retro-inspired autumn outfit

autumn outfit featuring green pencil skirt and camel turtleneck

pencil skirt, heels and turtleneck

I honestly don’t know how I survived before I bought this camel turtleneck. Seriously, how does anyone survive without this camel turtleneck? I really wish I’d bought two now, for that inevitable moment when I spill red wine, or blackcurrant juice or something on this one, and it’s ruined forever. I also wish I’d bought it in more colours. Like the pale pink, for instance. Or the light beige. Or, OMG, I’VE JUST NOTICED THERE IS A FOREST GREEN VERSION! And even although I already HAVE a forest green turtleneck, I SO want it now. In fact, I’m almost on the verge of doing that Obnoxious Fashion Blogger Thing, and declaring that I’m OMGOBSESSED. With a turtleneck.

(I’m not, though. If I actually WAS obsessed with a turtleneck, I’d have more problems to worry about than what colour to buy next…)

Still, I may not be obsessed, but this little sweater does seem to go with everything in my autumn/winter wardrobe, and has been in constant rotation since it arrived. In fact, although I’ve only had it for a few weeks, it’s already appeared on the blog twice now, and given that I’ve not been doing many outfit photos lately (Rasons: the rain, the dark, the lurgy, the fact that our lives are now consumed with DIY…), that’s really quite an achievement.

Speaking of things appearing on the blog before… back in the summer, I briefly started doing a “Now and Then” type feature in my outfit posts, where I was posting photos of other ways I’d worn the various items. I know a few people said they quite liked it, but unfortunately it was a bit time-consuming and fiddly to put together (and, let’s be honest, I also kept forgetting about it), so instead, I’ve started tagging each item in the post tags, which you can see right at the bottom of each post, just above the “share” buttons. If you click on those tags, it should take you to the various other posts featuring that particular item, just in case you happen to be curious, or to have a bit of time on your hands.

(Er, I don’t want to imply that it’s important to anyone to see even MORE photos of me, but, well, it’s there if you ever want to know how to wear a particular item in more-or-less the same way, every time. For instance, having just done the tags for this post, I see that I’ve also worn this particular skirt-and-shoes combo before, too: and you know what? I’ll probably do it again…)

camel and green autumn outfit

WEARING: ZARA sweater // Topshop skirt and shoes (2012), Kate Spade ‘Be Beau’ bag* (2013), Gucci sunglasses*, Accessorize tights

    1. I actually know exactly what you mean – I don’t really know why either, but ’50s driving outfit’ sums it up quite nicely (well, maybe apart from the shoes!)!

  1. Hi Amber, can I just ask when you do your ootd post, is there any people or ‘the others’ standing nearby looking at you? When you do your ootd post do you do it quite early on so not there not many people out and about? I was just wondering? If so do you ever get any comments or people looking at you quite strangely?

  2. Oh yes, definitely a 50s driving outfit. I love that shade of green. I also found a very similar fur colllar in my sewing box yday and have decided I can probably wear it as a brooch without having to attach it to a coat or anything. Love this idea!

    1. I do this AAAALLL the time with the furry scarf thing – it’s like my version of a necklace, but for outdoors: adds a nice touch of glam, I think 🙂

  3. So, I totally want a camel turtleneck now. The weird thing is though, that before last month I didn’t own a single turtleneck. And now I have a black one and literally wear it all. the. time. And if you’re following my outfit posts you might be wondering where it is… but don’t worry, it’s coming… and then it’s coming again. They’re seriously useful things it turns out! And I definitely need a camel one. And I love the fur touch by the way.

  4. Camel is possibly the one colour I don’t have a turtle neck in. You’re making me think I need one now though…
    And if you love this sweater, buy it in all the colours. My turtleneck collection is just lots of variations on the same two Long Tall Sally tops.

  5. Very retro chic! I love that color combination, and I’m so jealous that you can wear camel. We have pretty much the same skin tone, but my hair is dark instead of red, and camel washes me out like you wouldn’t believe.

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