Maybelline Super-stay lipstick review

Review: Maybelline Super Stay Color 18-Hour Lipstick

For the last few weeks, I’ve been desperately wanting to find a really good long-lasting lipstick.

When you have lips as pale as mine (Without a touch of colour on my lips, I look like I’ve been recently exhumed, and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve got out for the day/evening looking fairly presentable, only to go to the bathroom halfway through my first drink and discover that all of the colour is gone, and I’m once again doing a great impression of the Living Dead), normal lipsticks just don’t cut it, and while I’ve been wearing my Revlon ColorStay a lot in recent months, I’m getting a little tired of the colours, and wanted to try something new. Also, repeated use of the Revlon products does tend to leave my lips feeling very dry (a side-effect of most long-lasting lipsticks I’ve tried), so the hunt was on for something that would stay put for hours, suit my colouring AND be comfortable to wear.

Luckily, I didn’t have to look too long to find something that at least claimed to do all of this and more. I was en-route to the supermarket on Monday when I noticed a billboard advertising Maybelline Super-Stay Color ,which now claims to last for 18 hours, rather than the previous 16. “Eighteen hours?!” I thought. “We’ll see about that!”

Fortunately, the supermarket I was headed to has a Maybelline stand, so I didn’t have to wait long to put my plan into action, either. I swung by the stand, and after a large amount of indecision, settled on shade 510 – Red Passion:

I must admit, I was a little disappointed with the colour selection. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of shades available, but most of them seemed to be brown or pink, and I prefer reds. Because Sod’s Law was once more in effect for me, this was the only one that didn’t have a tester available, but I decided to take a chance on it anyway, being a complete sucker for bright red lipstick.

And wow, is this bright! In real life it’s even brighter than it looks in these photos: I actually loved it, but it’s the kind of shade that I’d probably only wear for big nights out (Or if I’m ever asked to star in a re-make of the Addicted to Love video) as it would be too much for day-to-day wear. The colour is true to the shade on the tube, and it’s applied using a sponge applicator, while the other end of the tube contains a lip balm. After applying the colour (it feels very sticky at first, but dries quickly), you wait two minutes to allow it to dry, and then add the balm, which gives a super-glossy finish, and also adds a little moisture to the lips, helping to avoid that dry feeling you get with long-lasting lipsticks.


Here’s how it looks:

As I said, it’s actually a bit brighter in real life!

I put this on as soon as I got home, which was at around 1.30pm, so I didn’t try to wear it for the full 18 hours, but I think I wore it for long enough to get an idea of its staying power. After applying it, I immediately had lunch, and some water. Here’s how it looked afterwards:

Some loss of colour on the inside of the lips, but bearing in mind that this is a very close-up image, and a very bright lipstick, I think it did pretty well: you’d have had to have been standing very close to me, and looking at my lips very carefully to have noticed the difference in real life.

By 4:40pm a mug of coffee and some more water have gone down the hatch, and I’ve also re-applied the lip-balm:

It’s still holding up well, and I don’t really see much of a difference from the last photo, other than perhaps the very bottom of my lip. The balm also helps revive the colour and bring back some shine!

Dinner, however, will be the real test. Will the lipstick stand up to a massive plate of stir-fry, plus more water and more coffee?

Again, I think it coped pretty well, and while the loss of colour is becoming more apparent, bear in mind that I had to start using the flash at this point, which means that the camera is capturing much more detail than the naked eye. In reality, and from normal “standing” distance, it still looked passable, although it was starting to look a little bit flurry/faded, and if I hadn’t been doing this experiment, I would probably have topped it up at this point. I don’t think casual observers would have noticed much of a difference at this stage, although a couple of hours and some more water made all the difference:

Speaks for itself, really!

I took my makeup off at about 11.30pm, and by then all hope was gone:

The last dregs came off right away with Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser:  I was very relived about this, because I’d had to really scrub at one of the other colours which I’d swatched on my hand to get rid of it, so I’d had visions of being stuck with whatever lipstick was left for the full eighteen hours!

Overall, I was really impressed with this. No, it didn’t last 18 hours, but it did last long enough for my purposes, and without changing colour or making my lips feel too dry (although it is much more drying than a regular lipstick). I’ll definitely swatch some more of the colours next time I’m near a Maybelline stand, to see if I can find a colour for day wear.

This costs around £7.50, and is available from most chemists and supermarkets.

Is this the world's longest lasting red lipstick?

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  • karen


    I’ve been wondering what to spend my boots advantage points on! I think you’ve just decided for me…I’m normally a lip gloss person but have twin babies with hands everywhere, I think this will be a great idea and hopefully I’ll start to look more glamourous as well! I may even plump for the red! By the way, I’m addicted to all your blogs! hehe!

    March 24, 2010
  • Have you tried the Covergirl outlast lipstain? I have it in Wild Berry Wink (which is actually quite red, which is something I look for in lipsticks :P). It seems to really last.

    March 30, 2010
  • Penny


    My experience with Maybelline 16 hour lip color, while not as scientific, was quite similar. I chose a color close to my natural lip color, since I’m a bit older and my lips are starting to fade. Thanks to your write-up, I was prepared for the stickiness. Once it dried I tried the balm, but it was too shiny for me. I used some regular Burt’s Bees lip balm instead and it seemed to work fine. It maintained full color for about 9 hours, through lunch and many cups of tea, with a couple applications of Burt’s Bees lip balm when my lips felt dry. After that it started to fade, but even after 16 hours it looked better than no lip color at all.

    I do wish there was a better selection of colors. There was only one browny-pink shade that didn’t have shimmer, and it’s just a bit too pink for me. Still, for the price it’s a keeper!

    April 16, 2010
  • I got one of these and threw it away after 2 uses. It was terrible, so drying. But now I see that it works for others so I’ll stop dissing it 😛

    June 12, 2014