Boden Skinny Jeans Review (& a polka dot shirt)

Boden skinny jeans review

polka dot shirt and blue blazer

Boden skinny jeans review

I’m not sure why it took me so long to turn to Boden in my hunt for the perfect jeans.

Actually, that’s not quite true: I DO know. I think I thought Boden’s jeans were going to be hideously expensive or something? Actually, though, I got these on sale, and they were only about £30… which is why I ALSO decided to order them in the darker blue ‘vintage’ wash, as well as this one, which is called ‘Rip & Repair’. (Which makes the jeans sound a bit like a Guns n’ Roses album or something, rather than a perfectly sensible pair of mid-rise jeans.)

And what did I think of them, I’ll pretend to hear you ask?

Well, they definitely win in the leg width department, that’s for sure. If you have a very long memory, you might recall that my main issue with jeans right now is that every pair I try is either so tight in the leg that they look more like leggings, or so loose I look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes – and not in a cute way, either. These, however, are just right: skinny, but not like a second-skin, and the denim is super-soft and stretchy, which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear, too. Oh, and I know these photos aren’t the best (you can’t tell by looking at them, but having been dry all day, it started raining as soon as as I got out of the car to take these, so they ended up being a bit of a rush job…), but they’re also mid-rise, which is my very favourite kind of rise: low-rise jeans always leave me with a little bit of belly overhang, and high-rise ones make me feel like a reject from Charlie’s Angels, so its mid-rise all the way for me – and for the jeans, as it happens.

So far, so good, then, but there is one issue with these, which prevents them being crowned Queen of All the Jeans. It’s the length. See, believe it or not, I’m actually wearing the ‘Petite’ length in these photos: which is kind of strange, really, because at 5’4″, I’m an inch taller than the height range the petite range is designed for. I do shop from the petites section for some clothes (outerwear, tops, and anything designed to be “midi” length on taller people, basically…), but rarely for jeans/trousers, because I know they’ll just be too short on me. In this case, I decided to go with the petite leg after consulting the size chart on the Boden website, and it’s a good job I did, because, as you can see, despite being designed for someone at least an inch shorter than me, these were STILL too long on me, and I had to cuff them to stop them constantly catching on the heel of my shoe. I mean, the hell, Boden?! What are people who are ACTUALLY ‘petite’ supposed to wear?!

In the jeans defence, although I’m not technically ‘petite’, what little height I DO have is mostly in my torso, so I have that whole, “Long torso, little stumpy legs” thing going on. Cute, huh? I GUESS if you’re more evenly proportioned, these might be a better length on you, but obviously check with the size chart, if you have any doubt.

As you can see, though, despite the need to cuff the leg (which I actually don’t mind too much), I did decide to keep these, because they’re still the closest thing I’ve found to the imaginary jeans that seem to exist only in my head. The other colour, however, got returned, because despite being exactly the same size and style, they were baggier in the leg, and particularly around the knee, which just wasn’t flattering. Isn’t it strange how two pairs of jeans can fit so differently, despite being exactly the same on paper? So, the search for the perfect jeans continues: I will not give up, though, you mark my words…

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red Philip Lim Pashli satchel
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Boden skinny jeans in ‘Rip & Repair‘; Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo polka dot shirt (Boden skinny jeans in ‘Rip & Repair’); H&M Blazer; Christian Louboutin shoes; Phillip Lim Pashli satchel in red*

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  • Gorgeous outfit. I have the mini version of your bag – a beauty! x

    June 22, 2016
  • Claire


    I’m glad for you that you have found a pair of skinny jeans that fit.
    At 4 ft 11 inches, the whole petite issue is a bit of a nightmare!!
    I bought a pair of shorts from primark last week and they fit perfectly xx it’s a great feeling.
    Unfortunately my has fluctuated recently so I have had to go on the jeans hunt, and none have fitted perfectly. It’s only temporary and I’m heading back down to my original weight so I’ll be glad to wear my old jeans xx

    June 22, 2016
  • Jean shopping is such a nightmare… so glad these worked out for you. I truly wish I had bought three pairs of my unicorn jeans when I finally found them a few years back. 🙁 I also prefer a midrise… for exactly the same reasons, hah. It doesn’t help that hearing “low rise” makes me think back to the god-awful early 2000s when everyone wore those super low rise jeans that had girls shaving their pubic hair just to be fit for public. Eww!

    June 22, 2016
  • You can get them hem taken up for relatively cheap. But I think the cuffed look is super cute.

    June 22, 2016