Dressember Day 5: If it wasn’t for the bad luck we’d have no luck at all…

(Dress, H&M; boots, New Look)

Latest Drama:

 Yesterday afternoon, we discovered we had no running water in the house. Well, that’s not quite true: we had a limited amount of hot water, but no cold at all, which meant no drinking water, no shower, no way to flush the toilet or do any of the many things we normally do without thinking about about, which actually require the presence of cold running water in your home.

At first we thought the pipes had frozen. Then we thought something was broken. Finally we just threw our hands up in despair and got rotten drunk drove to my parents’ house, which not only has the luxury of running water, but also still receives the occasional mail delivery, as the streets around it have been cleared of omgsnow. “We done found the promised land!” I said to Terry in a tone of wonder as we reacquainted ourselves with a way of living which doesn’t involve using bottled water to clean your teeth and constantly wondering what will go wrong next.

Anyway, luckily for us, it turned out that the hot water issue was a localised thing, and wasn’t just affecting our house, so by the time we came home last night, armed with more bottles of water which we’d purloined from my parents (we normally have a huge stock of this ourselves, but because our shopping couldn’t be delivered and we’ve only recently been able to get out of the street…), we found the water was back on. Another crisis averted, although, by this stage, we’re so used to not being able to shop, receive mail, book holidays or travel on the roads safely, that not being able to wash or drink simply seemed like the next logical step on the downward spiral.

Ongoing Dramas:

1. The Snow

It’s still there. We haven’t had any new snow for a few days, though, and most of the residents of the street have been out clearing it, so the roads are passable, albeit with care. No idea why Royal Fail are continuing to refuse to use them, though.

2. The Air Traffic Control Strike

All still up in the air, or rather NOT up in the air. The airspace is open again and flights are starting to get back to normal, so at the moment it looks like we will get to the Canaries at some point,  we’re just not quite sure when that will be – the airline are telling us to “expect delays”.

3. The Missing Mail

It’s still missing. Two courier companies managed to deliver stuff yesterday, though, which seems to suggest that the Fail COULD get to us if they really, really wanted to. Terry did go in and have a word with them, however, and they’ve now changed their story from “we haven’t even bothered sorting the mail“, to “we’ve sorted ALL the mail, but it’s in bags, and the bags are tied up, and we won’t untie them under any circumstances.” I’ve no idea which story is the correct one, or if the Fail themselves even know any more. If they’ve put the mail in bags, though, just to take it out for a drive every day and not actually deliver it then I think we’ve just discovered a whole knew level of “annoying”. We do, however, have a plan: the plan is that if they continue to insist that the mail is bagged up and these bags cannot be untied (What are they tied up with, magic?), we’re just going to go down there and refuse to leave until they manage to break the magic curse that keeps the bags tied shut and stop holding our mail hostage. We will not negotiate with terrorists! We may, however, organise some kind of “FREE AMBER’S MAIL” rally. I’ll contact Bono and Sting, the rest of you can get a Facebook group and online petition sorted, yes?

  • Sally


    A really funny post, Amber! Yes, snow causes all kinds of inconveniences. Just wait until it melts, because it will melt all at once, and then…….get out the canoe!! ps if you could drive to parents’ why can’t Fail drive to your house? It is obviously reachable…..

    December 5, 2010
  • Mhairi


    We had a royal mail delivery today! On a Sunday! Looks like they are trying to get things moving again. It was only letters though so not sure what is happening about parcels

    December 5, 2010
  • lila


    I got two parcels today from before the snow, same as last Sunday when they delivered two, but still waiting on more important ones..
    What a week you and Terry have had, hope you get your parcels and fly off safely into the sunset xx

    December 5, 2010
      • Sally


        No kissing the postman when he finally arrives!

        December 5, 2010
  • Love the beads and the dress!!!
    Hope the mails and water get set in the track asap!!!

    December 6, 2010