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Diary | According to my Camera Roll

Hey, remember when I used to do those ‘My Week in Photos’ posts?

What do you mean, “no”? You mean you HAVEN’T pored through my entire blog archive and memorized every last post? Consider my heart officially broken. Anyway, as you might recall, I’m currently feeling all fired up about getting back into the “diary” side blogging again, so today I thought I’d take a look through my camera roll and show you some of things I’ve been up to lately which I haven’t covered on the blog. Then I actually DID take a look through my camera roll, and realised that, whoops, there weren’t nearly as many photos as I thought there were. Still, once I’ve had an idea, I can’t always bring myself to drop it, so here’s a quick look at my life lately, through the medium of my phone’s camera roll…
The best Greek souvlaki in Edinburgh

me and T

white wall with heart graffitiThe best Greek souvlaki in Edinburgh (so far)

Terry is basically addicted to souvlaki: so much so that when he was still living at home, any time his mum went to Greece without him, she used to bring some home in her suitcase for him. No, I’m seriously not joking. For as long as I’ve known him,  he’s been on a mission to find the perfect Greek-style souvlaki here in Scotland: so far, none have quite lived up to the ones we’ve had in Athens, but when we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, we popped into Mr Nick’s Greek Kitchen in Ocean Terminal, to put their chicken souvlaki to the test.

Verdict? Probably the best we’ve tried, outside of Greece itself, and it was really nice to be able to sit by the water and enjoy the sunshine. We will be back!

running shoes and flowers


Workout/loungewear:   top / leggings/ sports bra

How Pokemon Go got me running again

Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s only been out for a few weeks, and already there seem to be just as many people complaining about Pokemon Go as there are people actually playing it. It seems to be almost fashionable to sneer at it, and look down on those who’re into it, but here’s the thing: it got me running again. I mean, a few weeks before the game came out, I’d taken off my Fitbit, telling myself there was just no point tracking my steps every day when I wasn’t actually TAKING many steps every day. Then I downloaded Pokemon Go, and, well, I live in a small village: there’s one Pokestop nearby, but the only other ones that are reasonably close just so happen to be on my regular running route… and at the very furthest part of that route from my house, meaning that if I want to hit ’em up, I’m basically forced to do the whole circuit.

Run 4+ miles, just to get some extra Pokeballs, and maybe hatch a couple of eggs? You better believe I will. It’s funny the things that motivate you sometimes, isn’t it? Actually, to be totally fair, it’s not JUST Pokemon Go that got me running again: the weather lately has been … it would be a stretch to call it “nice”, because it’s been raining a whole lot, but it’s been pretty warm, and when it’s not raining, I’ve actually been really enjoying getting out of the house and going for a run. I resubscribed to Spotify Premium, so I have my music, my Pokemon, and lots of pretty flowers and other summery sights to keep me entertained, so, yeah, I’ve actually been enjoying exercise: who even AM I?!

A red rose in the rainSpeaking of rain, though…

… there’s still been a fair bit of it, which means I’ve not been able to take as many outfit photos as I’d planned. The way it generally seems to work is that it’s dry in the morning, when I go for my run, and then once I’m home and showered, and ready to go out, it immediately starts raining. GAH. At least the flowers seem to like it…


Kerastase hair productsI spent a small fortune on hair products. Gulp.

I was going to do a full review on these, but, to be completely honest, unless a hair product literally changes my life (or my hair, even), I can never really think of what to say about them. These are all by Kerastase, which I’ve been using for years, off-and-on – by which I mean that I usually use cheap drugstore brands, but then, every so often, I’ll think, “Damn, my hair’s a MESS!”, and I’ll rush out and buy some Kerastase instead. I reached that stage a couple of weeks ago, when my hair was just so dry and dull looking that I couldn’t stand it any more. I wouldn’t say these have transformed it, exactly, but it IS looking healthier, and all of these products are a joy to use – they smell great, and the shampoo leaves my hair feeling much smoother than the drugstore brands ever do. Because it’s one of those “a little goes a long way” kind of products, I think I’ll be buying it from now on – it lasts long enough, and works well enough to justify the cost.

As for the conditioners, meanwhile, every time I buy them, I’m reminded of why I don’t normally buy high-end conditioner. While I can get away with using just a tiny dot of the shampoo, my hair is just way too long and thick to be able to make the conditioner last for much longer than 10 days or so, so although it does leave my hair feeling nice, I think the price is extortionate for something that needs to be replaced so often. I do, however, like the heat protection cream (Which actually came free when I bought the other products, so I didn’t have to pay for it, THANK GOD.): because I use heat on my hair every day, I’ve been making an effort to try and remember to use some kind of heat protection on it first: again, this smells amazing, and does seem to leave my hair looking less brittle, so more power to it.

What have you been up to lately?

  • Veronica U


    Love the beautiful shot with the rose!

    August 6, 2016
  • I have not been playing Pokemon Go but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the community it has developed! I live in a place with lots of Pokemon gyms and stops and such so I’ve been getting a kick out of seeing people grouped together on their phones 😀 😀 And my husband has been willing to go on walks and locations I’ve been begging to go so WIN in my book!

    We’ve just recently got a greek place near my house, and while I’ve never had traditional greek food to compare, it’s been awesome trying new flavors (for me). Lots of garlic, how can you go wrong?

    August 6, 2016
  • Myra


    We’ve been to this year’s Regents Park, outdoor theatre to see Jesus Christ Superstar and it was amazing. My eight year old grandson put his fingers in his ears and hid under his mum’s jacket at the crucifixion decent as the music was so discordant and visually graphic, but brilliant. The emotion in the leads’ voices was amazing. Loved it, can’t believe it was a revival as it was first produced in my twenties.

    August 6, 2016
    • Myra


      *crucifixion scene*

      August 6, 2016
  • Lily


    Pokemon Go! I’m not playing it, because I spend all week staring at a screen and can’t bring myself to do it on my off hours too. (She said, realising she was reading blogs on a Sunday morning… uh… anyway.) My fiance and most of our friends are though, and so we’ve stopped sitting around in our various apartments to hang out and have instead been going out for walks to look for Pokemon. It’s been pretty nice. 🙂

    I have never heard of Souvlaki until today. It looks delicious. We’re off to Edinburgh for our honeymoon later this year, so will definitely check out Mr Nick’s Greek Kitchen!

    August 7, 2016
  • Amy


    I love Kerastase products. I struggle with how expensive they are too though. I’ve found that seeking out the 1000ml bottles will cost more initially, but overall be cheaper for long term use (i.e. one 1000ml bottle will be £40, but four 250ml bottles will be £50). I’ve used Biuky.co.uk and eBay most recently. Because I only wash my hair every other day the bottles last for ages.

    August 8, 2016