Fitbits, flooring and frozen fruit

May hasn’t been a good month for electronics in our house.

There was the Fitbit Flex, of course, which died right after I finished writing my glowing review of it  – as in, I literally finished working on the post, went to check my stats for the day and… yeah, no stats. Fitbit dead. Amber sad. And also a bit embarrassed to have just written a post saying, “Hey, everyone, look at this amazing gadget… which totally doesn’t work any more!”

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know (Well, actually, unless you ARE me, you’ll probably be pretty indifferent to know, but hey: I’m going to tell you anyway!), the Fitbit has now been replaced, and I’m back to counting steps and checking my total every five minutes, to see if I’ve reached my target yet. No? How about now? NOW? Why is this taking so long, seriously?!

So I’m back in the game, but my 7-day total did take a bit of a hit from the downtime, and I had to restrain myself from messaging every single person on my friends list, just to make sure they weren’t judging me for my lack of progress. They’d have been totally right to judge me, mind you, because although my first thought when the Fitbit died was, “Oh noes! How will I cope without it?”, my second thought was, “Oh well, at least I won’t have to work out today!” And I didn’t, either. Because I really DO need that little rubber band to motivate me. Working out and not getting any credit for it would be like wearing an awesome outfit on a day you weren’t going to be taking outfit photos, wouldn’t it?

(I’m joking.)

(Well, partly joking, anyway.)

Babyliss Big Hair rotating dryer

Anyway, the Fitbit wasn’t the only electrical item to breathe its last this month, because my beloved Babyliss Big Hair also broke down last week. Now, I have a lot of different hair styling tools, and I DO actually use them all, to create various different looks. Of all of them, though, the Babyliss Big Hair (which is a rotating dryer, for those of you who’ve never heard of it: it’s basically a giant, rotating brush, which you use to smooth out your hair and create that “professional blow-out” look you can normally only get at the salon…) is the one I really couldn’t live without – as proven by  the fact that I’m now onto my third one in about five years.

From that, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Babyliss Big Hair is a bit rubbish, really, and is constantly breaking down, but it actually isn’t: the fact that I’ve managed to wear out two of them so far is simply testament to how often I use it. And as soon as Terry – who was operating on the patient, in a bid to try and bring it back to life – sadly informed me that all hope was lost, and that I should prepare to say goodbye to my faithful hair styling companion, I got right onto the internet and ordered a replacement. I mean, I was joking when I said I couldn’t live without it, but I’m not joking when I say I really don’t want to and you can’t make me.

Having spent part of the week replacing things I already had, I decided to continue the trend, by choosing a replacement floor for our bedroom:

flooring samples

These are all of the flooring samples we ordered to try and work out which one we liked best. It took a long time, and a LOT of standing around examining them all in different lights, then walking over them in bare feet to see how easily they picked up marks (Our current floor is so high-maintenance that you only have to step on it, and there’ll be footprints on it. It. Drives. Me. Mad.), but we’ve finally come to a decision, and it should arrive next week sometime, as will my new dressing table (YAY!) and a bunch of other stuff, all of which I’m super-excited about. We’re going with white for the floor, which I know will be a controversial choice (Insomuch as someone else’s bedroom floor can ever really be “controversial”, I mean…), but we’re reasonably confident it’ll be easier to maintain than what we have now, which, as I said, shows up every single footprint, and every single speck of dust that ever lands on it.

The new choice is textured, which means those things won’t show up as easily as they do on the completely smooth surface we currently have. Our friends recently put down a very similar floor in their main living area (which obviously gets much more traffic than our 3rd-floor bedroom), and have told us the upkeep isn’t any worse than what they had before (Which was identical to what we have now). Obviously actual dirt and any spillages will show up more easily than on dark wood, but we don’t get much dirt making its way to the 3rd floor of the house, and we’d clean up spillages regardless of the colour of the floor they landed on, so I’m sure we’ll cope. Mostly, though, I just want a white floor. And, er, the heart wants what it wants, and all that.

frozen fruit

Finally, what the heart has most wanted this week has been frozen fruit, which I’ve become completely addicted to, to the point where I’m having to ration it, or I’d eat it aaaalll day. This is a pleasant surprise for me, because normally when I get addicted to something it’s either chocolate or wine:  I AM still eating chocolate and drinking wine, obviously, but I’m also eating this, mostly as an in-front-of-the-TV snack, and OMG, I LOVE it. For some reason, freezing fruit seems to make the flavour much stronger, and it also takes longer to eat this way, which means you get to enjoy it for longer. Gotta love that, right? The one downside is that it’s cold, which means it makes ME cold: I’m normally ALREADY cold, so that’s not ideal, obviously. I should probably cut back, really. Maybe next week. Maybe not.


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  • White flooring is a really bold decision. I hope it will turn out even better x

    May 16, 2015
  • Laura


    I love frozen fruit! I eat frozen strawberries in the summer, when there are, y’know, actual fresh strawberries available. But so gooood.

    Also I think light floors are much more low maintanance than dark ones, ’cause you can be careful about spills and dirt and such but you WILL have dust no matter what, and that looks much worse on darker floors.

    I really love these weekly posts, do keep them up!

    May 16, 2015
  • Sharon Arnott


    I’ve had my flex since Feb and whilst I did have to reset it a few times in the first month so far (touch wood) it’s been problem free. You obviously got a faulty one and that can happen with anything. I really enjoyed your review of the flex

    May 16, 2015
  • Alicja


    Girl, I love your Writing style 🙂 and go go white Floors!

    May 16, 2015
  • Hope you pos photos of the white floor – sounds fab x

    May 16, 2015
  • Fran


    I genuinely don’t get the people who judge other people’s furniture choices. If you like a white house, saying OMGBUT IT WILLGE SO DIRRRTY seems quite frankly rude. Enjoy your new floor!

    May 16, 2015
  • I’d love to get a FitBit, but the fact that my Mum has already had two, which both ended up in the washing machine, kinda puts me off! And although the bracelet option would be ideal, I’m not sure I like that it’s always visible. I’ll definitely give the frozen fruit a try; at least it’ll be nice during summer to cool us down! xxx

    May 16, 2015
  • Trudy


    The thing I love about frozen fruit is that if you buy it when it’s in season and fresh (and cheaper), you can freeze it and enjoy it all year long. We have a pick-your-own raspberry & blueberry farm near us, it’s one of my favourite things to do in summer – go pick berries (and scarf lots down while you’re picking!) then freeze them to enjoy for the rest of the year, if you can ration them that long!

    May 16, 2015
  • liz


    Try customer services @Babyliss. They have a 3 year guarantee on the Big Hair even though the original retailer may only have given you a year. Mine died after 32 months and was replaced no questions as I had proof of purchase.

    May 16, 2015
  • Stacey


    I love these weekly round-ups.
    As to people that judge others’ on their home/furniture choices, I don’t get it. I’m afraid that maybe I sound like I do that sometimes though, as I’ll give advice that might sound judgey to some, but I truly don’t mean it too. And it’s never unasked for advice either! It’s usually in the case of (this purely hypothetical example of course*) Other person: “I’m thinking about getting all glass walls in my bathroom that overlooks the living room. What do you think?” Me: “Oh, um. That’d let in a lot of light and be really bright. But what about privacy? Wouldn’t you worry about people walking by on their way to the living room and looking in while you’re on the toilet?” OP, all snippy: “Well, I think it’d be fine. But if YOU don’t like what WE’RE doing in OUR house, then I guess we just won’t do it then!”
    *Totally not a hypothetical. This friend really wanted plate glass walls for her bathroom. Was eventually told by a contractor that she couldn’t do it for load bearing reasons, so she asked about glass floors. It took me a while to learn to answer every one of her “What do you think”‘s with a “SURE! SOUNDS GREAT!!!!”

    May 17, 2015
  • so with you on the Big Hair love ❤️ literally life changing (for my hair at least!)

    May 23, 2015