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Diary | The Day the Electricity Died (& other tales from my week…)

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Now, I know you’ve probably all spent the week on the edge of your seats, wondering how I coped with that whole “no electricity/no transport” thing, but here’s the thing:

It, er, didn’t actually happen.

It was a bit of anti-climax, actually. I mean, there we were: up early to squeeze in a quick shower before the electricity went off, flasks filled with coffee, all ready to be outraged about the deprivation we were being forced to endure…

… and nothing happened.

Well, almost nothing: there were some workmen in the street first thing in the morning, going door-to-door, to check that everyone knew they’d be without electricity for the entire day. It seemed like it was definitely all going ahead, so once I’d had my shower, I got back into bed with my flask of coffee and my Kindle. Unfortunately for me, I’d neglected to download any new books for this experience, which meant I was forced to return to the only thing left on my Kindle, which just so happened to be Anne of Green Gables: or ‘Anne the Cat Killer‘, as I think of it.

“It’ll be fine!” I told myself, as I settled down for the morning. “I bet that whole ‘attempted cat murder’ scene was a complete aberration, and nothing like that will happen in this book ever again!”

Anne of Green Gables is actually a horror story

Yeah. Not so much, really.

(Seriously, though: few books have disturbed me quite as much as Anne of Green Gables. SO not what I was expecting…)

Anyway, I read until I couldn’t stomach the cat killing and cannibalism any longer, and that’s when it occurred to me that the electricity was still on. Which, as I said, was actually quite annoying, because I had my whole day planned by that point: and I’d also worked my ass off on the previous two days, so the electricity outage wouldn’t be too much of an issue, work-wise. So I puttered around for a bit, cleaning the house and whining to Terry about how disorganised this whole thing was, then we finally called the number on the letter we’d been sent, and they were all, “Oh, yeah, that! Not going to do that today after all: sorry!”

So that was that.

As for what DID happen this week…

cherry print swimsuit

Esther Williams retro swimsuits

cherry print swimsuit by Esther Williams at For Luna

Black and white polka dot swimsuit

I got some awesome swimsuits. And no, I’m not going on holiday, unfortunately: I mean, I REALLY wish I was, but these were a gift from the lovely people at For Luna, who kindly agreed to send me them in preparation for the beach holiday I haven’t actually planned yet. (Alternatively, I’m thinking they’d look good with a skirt. No?) Both suits are by Esther Williams, which is one of my very favourite swimwear brands: I already have a green Esther Williams onepiece  which I absolutely love, so I was overjoyed to add these black polka dot and cherry print versions to my small collection. The polka dot suit replaces my old faithful George version, which I was forced to retire this year, when I realised I’d worn it so much it had almost gone see-through: whoops! This one is in the same, retro-inspired style, but a much higher quality: in fact, both of these swimsuits are so beautifully made they feel more like “real” clothes than swimswear, if that makes sense. The fabric is thick, stretchy, and holds everything in place, and the little skirted bottom is just really flattering, even on a pear-shaped rectangle (Yes, it’s a shape) like me.

(Oh, and they also have built-in SPF50 sun protection, which I hadn’t realised. Pale girls: GET ONE!)

Anyway, these arrived at the start of the week, and made me REALLY wish I had a holiday planned. Instead, I made do with a quick trip out to the Stirling area, where we popped in to visit my mum’s lovely cousin, Megan, and discovered that her brother, Allan, and his wife were also visiting, with their Miniature Schnauzer  puppy.

trench coat and stripes outfit

Er, this is a photo of me, obviously, not the puppy. I was so intent on trying to STEAL the puppy that I didn’t think to get a photo of her, but OMG, THE CUTE. I want one SO BAD – and yes, I’ve asked Rubin, and he says he’s fine with it. Terry, on the other hand, might require a bit more convincing, but I’ll wear him down eventually, I’m sure.

And that was my week.

How was yours?


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  • Chiarina
    May 28, 2016

    I can’t believe they actually didn’t do the planned work that was to leave you with no electricity! Does that mean they will have to plan it for another date? Irritating!!!

  • Julie
    May 29, 2016

    I grew up with a miniature schnauzer, and they are indeed cute, sweet, loyal, and cuddly. I should warn you about the barking, though. They fancy themselves watchdogs and have a keen internal clock. They will bark to let you know visitors have arrived. They will bark to welcome you home. They will bark at passing vehicles. If there is a particular event that happens at the same time every day, they will bark for that event at the appointed time even if the event fails to happen.

    • Amber
      May 29, 2016

      Our own dog is exactly the same – so much barking!

  • Harlow
    May 29, 2016

    What?! I need to re-read Anne of Green Gables, I do not recall this part at all!
    Esther Williams swimsuits are awesome – I have the two piece version of your cherry one piece and I’ve had it for five or so years now and it’s still going strong.

    • Vanessa
      May 29, 2016

      This part is not actually in Anne of Green Gables, but Anne of Windy Poplars. They are two separate books in the series. I’ve read the whole series so many times as a child & teenager I recognize that little snippet!

      It’s true that there are many darker bits in the later books, especially the ones L.M. Montgomery wrote after living through the wars. Some of it is simply a reflection of the time period she wrote it in (I don’t think euthanizing an unwanted cat would have been seen as odd or overly cruel to Maud), but I think a large part of it was due to her unhappiness in life (I think the character of Leslie, in Anne’s House of Dreams, is a reflection of her own unhappy marriage, for instance).

      Sorry for the long post, but I really love Anne & I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, apparently!

  • Call me M
    May 29, 2016

    Aww and I was coming here to see how the day without electricity went for you. We had almost a whole day without water yesterday! Not very pleasant!
    The swimsuits are so cute! Especially the one with the cherries! I’d happily buy one! 🙂

  • Julia
    May 30, 2016

    I love that polka dot swimsuit. It is gorgeous! Did any one took the challenge to live without electricity for a week? It is mind blowing.

  • Trecee Hutchinson
    May 31, 2016

    Those swim suits are adorable and I love that they have SPF protection.

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Diary | The Day the Electricity Died (& other tales from my week…)