Regular readers will remember my excitement at the launch of Benefit’s ‘That Gal’ and will probably not be the slightest bit surprised to find that it was the very first thing to go into my Sephora shopping bag a couple of weeks ago.

I’m a big fan of Benefit’s existing primer, Doctor Feelgood, which I use most days, so I had high hopes of this one. Sadly, it doesn’t look like I’ll be giving up the good Doctor anytime soon: That Gal looks good, feels good and smells good, but, unfortunately it didn’t do an awful lot for my skin. D’oh.

At first glance, I was really pleased with it. You twist the bottom of the tube to make the liquid come out of the holes at the top: it comes out looking and smelling very much like Angel Delight, which makes it delicious to use (note: not literally. I didn’t try eating it, and I don’t recommend you do, either). It’s light and lovely, and it goes on like a dream (peaches and cream… Oh no, wait – that’s Benefit Georgia, isn’t it?)

The problem? Well, once the primer was on, I really didn’t notice much of a difference. I really wanted to like this, so I’ve used it a few times now, and while it’s pleasant to use, and I still love the smell and feel of it, my skin looks the same after I’ve used it as it did before. Sorry, benefit, but I think I’ll be sticking with Doctor Feelgood for the time being…

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Has anyone else tried ‘That Gal’? What did you think?

  1. sadly, I’ve gotta say I agree with you on this one. I, too, wanted to love it, and found the same results you did: it smells amazing, feels amazing, goes on soooo easily…but then I look in the mirror and….???? nothing.
    I will be returning this to Sephora for some Dr.Feelgood, which I still haven’t tried but hope I can love!

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