Folks, this box set up residence in my living room approximately 4 weeks ago:

Blurry iPhone photos FTW!

It’s still there.

It arrived containing a part for Terry’s car, which, bizarrely enough, was contained inside a much smaller box, which was inside this one. It was a bit like a twisted version of Pass the Parcel then, only with a really, really boring prize. (Not to Terry, I hasten to add. He was all about that flux capacitor, or whatever the hell it was.) The car part, and the small(ish) box it came in, are both long gone.

This box remains.

Basically, then, we’re-a livin’ with a box. We’re a-livin’ with a cardboard box. And, to be completely honest with you? I don’t want to.

Every time I ask Terry about the status of the box, I get the same answer: “Soon,” says Terry, with a faraway look in his eye. “The Box will leave us soon…” He apparently has “plans” for it, which will be revealled at some mysterious point in the future, known only as “soon”.

Like Morrissey before me, however, I just want to know: how soon is now? When will The Box leave my life? When will we get to see what lies behind The Box, in that forgotten area of the room which, OK, we don’t actually EVER use, but still. (“What a strangely shaped guitar!” said Arlene, when I posted this image on Twitter, making me almost choke on the piece of toast I happened to be eatin at the time). What are Terry’s mysterious plans for this huge chunk o’cardboard? WHEN WILL WE BE RID OF IT?

Place your bets, folks…

  1. Yeah, this is me. The box our cross-trainer arrived in sat on the floor for a couple of weeks, though this was mostly the cat’s fault since she liked sitting inside it and looking cute. The box for some smaller parts of the thing, though? I just threw it away about 15 minutes ago. We got the cross-trainer in May.

    Solution to your problem: throw it out yourself, or put it on Terry’s side of the bed so he will have to sleep inside it until it’s gone. If you don’t, you’ll still be seeing it in March.

    1. Ah, but if I put it on the bed, I’ll have to sleep in it too – it’s that big!

      I’ve been told I can’t remove it myself as Terry has “plans” for it. I suspect he’s going to sublet it to someone…

  2. Over here there are civic services as well as some private ones that come and collect your waste paper either automatically every other week or on demand when you call them. Don’t you have something like that in the UK?

  3. It was an honor to receive a comment from you on my blog! Really, I’ve been reading your blog for years. Checking your blog everyday in the mornings has become a ritual for me, even after I came to India to do medical school. I admire your kooky sense of humor, your dramatic use of caps-lock, and just the way you articulate your experiences in an elegant flow.

    I want to be able to write like you one day. 🙂

    If you ever feel no one’s reading your blog, rest assured, I’m definitely reading it. There are probably many people like me out there who do read but don’t comment. I’ve wanted to comment several times, but I was worried the comment would a) come off bizarre or b) just sit there unnoticed, never responded to. I realize how silly the last one sounded, but there’s something uncomfortable about commenting and then never getting a response…

    ANYWAYS. Thank you for writing, and please don’t ever stop writing. <3

    1. This goes down as one of my favourite comments ever, thank you 🙂

      And seriously, you're more than welcome re: the comment – I've bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back. I know what you mean about commenting, too: I do my best to reply to as many comments as I can here (although I don't always manage it because I'm also dealing with my other sites), because I know it can be horrible to feel like you've gone to the effort of saying something and it's just been lost among all the other comments. I almost never comment on really popular sites because I always just think, "Well, they're not going to notice/care about my contribution among so many other", which is probably untrue. Anyway, thanks again for your lovely message 🙂

      1. You're welcome. 🙂

        Yay! And it's an honor to be bookmarked. It's nice when you know you're writing for an audience. Of course I write for myself, but the writing process become more enjoyable when you know you're sharing it with someone who can connect with the material and respond.

        By the way, just curious – did you ever go to Edmund's blog? It was the second link I put up on your FB page. It's a creative project that unfortunately I don't have time for lately. Medical school is reallyyyy draining.

  4. I think Terry should make a house for Rubin…it may have to be just one storey though as you will run into 'supporting the second floor' problems. I'm sure Rubin wouldn't mind a bungalow would he?!!

    1. Good idea. I am also thinking it could be uses as a ramp to give Rubin better access to the window so he can bark at more stuff passing by outside 🙂

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