I know I’m not the only Carmex lover out there, so I thought my fellow fans might like to know that the lip balm is now available in a fruity, strawberry flavour!

The balm still contains the usual ingredients – menthol, camphor and beeswax – to smooth and soften the lips, plus SPF 15 to protect them from the sun. Sadly, that’s not a problem I’m having here in not-so-sunny Scotland right now, but those of you lucky enough to be enjoying an actual summer will at least be reassured that your lips are in safe hands.

This is available from the usual suspects (Boots, Superdrug, and anywhere else you normally find Carmex), and retails for £2.49.

  1. Bad news though! I just read an article today that suggests Carmex might be drying your lips out in the end. But strawberry Carmex! So delicious!

    1. Yeah, someone almost always says that any time I post about Carmex, but I’ve never found it to be the case for me for some reason. Maybe that’s just me, though 🙂

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