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Home Organisation | Max’s Changing Table

Earlier this week I posted some photos of Max’s changing table on my Instagram Stories, and I had a few questions about where I got various things – which was nice, really, because it made me feel like I was at least performing some kind of public service, as opposed to just taking photos of a tissue holder, because that’s my life now, you know?

That pretty much IS my life now, though, and, having wowed my Instagram followers with the shock revelation that you can keep tissues in a box (As opposed to, like, balancing them on the end of your nose or something?), I though, why stop there, Amber? You’re on a roll here, kid –  why not take your show on the road, and bring that tissue box to a wider audience? Tissues are for everyone, after all, so I decided to do a quick – by which I mean “lengthy” – post about Max’s changing table organisation… even although I die a little bit inside every single time I attempt to take photos of white objects against a white backdrop, in approximately zero light. (AND YET I KEEP ON TRYING. Y THO?)

Anyway. I was talking about tissue boxes, so here ya go:

wooden tissue box holder

storage solutions for baby change tableI got this one from eBay, and – BREAKING NEWS! – I also have its smaller brother in the livingroom. It was one of those middle-of-the-night/early morning purchases that seem like a good idea when you’re up feeding the baby, and you suddenly start fixating on that shabby looking box of tissues  in front of you. “Why, I bet I could turn that tissue box’s life around!” you think to yourself, through a fug of sleeplessness. “I could do it using the medium of a white plastic box with a wooden lid!” And then, the next thing you know, you’re opening the door to a delivery of two fancy-schmancy tissue boxes, and also a bottle of £20 hand wash for the downstairs bathroom, because when you went to wash your hands earlier, it suddenly occurred to you that the one thing that would make 4am bearable would be some posh handwash. (SPOILER ALERT: it doesn’t. Like, it’s JUST handwash, settle down…)

(I was actually planning a post called ‘Things I Bought at 5am’, but then I realised it would be just the tissue boxes, and then 543 plastic storage boxes for the kitchen. That post will be up next week sometime – or as soon as the final plastic box arrives. Really wish I was kidding about this, totally am not…)

changing table organisationAnyway, the fact that this is a tissue box means there’s not a lot to say about it, really, other than that it makes me happy, in a way that suggests I really need to get out more. We use the large space – predictably – for tissues, obviously (NO! Tissue Box  Holder in ‘Holding Tissues’ Shocker! Alert the newswires!); I think the smaller two spaces are actually designed to hold your cellphones etc, but I use them for cotton pads, nappy cream, etc – all the ingredients of a life of glamour, basically. What can I say, I live hardcore because I AM hardcore. Or something.

Funkybox wipes dispenserThe other box, meanwhile, holds wet wipes, so it’s equally fun, really. I also got this one on eBay, but the brand, as you can see, is Funkybox, and they sell a ton of really useful storage-type stuff. Funky boxes, you might even say. I’ll be honest, this box seemed like a good idea at the time, but while it definitely looks better than just the bag of wipes themselves (Which TOTALLY don’t go with the decor in here, really. WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE BLOGGERS?), it’s not all that, really. Like, it’s just a plastic box that dispenses wipes, and honestly, I’m pretty sure I ordered the one with stars rather than the one with hearts, but it took such a long time to arrive (Private eBay seller, no reflection on the brand) that I’d actually forgotten I’d even bought it, tbh. I’m glad I did, mind you, because until then I’d just been using the wipes in the bag they came in, like a freaking PEASANT or something, but still. I’m underwhelmed, guys. It could’ve been so beautiful, but instead it was just a plastic tub with wipes inside it, and WHAT HAS BECOME OF MY LIFE, PEOPLE? Did I REALLY just write an entire paragraph about a plastic tub? Why are the photos so dark? And what became of my promise that this would be a “quick” post? Is it time for bed yet?

OK, let’s just get through the rest of this as quickly as we can, shall we?

Miffy night light

Gertie the good goose teething toy

The Miffy night light is by Mr Maria, and it’s my life’s ambition to get the extra large size, too (Er, for Max, you understand. FOR MAX.), but Terry won’t let me. Not even when I play the “but I carried your child for 9 months” card.  Why does he hate me, I wonder? (In fairness, the XL one IS really expensive. What price happiness, though, I ask you?)

The little goose teething toy, meanwhile, is Gertie the Good Goose.* Max isn’t teething yet, but he thinks Gertie is hilarious, and he does enjoy having a good chew, so she’s a handy distraction sometimes when I’m changing him after a particularly nasty… I’m just going to leave that sentence hanging, actually. You’re welcome.

(I mean, Max thought it was hilarious when he peed on his vest last week, too, so I wouldn’t take his opinion as  gospel or anything. We do like Gertie, though.)canvas storage bag

Finally, the little storage bag is from H&M: I have a few of these dotted around the house and I use them to round up and store pacifiers, which have a way of getting EVERYWHERE. Also, we have approximately 938 of the things, but we can never find one when we need it, so this seemed like a good solution – and, indeed, would have been if we hadn’t just decided to continue storing pacifiers under the kitchen table and down the sides of the couch instead: WINNING.

As for the interior of the table, meanwhile – because HAHA, AS IF I’d be finished with this post so soon! – the top drawer is used to store bibs, burp cloths and nappies, and is organised using my beloved Ikea Skubb boxes. I just can’t stop buying them, guys. Seriously, I buy a set every time I go to IKEA (And visiting IKEA is a day out for me, so I do it A LOT…), and I’m still nowhere near having enough of them. HOW?

nursery organisation ideas

changing table organised with Ikea Skubb boxes

(These burp cloths were brand new when this photo was taken, following a mysterious Washing Machine Incident in which a number of the existing ones had to be replaced. I’m pretty sure they’re breeding, though, because we HAD 600, I binned 500 and now we have about 800. It’s one of the great mysteries of our time, really.)

The bottom drawer is also organised using Skubb boxes, and is where I keep what I’m sure Max would call  his “basics”, were he a fashion blogger. So, sleepsuits, vests and socks, basically. His “real” clothes all live in the closet in his room, and I should probably point out that, thanks to his reflux, at least 50% of his sleepsuits and vests are in the wash at any given time, which helps keep this drawer tidy, I guess…

baby clothes organisation

As for the other side of the cabinet, though, it’s NOT quite so neat:

changing table interior

Yeah. I use it to store the Things That Aren’t Pretty. Extra nappies. Wipes still in their regular bag, not their “fun” plastic container. 50,000 cotton wool pads. All of the things that’ll ruin your life if you don’t find the appropriate plastic storage containers to put them in, basically. Thankfully, though, I think I’ve managed to find the storage I need (The two boxes in this side of the table are Ikea’s finest…), so I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of Max’s changing table as much as he enjoyed watching me write this post:

cute yawning baby

Or, ideally a little bit more than that…

*PR sample


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  • I’m so inspired by how organized you are! I need to organize every drawer and cabinet in my house. Those Ikea bins seem perfect. Excuse enough for me to go there. I love Ikea!!!

    March 23, 2018
  • Tara


    Ha, as I clicked on this, I thought “why am I reading about a changing table when my child is 6 and I’m not having any more?” but it turns out I actually enjoy reading about plastic tubs and tissue boxes. Thank you for being funny and opening my eyes to more storage possibilities that I haven’t bought yet! My son has the jellycat monkey as well so that along with Max’s cute little face made me all gooey too.

    March 23, 2018
  • Brenda


    I am the same as Tara, my kids are practically adults, but at the mere chance of seeing a photo of baby Max, I clicked in! And he doesn’t disappoint! (Is it just me or is his hair getting lighter?) . And at the end of it all, who would have thought that I would see something that I actually wouldn’t mind having? That tissue holder is very cool! Thanks Amber! I hope you still get lots of time to cuddle that sweet baby of yours!

    March 23, 2018
  • Nicole


    I definitely need some drawer organizers for my kitchen and bathroom–I always put my products in so carefully, then of course everything slides all over the place as soon as I shut the drawer.

    Also, I LOVE the little bandana-style bibs! My sister just bought a bunch of those for her 1 year old who drools constantly (seriously, he needs a new one every 2 hours–I had no idea babies could drool that much).

    March 23, 2018
  • Lori L.


    I enjoyed this post so much. I love reading and looking at pics about organization. But even though I don’t have children, this was interesting, entertaining, and downright funny. Max looks so sweet btw.

    March 24, 2018
  • I share your enthusiasm for the Miffy night light. See what you mean about it not being the cheapest, but if it does the job then certainly worth it. We’ve tried a ceiling night light with our eldest recently, but it doesn’t seem to offer the same assurance (being further away from the bed and being just functional, rather than the cute example above). Certainly considering a purchase now.

    March 24, 2018
  • Ghalia


    Photos of Max are the best part of any post – he is THE CUTEST! And that little box with the tiny balls of socks? Excuse me while I scoop up my melted heart…

    March 26, 2018
  • D Johnson


    Am sitting here pouting after a bad haircut, which I can’t really call a bad haircut because it’s an “indecisive” haircut. I’m trapped in my usual springtime frustration of Ponytail or Cut-It-All-Off. I desperately needed a laugh! I’m “running on empty,” far too often and very familiar with 5 AM fogs. Thanks!!

    March 27, 2018
  • diana


    he is the clon of your husband !!!!!!!!!!! REally he looks just like HIM

    April 2, 2018