A French Lifestyle Box from My Little Paris

French beauty box / lifestyle

French beauty box / lifestyle
French beauty box / lifestyle

Another week, another box of tricks to show you!

This one is from My Little Paris, and calls itself a “lifestyle box”, as opposed to one of the beauty boxes you’re probably more familiar with. (Well, its makers call it a “lifestyle box”. The box itself can’t talk. That really WOULD make a box of tricks…) The name may be a little different, however, but the idea is much the same: you pay a monthly subscription, and each month you get a new box, filled with anything from fashion accessories to beauty products, and various other “lifestyle” offerings.

I received the July box, which had a summer theme, and contained…

♥  A lovely turquoise sarong (Which would also double as a scarf, I guess, if you don’t have a handy beach to visit…)

♥ A cute drawstring bag (I have a collection of these to hold smaller items when I travel: love ’em!)

♥  A full-sized shampoo

♥  A full-sized facial scrub

♥  An Essie nail polish

♥  A collection of stickers which would fit on the back of your phone, or anywhere else you want to put them

♥ A mini magazine (Which, unfortunately, was in French, so I couldn’t read much of it…)

I really liked this idea, and found it interesting to get a box with items other than just beauty products. What I liked most was the fact that the products I received were full-sized ones: while the sample-sizes in my Birchbox really came in handy for my trip to England last month, I think you’re always going to feel like you’re getting more value out of full-sized products (and, of course, it gives the opportunity to thoroughly road test them.) The one drawback? It wasn’t just the magazine that was in French: all of the product labeling (and the brand’s website) is also in French. I do know a bit of French from my high school days, but it’s enough to allow me to navigate Sephora France, and not much more than that, so I’ll probably have to hit up Google Translate a few times when I try to read the instructions on the products. My Little Paris is, however, planning to launch in the UK soon – my box was one of the ones designed for the French market (in which case I can’t really blame them for using their own language), so hopefully the UK versions will be a little easier to follow!

You can find the My Little Paris website here.

French beauty box / lifestyle



  • Ooh I want one of these boxes they sound so cool! I’m kinda obsessed with all things French.
    Fashion and Happy Things

    August 10, 2014
  • Cute idea – I’m wondering about a lifestyle box swap on the blog. Like a penpal letter swap but with parcels.

    August 11, 2014
  • I’ve read a bit about these subscription boxes and have contemplated trying some out. It is a really neat little package to look forward to every month, especially when the items are full sized. 🙂

    August 11, 2014