forest green trench coat

Tempting Fate (in a Forest Green Trench Coat)

dark green trench coat

Collectif Marlene trench coat and over-the-knee boots

Collectif 'Marlene' dark green trench coat

It snowed last week.

Actually, it started snowing not long after I published my “how to survive the winter” post. I felt kinda responsible, actually. It was almost like the winter thought, “Oh, you think you can beat ME, huh? Well, we’ll see about THAT.” And then it gave it its best ‘winter is coming’ style snow action: at first I thought, “OK, so it’ll just be a little flurry: no need to panic,” then it just kept on, and on and on, and it was proper, big flakes of snow, too. GOD. I should have known this would happen when I wrote that whole, “Oh yes, the weather has been simply marvelous: put your lighters in the air for November, y’all” post back at that start of the month, shouldn’t I? You just can’t tempt fate like that: it always comes back to bite you on the bum.

Now, I wouldn’t have been happy to see snow at ANY TIME, obviously, but I was particularly annoyed to see it mid-November, because:


b) That’s still technically AUTUMN, for God’s sake.

c) I am SO not ready to give up my trenchcoats, yet, seriously. I thought I’d be able to get a couple more weeks out of them at least, and then you do THIS to me, November?

As it happens, though, the weather hasn’t quite beaten me yet: I did have one last trick up my sleeve, in the form of this padded trench coat, which I bought from Collectif last year. Yes, a PADDED trench coat: TAKE THAT, November! And, OK, so it’s not quite warm enough for the kind of weather we’ll no doubt be getting by the end of the month, but luckily for us, last week’s snow only stuck around for a few hours, so I managed to sneak in one last wear of my favourite coat, before the REAL winter forces me to forget about it until Spring.

Oh, and I know it looks a bit silly, but after taking about 40 photos in a row of me standing with my eyes closed, Terry suggested I might just have to give in and put on the sunglasses I always carry in my bag. And after ten more “eyes shut” shots, I had to agree. Looks like my next “outfit out-takes” post is going to be a long one…

Collectof 'Marlene' trench coat

Wearing: Collectif trench coat: Topshop ‘Barley’ over-the-knee boots

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  • I love that coat 😀 It’s a really nice shape and colour.

    November 19, 2015
  • Ahhh i have been looking for the perfect trench coat forever and that is the perfect trench… Now i want to try to look for a winter trench coat, if possible hehe. Also beautiful boots, you look great. I am also not a big fan of winter :/ i love snow for christmas and new years and then wish it would end!

    November 19, 2015
  • Barb


    It snowed in Santa Fe (NM) a couple of days ago, too. Looks like it’s all gone now, per the Plaza webcam.

    LOVE yours green trench coat!

    Also, excellent use of “y’all.”

    November 19, 2015
  • Barb



    November 19, 2015
  • I was sitting here all smug in my ‘unlucky, Scotland!’ – and then I saw we’ve got snow due Saturday. D’oh!! I’m at a wedding tomorrow so if it could just not arrive a day early, or get too cold in anticipation, I might not die of frostbite in my cocktail dress…

    November 19, 2015
  • So gorgeous! I have this coat too, one of my favourites! It’s so hot here in Australia now and I can’t wait to wear this coat again in winter.

    November 20, 2015
  • Gorgeous colour coat. Really different, love it!

    November 20, 2015