My Life in Fashion, Part 2

(The masochistic among you will find Part 1 of this story here.) When we left our heroine, she was floundering in the stormy sea of "grunge", wearing Doc Marten boots and a selection of baggy, unflattering clothes, and totally failing to see the irony of "rebelling" against the uniform of one group by adopting the uniform of another. Because she really was THAT stupid. She was also apparently referring to herself in the 3rd person, so she'll stop that now. Before we continue the sorry tale of my life in fashion, I did actually manage to unearth another image from my Sullen Teenager era: [caption id="attachment_2750" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="...and then the wind changed, and Amber's face stayed that way forever"][/caption] Oh, shut up - YOU'D frown too if you were wearing a brown floral PLAYSUIT. Ahem. (Also pictured: Ted. Who had apparently been drinking again.) Anyway, when I went to university, I packed all of the aforementioned "grunge" gear (not the playsuit, though. I wasn't quite THAT bad.), even although, somewhere deep down, I was never really comfortable with that look, possibly because I'm 5'3", and maxi skirts make me look like a midget starring in a costume drama. I thought that was the kind of thing people would wear at university, though. I imagined we'd all sit around in smoky cafes all day, listening to The Smiths, reading Sylvia Plath and talking about how no one understood us. And actually, I DID do all of those things at university: I just did them on my own, in my bedroom, because everyone else was too busy partying. The DM boots and grungy clothes, however, lasted one day exactly. Because what I realised when I arrived at university was that this was a place where you could wear whatever the hell you wanted to wear, and be anyone you wanted to be. And I quickly discovered that what I REALLY wanted to wear was very short skirts and very high heels: