Remember that mysterious, large project I spent the first few months of the year working on?

Well, here it is:

Closet Essentials by Amber McNaught: 60 core items and how to wear them
Towards the end of last year, I was approached by a publisher, who asked if I’d be interested in working with them on a book on closet essentials, and after double-checking that they’d got the right person, and actually wanted ME to do this (As in, the same me who’s writing this post while wearing her one-and-only pair of maternity jeans, and wondering why people keep sending her invitations to London Fashion Week when she wouldn’t know a trend if it bit her in the bum…), I was happy to agree. Because, look mum, an actual book! With my name on it! And also some photos!

how to wear a full skirt five ways

Oh, and don’t worry: it’s not ALL photos of my face – there are actual models and everything, plus some pretty cool illustrations (some of which you might recognise from my outfits archive, if you’ve been paying close attention…):

how to wear a pencil skirtNow, full disclosure: although my name is, indeed, on the front of the book, and the writing is all mine, I can claim no credit for the concept or execution, all of which came from the publisher. So, my job was basically to provide the words to go with the pictures (and some of the pictures to go with the words), rather than coming up with the whole thing from scratch: phew!

The book is called Closet Essentials: 60 Core Pieces and How to Wear Them, and it’s released by Chronicle Books on October 24th. It is, however, available now to pre-order on Amazon worldwide (Just search for the title or my name to find it on your local Amazon site) and, you know, while you’re there, you may as well check out my other book, My Blogging Secrets, for, er, the full, Forever Amber experience. Or something.

Now on to the next book…


  1. Oo exciting! This looks so great. By the way just wanted to say My Blogging Secrets is AMAZING, best blogging book I’ve read so far, actually best book I’ve read all year full stop! Thank you for it! Hope you’re feeling good in your pregnancy now. So of your blog posts have been so moving and I relate! I have two happy healthy girls now. Blessings to you xx

  2. Congratulations! I really really really wish I could get my hands on it, it looks absolutely fantastic. I do sometimes hate living in a South American country with impossible exchange rates to… everything. But if anyone I know happens to visit the UK I’ll make damn sure they snatch me a copy! Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations, Amber!! It looks pretty cool and I’m glad to finally know what that big project was about 😉 Maybe, one day, you’ll have a whole shelf of books you wrote! 😄

  4. One big Bravo! to you, Amber! You’re really an awesome writer. I read so many of your posts just for the writing and keep coming back for more 🙂

  5. Hey! Congratulations! That is so exciting and I am going to check it out for sure!! Now I’m wondering what the next book is going to be!!! Any hints?

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