Boden sale picks

Oh God, the Boden Sale has started…

I’ve got absolutely no spare cash right now, so naturally the Boden sale has just started, and I want ALL the things. Here are all the things I want, in no particular order…

Boden vintage halterneck dress

Boden Vintage Halterneck dress in blue polka dot

vintage halterneck dress, £53.40

I already have the blue spot print version of this dress (here I am wearing it, on a day which I thought was possibly the start of the summer, but which turned out to probably be the END of the summer instead – WOE!), but that doesn’t stop me wanting the stamp-print version, too, which is – naturally – sold out in my size. The struggle is real, people. Seriously, though, I think this is one of those perfect summer dresses – the kind you can just throw on with a pair of sandals and instantly look like you’ve made an effort, even although you’re not even wearing makeup, and have had to put your hair in a messy bunhead, because you couldn’t be bothered washing it. It’s all floaty and swishy (the dress, not my hair), and you just know you could throw a denim jacket over the top and instantly make it “casual”, couldn’t you. Or casual-ISH, anyway. Speaking of things that are swishy:

Boden swishy dress

Boden swishy dress, £64

This is called “The Swishy Dress” – as in, that’s it’s actual NAME, not just my description of it. Now, I know what you’re thinking here: you’re thinking, “Why on earth doesn’t Amber already own this dress?” Well, I’ll tell you why: I don’t already own this dress because I couldn’t decide between the floral print and the plain green, that’s why. Now, of course, the decision has been taken out of my hands, and the green is sold out in my size. I will remember it forever, though. Speaking of green dresses I didn’t buy, but totally should have:

Boden Martha polka dot dress

Martha polka dot dress, £79.20

SERIOUSLY, people. What is WRONG with me? Do you even know how I feel, knowing there’s a green polka dot dress in the world that I DON’T own? At the time of writing, you can’t actually own this one either, unfortunately, because it’s totally sold out. At the time of reading, however, you may well be able to, because the Boden sale works in mysterious ways, and sometimes a dress that appears to be sold out will make a triumphant comeback – often at a lower price. There are two lessons you can take from this:

a) When you see a green polka dot dress, BUY IT

b) If you don’t buy it, keep checking the website every few minutes, in case it comes back into stock. NEVER LOSE HOPE, people.

I would superimpose these sayings on top of a cheesy sunset photo, thus instantly turning them into the kind of thing you’d see on Facebook, but I’m too lazy, so if you could all just imagine that instead, that would be awesome.

Let’s look at skirts I didn’t buy, but should have!

Boden Pandora skirt

Boden Pandora skirt in blue floral print

Boden Pandora skirt, £49.50

I have the Pandora skirt in the blue floral print shown above, but if I was rich, and a bit more organised, I’d have bought this in every colour available (but particularly the green version, obviously). (Word to the wise: I find that Boden tends to run large in general, so you might want to consider sizing down in this one!)

boden florence skirt

The Florence skirt, meanwhile, is also really pretty: the scenic print reminds me of last year’s ‘Nancy’ dress, (which I LOVE, and wear constantly) and, again, it’s quite a casual skirt, which would be perfect for a summer holiday.

polka dot skirt

Finally, if you’re a fan of retro-inspired style, I think this polka-dot sleeveless shirt would be a great wardrobe staple, and the kind of thing you could wear with jeans, capris and skirts, to create an instantly retro look (I’d knot it at the waist for that full, 50s-inspired effect). It’s still available in all sizes. Er, please don’t buy it, in case it sells out, OK? This one, meanwhile…

Boden Evelen shirt

… comes already knotted, has a cute Peter Pan collar, and comes in a few different colours. Decisions, decisions…

Those are just a few of my Boden sale picks (I could go on… and on, and on and on…), but as I said above, the thing to bear in mind with the Boden sale is that the stock levels and prices seem to change constantly, so if something you like is sold out, don’t lose heart, just obsessively stalk it, in the hope that it comes back in your size. If the items you like IS in stock, meanwhile, and you can hold your nerve, it can be worth holding out a while to see if the price drops any further. Rather you than me, though…

Did you buy anything in the Boden sale?

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  • Just bought something. Hoorah! Hopefully you aff link picked it up. 🙂
    Thanks for the heads up lovely.

    June 29, 2015
  • Oh gosh… I already spend a good amount of money the last time they had an additional 30% off. I just love their cardigans!

    June 29, 2015
  • Tess


    Since you’re shopping posts now, I’m just wondering if little black dress will be on your list. Maybe little white, blue dress too.

    July 2, 2015
      • Tess


        Yes, maybe shopping post for little black dresses would catch your eye one day.

        July 2, 2015