A Quick Capsule Wardrobe for Anyone Who Loves Polka Dots

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So, anyone else starting the new year wishing they could just empty out their wardrobe and start again from scratch?

Because, same.

Unfortunately for me, I could totally manage the “empty wardrobe” bit, but the whole “starting from scratch” thing isn’t really an option, sadly. For those of you who ARE kicking off 2020 with a new, minimal wardrobe, however, and who don’t know quite where to start, one of my top tips is to stick to a single brand (Or a small selection of similar brands), at least until you really feel like you know what you’re looking for. The benefit of this (In addition to consistency in quality and sizing, so you know more-or-less what to expect…) is that most brands will release collections which are – at least to an extent – designed to be mixed and matched in various different ways. It’s basically an easy shortcut to starting a capsule wardrobe from scratch, and even if you only buy a few key pieces, if you pick them carefully enough, they can end up becoming the building blocks for the rest of your look. 

Right now, for instance, H&M have just released a collection which they call ‘The Paris Effect’ (You can see it the full collection here...) but which I’d describe more as, “Minimal style for people who like to keep things classic, but also, POLKA DOTS.”

Well, of course, you all know how much I love polka dots, and even although my style has changed in the last couple of years, it hasn’t changed so much that I’m not lusting after some of these pieces:

Small capsule wardrobe with simple basics and polka dots as an accent print

This isn’t quite large enough to be a stand-alone capsule wardrobe, obviously, so you’d have to buy some other items to flesh it out (I’m thinking here of basics like t-shirts, fine-knit sweaters, and at least a few more pairs of shoes…), but, as I said, if you love polka dots, and you like classic style, it’s a pretty good starting point: and exactly what I’d buy if I really was able to just start again from scratch. Here are some of the details…

The Details

Wrapover jumpsuit ; slogan sweater ; polka dot jumper; blazer ; black jeans ; cigarette trousers ; satin scarf ; polka dot skirt ; puff-sleeve jumper; waist belt; ankle boots; trainers ; camel jeans

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  • Selina


    I saw that in the shop yesterday, I was immediately drawn in because polka dots, although this tired ‘Parisian fashion’ nonsense is really grating on me. I’m ignoring the name and wishing that the puff sleeve jumper came in other colours (it would look fantastic in burnt orange) and I hope I look good in the jumpsuit and I already bought the hair scarf scrunchie

    January 11, 2020