Last week someone asked me a question on Formspring about how I deal with the issue of mismatched foundation once I have a tan. Now, I don’t ever tan naturally (SPF 50 all the way!) but I do use self-tanner at times during the summer, and one of the ways I deal with the foundation issue is shown above: Lancome Tropique Minerals All-Over Magic Bronzing Brush.

(The other method, in case you’re interested, involves foundation that’s a shade darker than I’d usually wear. There is a use for all of those foundations that just don’t work on my pale skin!)

This was sent to me just before I left for vacation, and I used it every day while I was away, and fairly frequently since I’ve been back, too, although I must admit, I’m using a lot less self-tanner at the moment. It’s a mineral bronzing powder which comes with a self-dispensing brush: just pump the end of the tube a few times to release the powder, then dust it on to the forehead, cheekbones, and anywhere else you want to add a touch of summer “glow”.

At first I found the brush a little tricky to use: I seemed to be pumping the dispenser without anything much happening, but I assume this was just because it was brand new. Since those first couple of uses, I’ve had no issues with it, although as the shade I was sent is the palest one Lancome do (shade 01), it does need a bit of layering for me to notice a difference. This particular shade isn’t for you if you’re looking to radically change the colour of your skin (there’s a darker shade available if that’s the case) and end up looking like a bronzed goddess. What I found was that it’s perfect for giving a natural glow, without making me look like I have a “tan”. I don’t think anyone would think I was wearing bronzer, for instance, although I can see quite a big difference as it really takes the edge of my pallor, while still looking natural. This was particularly important to me, because I’m really bad with bronzer. Most of the time I just end up looking like I have a really dirty face, so I loved the subtlety of this, and the fact that it’s virtually foolproof: I haven’t had to spend any time locked in the bathroom frantically trying to blend too-dark bronzer, put it that way…

This is a mineral powder, which makes it comfortable to wear, and the effect lasts all day. It’s fairly expensive at £33 per tube, but after a few weeks of steady use, I’ve barely made a dent in it, so it should last a long time.

You can buy a tube here, if you want to try it out for yourself.

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