Nicky Clarke HAir THerapy Straightener review

Review: Nicky Clarke NSS042 hair therapy straighteners

Nicky Clarke hair straighteners
When it comes to hair, I’ve always been very much a “wash and go” kinda girl.

 I’ve never really had a lot of time for styling products or tools, so for most of my life, a hairdryer and brush have been more than enough for me.

For most of this year, however, my hair’s been going through one of those annoying “growing out a fringe” stages. Suddenly, washing and blow-drying just doesn’t cut it any more: that fringe just wants to stick up and out, in all directions, so over the past few months, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly obsessed with finding the best tools to keep it under control, and looking as good as it can under the circumstances.

Enter Nicky Clarke’s Hair Therapy Straighteners, which were sent to me by as part of their bid to find out if budget straighteners are a good investment compared to their more expensive counterparts.

Now, I’ve always used budget hair straighteners, mostly because I’ve never considered them enough of an “essential” to want to spend a lot of money on. That said, I don’t want to ruin my hair either, so I was pleased to find that although these are only £14.99, they come with a range of features including tourmaline coated plates and Far Infrared Rays to help lock in moisture and stop your hair getting frazzled by the heat, basically. They also come with a brush, comb and banana clips, to help you achieve that “salon-straightened” effect: I love it when hair tools come with these little extras.

As for the straighteners themselves, these have a top temperature of 230degrees, and there are four heat settings. Rather than giving the actual temperatures, however, these are labelled FINE, MEDIUM, THICK and MAX, so you know exactly which setting to use for each section of hair. I found this really useful, as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of using this styler. With my current straighteners, which give the exact temperature, I have a tendency to just ramp them up to the highest setting, and use that for everything, but with these ones I found I was more likely to adjust the temperature according to which section of hair I was working on: I found that the “fine” setting, for instance, was more than enough to straighten my growing-out fringe, while I needed the higher temperatures for the thicker sections at the side and back of the head.

Nicky Clarke HAir THerapy Straightener reviewThese warmed up within a couple of minutes, and were as easy to use as any other straighteners. I experimented with straightening some sections of my hair and using them to put loose waves in other sections, and had no problems at all, and I did feel my hair looked shinier afterwards than it normally does with my regular straighteners, which have no “moisture-locking” properties!

My one criticism of these would be the placement of the temperature control and power switch:

It’s not in the most accessible position on the inside of the casing, and, being rather accident-prone, I was a bit worried that I’d end up burning my hand as I reached in to change the settings. I haven’t so far, thankfully, but I’d like these a little more with the dial on the outside, to minimise the chances of any accidents!

Overall, I was very happy with these, and while I don’t have a huge amount of experience of more expensive straighteners to compare them with (I do use the GHDs at the gym sometimes, but that’s pretty much it!), I found them perfectly suitable for my needs.

These are currently £14.99 at Comet, down from the original price of £39.99. Click here if you’d like to buy a set.

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  • Tamara


    Good review, but I prefer my Karmin I love it.

    February 6, 2019