Dinner at Clydebuilt Bar and Kitchen, Glasgow

Clydebuilt Bar and Kitchen, Glasgow

restuarant review: Clyedebuilt Bar and Kittchen, Glasgow

burger and fries at Clyebuilt Kitchen

classic burger at Clydebuilt Kitchen

interior of the Kitchen, Glasgow

Clydebuuilt, Glasgow

As I mentioned in my first post of the day, before heading to see Billy Connolly at the Glasgow SECC, we decided to grab a quick dinner. We weren’t sure how much time we’d have (we were driving into the city during rush hour: it could’ve taken 20 minutes, it could’ve taken 3 hours…), so we decided to just choose somewhere as close as possible to the venue. Well, it doesn’t get much closer than Clydebuilt Bar and Kitchen, which is actually IN the venue, but which manages to have a nice, “no, I’m not inside an auditorium!” atmosphere to it nevertheless.

The venue is split into two parts – a bar, and, well, a kitchen/restaurant. We were in the Kitchen, which pays homage to the history of the area (if you’re familiar with this part of Glasgow, you’ll know it’s right on the river Clyde, which was once famous for shipbuilding), and to its own name, with an industrial theme, all girders and rivets and the like.

Try as I might, I can never resist the burger n’ fries when I eat out, so I went for the classic burger, which was all kinds of delicious, and came with onion rings on top, and a tub of fries. I’m actually hungry just thinking about it. The service, meanwhile was lightning fast – probably the fastest service I’ve had, actually* – which is good news if you’re on your way to a concert or something, and don’t have a lot of time. Happily we DID have a bit of extra time, so we got to enjoy the place for a little bit longer – just long enough for an extra glass of wine…


* I tell a lie: the absolute fastest service I’ve ever had was an Italian restaurant in Edinburgh, where they brought out the food before I’d even finished faffing around removing my scarf and rearranging the table. That was a little bit TOO fast, actually…

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  • LydiaGrace


    So glad you had a night to de-stress and enjoy yourselves!

    October 29, 2014
  • That looks like a damn good burger! Love the interior of the venue as well. xxx

    October 31, 2014