red Tibi taffeta skirt

 red full skirt

red Tibi full taffeta skirt

Skirt: Tibi c/o Shopbop // turtleneck: Primark // Boots: Topshop // obi belt: New Look (I think)

Yes, I know: I look a bit like Mrs. Claus here. Trust me, it could have been – and almost WAS- so much worse. I mean, I originally put on a cream sweater with this outfit. Then I took one look in the mirror, realised that small children would probably want to sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas, so I made a swift change. I still ended up looking rather festive, though, which I guess is a nice change from my usual “Bah, Humbug” approach to this time of year, so I’m just going to go with it. Yo ho ho! It’s not Santa Claus who comes down your chimney on Christmas Eve, children: it’s ME! Please don’t bother with the cookies and milk this year, I much prefer shoes and wine…

As you can see, as the Christmas season approaches, I’m grabbing every possible opportunity to be over-dressed. Well, it’s the one time of year when you can do it and everyone just assumes you’re off to some kind of holiday party, isn’t it? Actually, this week doesn’t contain any actual parties, but it’s a week of celebration none the less, because tomorrow is the anniversary of my first date with Terry, and Saturday is T-Day, a.k.a the anniversary of Terry’s transplant. Unfortunately it’s also a week of working late as we prepare to take some time off over Christmas, so we did a bit of low-key celebrating this weekend instead, and went out for a meal and some drinks. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to overdress and have fun before the world ends on the 21st and if not, well, at least I got to wear this skirt. Priorities, people. Priorities.

(P.S. About the sunglasses: first of all, I should probably point out that it wasn’t actually snowing in these photos – Terry and I were just throwing handfuls of snow around to make it LOOK like it was. And secondly: look, I know people make fun of fashion bloggers for wearing sunglasses “just because they think it looks good in photos”. I actually take mine OFF for photos (and then immediately replace them) as often as I can because of this, but the fact is, my eyes are so sensitive to light (quite common in migraine sufferers, apparently…) that if I’m outdoors and it’s not dark, I’ll probably be wearing sunglasses. Or I’ll be screwing up my watery eyes and squinting, and everyone will think I’m angry/upset about something, when it’s just that I can’t see a thing. The sun was actually quite bright when we took these, and because it’s so low in the sky at this time of year, it’s a particular menace to people like me, so I’m not joking: we took, like a kazillionty one photos without the sunglasses, and I had my eyes closed in a kazillionty of them. It was driving Terry mad, so the glasses went back on, and it’s probably just as well, because that’s what I actually look like when I’m out and about. Seriously, there are some people in our street who have never seen my face. They probably think I’m a cyborg or something.

That would’ve been a much BETTER explanation for why I’m wearing OMGSUNGLASSESINWINTER, wouldn’t it? Ah, well…)


  1. You look lovely (always), and there is nothing wrong with wearing sunglasses in winter! Well, unless it is raining I guess. Snow blindness is not a urban legend, but even without snow sometimes a winter day demands sun glasses. Just because.

    1. Totally – I seem to spend a lot of time explaining to people that they’re called SUNglasses, not HEATglasses – so many people seem to think they’re only for summer, for some reason, but the sun is actually much more dangerous here in winter because it’s so low! I wear mine even on days other people would consider fairly dull, though – my eyes just don’t tolerate light at all…

  2. I find my eyes far more sensitive to light when I’ve got my contact lenses in. I can cope fine with my glasses on, but as soon as I step outdoors in my contact lenses I’m reaching for the sunglasses just like you.

  3. Wow! Love that look….with the sunglasses too!

    In fact love the sunglasses…where are they from?? (You will now tell me they’re designer and I’ll have to go and cry!)

    1. They’re House of Harlow – the style is called ‘Chelsea’: I’m not sure if they still do them in black, but you should be able to track them down somewhere!

  4. Happy anniversaries, Amber and Terry! I find it hilarious that people are so judgy about sunglasses and coats, can’t get around ‘need them’ / ‘for the photos’. You’re looking gorgeous as always. Rock on! Or rather, jingle festively!

    1. Haha, thanks Amber! And I know, it’s a bit odd to me, too, but at least I know it’s not just me – a friend of mine told me recently that every time she wears sunglasses for her commute to work, when she arrives her colleagues will always make this huge deal about it, and make her feel like she’s done something really stupid, even if the sun is totally blinding – bizarre! I’ve been wearing mine for as long as I can remember – even in holiday photos from when I was a kid, I’ll always have glasses on (or be screwing up my face and squinting!)

      And thank-you for the anniversary wishes 🙂

      1. I think light coloured eyes can be really light sensitive (there may be some sciencey link thing somewhere on the web with this info or I may have dreamed it, hmm I am sure it is the former). I have really light blue eyes and they get so sore in bright lights; sometimes on a morning they water for a few minutes as they adjust to the lights being switched on and outside the get so stingy from the sun no matter what time of year.

        Anyway, who wants to squint, as you say it makes you look angry or upset (or constipated) and causes wrinkles.

        We are not the silly ones for protecting our eyes and avoiding crows feet. The people teasing us are the silly ones, and also the ones that will have crows feet the size of their head (ok maybe that is an exaggeration lol).

        Nice outfit by the way, I knew there was actually reason I came on here other than to share my pseudo science about sunglasses, stingy eyes and crows feet lol.

        Janine xx

        1. Yes, I’ve heard that too, so I don’t think you dreamed it! I have dark eyes, so I’m not sure what the reason is for mine, but I know it’s very common amongst migraine sufferers, so I’m guessing it’s probably something to do with my brain rather than my eyes!

  5. I also wear sunglasses year-round. My eyes are blue and the doctor said that I basically have as much pigment in my eyes as I do in my skin. I try to take the glasses off as much as possible to help absorb some of the light but my eyes they burrrrrnnn!

  6. Well for anyone that has ever skied they would know that you wear tinted goggles or sunglasses because of the brightness of the snow and if there is any, sun. We wear our sunglasses year round. I’m am very light sensitive as is my hubby. I have to admit though, as a blogger I love posing outside where I can wear my sunglasses because then I don’t need to put on any eye makeup.

    I do love your hoop skirts.


  7. Divine Amber! no, you don’t look like mrs Claus, but you certain look like you’re ready for a party! I wonder what are you doing in the snow while you should be on a red carpet? eheh, I love it when you overdress – and holidays are a “now or never” time of the year for certain garments. You look wonderful, and those pics are awesome, snow included.

  8. I ALWAYS wear my sunglasses. Nobody even says anything to me any more. I was told by my optometrist that people with fair hair (skin, eyes) are more light sensitive so I use that as my excuse.

  9. Gorgeous outfit, if I didn’t work in a dull office I’d totally be rocking a cute look like that! (not as rocking as you of course!) I don’t think you can beat a big winter coat, cute hat and big pair of sunnies : )

  10. Beautiful, and your waist is so tiny!
    My eyes are pretty sensitive to light as well, though I don’t get migraine’s, but I don’t wear sunglasses in winter even if I need them in case people laugh at me. I think I should just man up 🙂

  11. You wear these types of skirts so well! Love that last pic.
    I never leave the house without sunglasses, something I started in high school, back then it was to be cool, but now, my eyes are just used to them. I find I get much better pictures outside with them on as well – no squinting, weird eye, etc… Plus I seem to think they are the best headband, and even find that I have them on the top of my head when I am indoors.

  12. Amber, first of all – Happy anniversaries! And I hope you enjoy your Christmas vacation to the maximum:) As for ms. Claus, you’re adorable! I’m such a fan of your outfits, big skirts and red hair, although I myself dress different than this.
    I also want to thank you for your sweet and informative comment! Considering the fact that I date my love for fashion blogs from the day that I came around The Fashion Police on Google, and later on became a fan of Shoeperwoman, you’re the one whose I advise I value a lot!
    Again, thank you:)
    (btw I also thought, at least some time ago, that I would be blogging from a cute small coffee shop, but I found out it’s much easier to use my home computer than carry around a laptop! So much for the freelance romance I say)

  13. Such a cute look! You know too well how to include the boots on your outfits. I think that the mixture between mid-length skirts and high heeled knee high boots is by far the most feminine combination that a woman can wear. You give us great ideas of how to mix the boots with another garments.

  14. I have to say that this outfit is very chic, and the silhouette is so elegant. The contrast between the snug sweater and the full skirt is simply not done enough, which is surprising since it is such a classic look. And the belt and boots totally tie together. Extremely well done and marvelous taste! You’ve given me some ideas.


  15. Amazing outfit and photos! I actually wear my sunglasses all year long unless it is too dark outside. I always carry them with me, because my eyes are also very sensitive…But in my country it’s not a big deal. Everyone wears them, even in winter. And no, we don’t have sunny (and warm) days all year long (although many people seem to think that).

  16. Huzzah for taking every opportunity to be over-dressed! We’re supposedly able to wear casual clothes at work presently, due to classes being finished for the year, but I won’t be having any of that. It’s much more fun to get dressed up for work than to rock up in jeans.

    As for the sunglasses, I thought you were wearing them because the light was reflecting off the snow.

  17. Love that skirt!

    Funny, I never thought it was odd that you wear sunglasses so much. In fact, I never noticed and just assumed it was part of the whole picture-taking process.

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