A Day of My Life in Pictures

A Day of My Life in Pictures | February 2016

Well, lookit me, doing a ‘Day of My Life in Pictures’ post just one month after the last one!

If I keep this up, I will, indeed, fulfil my ambition of documenting a day from each month in the year, so that when I’m old and cranky (Wait: I’m already quite old and cranky. Why am I doing this, again?), I’ll be able to look back and say, “Ah, remember that day I walked the dog and had pasta for dinner! Those were the days!” (That was a MAJOR spoiler for the rest of the post, by the way…)

So, the day in question was Monday, February 8th, and honestly, it wasn’t very interesting. Quite a few people I know seem to have had a pretty rough start to the year, though, ourselves included, and when we’ve been talking to them about the various Bad Things that have happened, one thing that’s come up a lot is the fact that we only really appreciate the normal, day-to-day stuff when something happens that MAKES you appreciate it – and that’s a real shame, really. So while I was joking in my first paragraph about looking back on these ordinary days with fondness, I DO genuinely think it’s nice to be able to do that, and to view them as the gifts they are, you know?

That was WAY too soppy for a Monday morning, wasn’t it? Here’s my day in pictures…


I’m up! I’m either waving to you all, or welcoming our new alien overlords to the world: you decide!*

(*It was totally the alien overlords…)

The weather is so sunny I almost weep with joy, but while I’m getting into my usual workout gear, it abruptly changes to this:

rain on the window

Ah. So it’s going to be like THAT, is it Monday? Still, the sun is still there, so with hope in my heart, I head down to the kitchen to make some coffee…

morning coffee

Last night as I was going to bed, I had an idea for a blog post, which I was too tired to go and write down, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped I’d remember it in the morning. Unusually for me, I DID remember it in the morning, so I spend a bit of time brainstorming over coffee, while Rubin eats his breakfast. When I have ideas for blog posts, I normally just open up a new post in WordPress, and then save it as a draft, but for some reason I’ve been writing a lot in my notebook lately, a bit like people did in the olden days. So retro!

In my last ‘Day of My Life in Photos’ post I got into my workout clothes but didn’t actually work out in them. It would be super-embarrassing if that happened again, obviously, because then you’d think I did that EVERY day, and even although you would be right about that, the knowledge that you’re all going to be watching this day prompts me to get my running shoes on, and ACTUALLY go for a run.

out for a run

(I suspect the fact that the documenting-of-the-day has now influenced the day being documented is probably breaking some kind of fundamental rule of the universe or something, a bit like when Marty McFly went back in time, and started changing things to suit himself, even although he’d been specifically told NOT to do that. I just hope I haven’t altered history or something?)

Scottish countryside in winter

Anyway, this was my first time running outdoors since, like, October or something, and seeing as the sun decided to come back out again, it was actually quite pleasant, and I came back all, “YES! I will totally run every day from now on!” Yeah, let’s see how that goes…

Once I’m home, I head straight to the shower, which, in this post, is being represented by my toothbrush:

toothbrush in mug

(Er, I feel I have to add here that I DID clean my teeth when I got up: I just couldn’t think of anything else to represent “shower”. Other than the ACTUAL shower, obviously, which, you know, WET.)

(I have a ‘Canada’ toothmug, because I have Canadian relatives. Go Canucks! Or something.)

I seem to get most of my ideas when I’m in the shower (which is super-annoying, because I can’t write them down in there. If someone could invent me a waterproof notebook and pen, that would be awesome, thanks.), so when I get out, I spend a bit of time scribbling in my notebook again while I’m doing my hair and makeup. I’m not sure quite what’s going on here, but after a few weeks of feeling totally un-inspired, I’m suddenly bursting with ideas again, which is nice, and makes me feel more like myself again. Whatever the reason is, I’m not complaining…

notebook and perfume bottles

makeup brushes

I then spend approximately the rest of my life trying to take a mirror selfie, to prove that I’m a) dressed and b) alive, but succeed only in proving that I’m a) really grumpy looking and b) absolutely useless at taking mirror selfies, WHY?

really bad mirror selfie

With that out of the way, I’ve basically lost the will to live, and also decided that I’m never wearing flats ever again, for as long as I live, because seriously legs, why so stumpy? I have to exchange them for wellies anyway, though, because it’s time to walk Rubin:

fluffy bichon frise

And then it’s time to WASH Rubin, because he decides it’s a good idea to plunge right into a muddy puddle halfway through his walk:

dog in the sink

He’s looking surprisingly pleased with himself, for an animal who would later have to be showered, because my attempt to clean the worst of the mud off his feet failed, and resulted in a trail of muddy paw prints all the way along the hall. Thanks, Rubin!

With both the carpet and Rubin fully scrubbed, I decide to make some coffee and eat some lunch, but while the kettle is boiling, I realise I’ve mislaid my phone. A search of the entire house ensues, and when it fails to turn up the missing phone, I end up having to call myself from the landline, and then creep around the house, listening for the faint sound of vibrations – because obviously the ringer is switched to silent, isn’t it?

Just as I’m starting to panic, and assume I’ve dropped it at some point while I was out, I finally find it… in the kitchen. Next to the kettle. The kettle which I had JUST switched on when I realised the phone was missing. No, I have NO IDEA how I managed it.

Which brings me to lunch:

sushi plate

I share this plate of Tesco’s finest sushi with Terry, then settle in to work for the afternoon:

desk view

Somewhat unusually, I don’t have any blog photos to take today, and I’m busy working on the ShoeperWoman revamp, so I’m basically going to be at my desk for the rest of the day now. This is actually a pretty typical day for me, in that I tend to work out, walk the dog and take care of any errands I have to run in the morning, then work all afternoon/evening. Because I’m not a morning person (and also because I have to do the running/walking etc during daylight hours, and before I have a shower – well, there’s not much point in showering and THEN going for a run, is there?) that works for me, but it doesn’t make for a very exciting end to this post, unfortunately: whoops!

We do break for dinner:

pasta with pesto

strawberry ice cream cone

…and then we watch TV for an hour or so, after which our friend Linsey pops round to pick up a parcel we’d taken in for her, and stays for a chat. After that, though, it’s right back to work: which I didn’t bother taking any photos to document, because it was dark by then and, well, there’s only so many photos of my desk you can look at, right?

Right now, as well as the ShoeperWoman re-vamp, I’m also preparing for my holiday by trying to write some blog posts in advance, so it’s a particularly busy time for me, which meant I didn’t get to bed until after 1am again. I DID, however, remember to take a photo of my night-time routine this time:

night time routine

I mean, I’m calling it a “routine”, but it’s actually a pretty poor one, because I’ve been trying to use up the products I have before buying new ones (the facial scrub, for instance, was in a Birchbox ages ago, and I’ve only just gotten around to trying it), and it’s made me a bit lazy about stocking up on the stuff I actually NEED – like eye cream, for instance. SEND EYE CREAM, someone! Also Lindy Bop dresses, because I NEED those too…

And that was my day in pictures!

P.S. For those of you who voted in my ‘Pick My Next Dress’ poll, the winner was… SHAY! Unfortunately, however, since I wrote the post, it seems Shay has been a popular girl, and has sold out in my size – boo! As it happens, though, Shay won by only two votes: the runner-up was Jemma, who IS still in stock, so that’s the dress I’ll be ordering. Thanks to everyone who voted!

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  • Soooo, I didn’t quite invent it, but there is such thing as a waterproof shower notebook, and I have one! It’s this: http://www.myaquanotes.com/
    Our bosses got them for us for Christmas a couple of years ago – I guess they’re wanting more brilliant ideas out of us?! So far, I’ve used it to write my name multiple times (because that’s what everyone does when they doodle, right – practise their autograph?!) and drawn a (terrible) picture of something I wanted to sew – I can’t draw… So not quite sure it’s worked as they intended!
    I love seeing these day in pictures posts – I did a few back when I was a little newbie blogger but haven’t done one for a few years now, I maybe should! My days at work can be quite interesting as it’s a creative agency where we end up with all sorts of random food (not because we work with food, just because we’re all really greedy and do Fat Fridays – we had insects recently!), but I can’t really photograph client work, which makes it a lot less interesting!

    February 15, 2016
  • The Other Emma


    Days in photo posts make the nosey inner me very happy. Also it’s nice to know that other have normal days as well which don’t involve doing lots of exciting instagramable (totally is a word) stuff.

    February 15, 2016
  • Oh this is one of my favorite kind of blog post, I love seeing what people do in their everyday life. The only thing keeping me from doing them myself is; one: I tend to do nothing but lauging at my cats and two: our home is a mess and we get no kind of natruall light in to it at all. But otherwise I would probably do them all the time,and I really wish more bloggers would do them more often, becasue yes I curious and want to know what they are all up to, so thanks for sharing.

    And I’m so jealous of that sushi right now since I’ve been craving sushi for weeks. Omnomnom…

    February 15, 2016
  • “I suspect the fact that the documenting-of-the-day has now influenced the day being documented is probably breaking some kind of fundamental rule of the universe or something, a bit like when Marty McFly went back in time, and started changing things to suit himself, even although he’d been specifically told NOT to do that. I just hope I haven’t altered history or something?”

    LOL! I’ve always wondered this kind of thing too when documenting a day in the life 😉 It’s kind of hard for the knowledge of it to NOT somehow influence the day.

    Thanks for sharing! Always fun to see what others get up to.

    February 15, 2016
  • Shower notepads totally exist: http://www.myaquanotes.com/

    You’re welcome! 😉

    February 15, 2016
  • Brenda


    Oh my gosh, you have rellies in Canada?? Who are they, maybe I know them! ?. I am actually impressed with how much you get accomplished before noon. I’m not a morning person at all and other than getting my kids out the door for school and my dog walked, not much else gets done in my house!

    February 15, 2016
  • My mom has a poodle, so I feel the muddy curly dog pain! His face is so cute though! The Jemma dress was my 2nd pick so yay!…um I just clicked on the link and the Chi Chi dresses are way more reasonably priced than I thought they would be. I mean, not cheap, but not outwith possibilities either…uh oh! Well done for running in Scotland in February, I can barely bring myself to leave the house in Aberdeen – there is snow on the ground! 😉

    February 15, 2016
  • TinaD


    In physics, the observer effect indicates that the act of observation changes the dynamic observed (at the quantum level, anyway); the Copenhagen interpretation further posits that the state of a thing only resolves once it has been observed (that’s the Schrodinger-cat-in-a-box thing. Apparently he was a dog person.) So, far from breaking the timeline Marty-McFly-style, you are actually doing some deep theoretical speculation on the nature of the universe. Pretty good, for a cranky Monday!

    February 15, 2016
  • I’m reading this before I go to my day job, and Rubin’s smile as he’s about to head out for a walk was a great way to start the day!

    February 17, 2016