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Boxwatch 2010: Now with added mutant pumpkins

Because I know that, deep down, you care:

It’s still there. And as you may have noticed, there are four of us living in it now: me, Terry, Rubin, and a giant pumpkin,

This is actually the first time Terry and I have bothered to buy a pumpkin. We’re not really down with the whole “getting involved in seasonal holidays” thing. We’re just too lazy. This year, however, Terry ordered a pumpkin, and, much to my excitement, it’s no ordinary pumpkin, either:

It’s an OMG MUTANT PUMPKIN! From OUTER SPACE! I mean, I know it’s been a while since I did a supermarket shop, but I had NO IDEA they were getting their produce from so far afield these days. Modern life, eh? It really is amazing.

In other news (which is actually not news at all to those of you who follow me on Twitter), last night Terry tried on his Halloween costume for this weekend, and Rubin was so frightened by it that he actually ran away in terror, although don’t tell him I told you that, obviously. I kid you not. He came running to me and scrambled up on to my knee, from where he sat and stared at Terry in deep suspicion, turning to look up at me every so often as if to say, “Are you seeing this?!” Afterwards, he tried to say he’d just been “trying to protect me”, and he actually got a bit pissy about it when I tried to suggest he’d been frightened, but let’s just say no one would really blame him if he had been. And, once again, I can only apologise in advance to the friends we’ll be seeing on Saturday night while Terry’s dressed like that. I’m so sorry, guys.

In other other news, meanwhile, I’ve discovered that it’s actually impossible for me to take photos of Rubin without at least one of them turning out like this:

I’m talking about the tongue-on-nose, thing, by the way, not the mutant hand, because that’s actually mine. There’s only one mutant in this house right now, and it’s not Rubin.

(It’s Terry.)

(I’m kidding.)

(No, it’s Terry.)


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  • katri
    October 27, 2010

    Terry was dressed as Andrew Lloyd Webber, right? Must have done.

  • Arlene
    October 27, 2010

    I just adore the second pic. Rubin is willing Terry to throw that bad boy!

    • Amber
      October 27, 2010

      That’s what he was licking his lips (or nose) over in the last one, too – I don’t think he could believe his luck at discovering a piece of food that that size!

  • Panthera
    October 28, 2010

    I’m so curious now, I hope we get to see you in costumes after Saturday,
    I want to see what could scare the fierce Rubinman!

  • Rebecca
    October 28, 2010

    OH. MY. GOD. Mutant pumpkins!
    I am desperately in need of a mutant pumpkin.
    Rubin looks adorable as usual.

  • WendyB
    November 1, 2010

    I love when I get the tongue on nose look from my dogs!

  • Janine
    January 9, 2013

    OOh I am digging your box!!! Rubin’s blog led me to this post, he told me you have been telling lies Clive!!!!

    Haha I love your sense of humour, it makes me feel less alone in my weirdness :-p

    Janine xx

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Boxwatch 2010: Now with added mutant pumpkins