another day.

As for THIS day, meanwhile, we spent it at beautiful Loch Leven in Fife, exploring the ruined castle there:

Loch Leven castle, Fife, Scotland

Loch Leven castle, Fife, Scotland

Loch Leven castle, Fife, Scotland

Loch Leven castle, Fife, Scotland

Loch Leven castle, Fife, Scotland

Loch Leven castle, Fife, ScotlandI actually visited Loch Leven castle as a child – right at the height of my obsession with Mary, Queen of Scots, who was imprisoned on the island for a year, and made a thrilling escape from it, which was the stuff Hollywood movies are made of. I think I must have read a book about this or something, because, when we arrived on the island, bits of the story started coming back to me, and I found myself walking around constantly saying things like, “I mean, she would DEFINITELY have looked out of this window, Terry! Do you think she’d have looked out of this window? And maybe touched it, like I am now?!” I’m pretty sure my 10-year-old self said exactly the same kind of things when she was there, so, yeah, some things never change, do they?

Sadly, of course, Loch Leven castle HAS changed since Mary’s day, and is now a ruin, but even the boat ride out to the island was a pleasure on such a hot day, as was the little picnic we had, sitting in the shady courtyard. This turned out to be the hottest June day recorded in Scotland in 20 years, AND it was right at the start of our school holidays here, but the boat to the island only carries 12 people at a time, so the island didn’t feel crowded at all, so we had plenty of time to explore (And, you know, to take ridiculous fashion blogger photos, obviously…) before heading back to the mainland again. We were only there for a few hours, but the weather and the scenery combined to make it feel a bit like being on holiday, so I’m really glad we went – and, of course, that I decided to keep that dress!

The perfect summer dress

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  • Myra


    Fab dress and great photos

    July 4, 2018
  • ann Fyfe


    Beautiful dress and great location.

    July 4, 2018
  • The picture of you walking towards the castle is perfection!!
    While I love living in the US, I do wish I lived near more castles. Even ruins have such a dreamy quality to them.

    July 5, 2018
  • Everything about these photos suggests the dress was made for you! Why are the nicest dresses always the pricyest?

    G is for Gingers xx

    July 5, 2018
  • Polka dot is definitely in this summer, it always seems to make a comeback every few years!

    July 8, 2018
  • Definitely a keeper. As for your old clothes, have you thought about a blog/Instagram sale? x

    July 12, 2018
  • You and your polka dress are looking so beautiful in these picture.
    Will defiantly gonna purchase a polka dress this summer 🙂
    Would you please tell me which lipstick you have applied on your lips, it’s looking very beautiful.

    July 14, 2018
  • Even though the castle is in ruins, it looked like you had a great time there. You took some lovely photos and blue must be a redhead’s best friend because so far I have yet to see a redhead look bad in blue. Also, there’s something about that dress that looks casual and comfy yet a little dressy casual at the same time. I also love your glasses. I like glasses with a little character to them. 🙂

    July 18, 2018