Further adventures in almost getting arrested

It looks like I’m going to have to set up a whole new category for my blog, folks, and that whole new category will have to be called something like "The Ones Where Terry Gets Stopped by the Police For No Reason." Or something.

This weekend, you see, Terry got stopped by the police. Again. For no reason. Again. I dunno, I guess he just looks like a criminal or something (In which case I hate to think what’s going to happen the next time we try to board a plane…) or maybe there’s some kind of sign on the back of the car that only cops can see, saying "HI, I’M TERRY – STOP ME AND HARASS ME!"

This time the police in question actually admitted they had stopped him for no particular reason, which is, you know,  progress of sorts, I guess. Terry was on his way to Ben Nevis, which he has now climbed/conquered/"bagged"/whatever the hell it is that people do with mountains. Anyway, to get to Ben Nevis in time to climb it and get back home before bedtime (it was a school night, you see), he had to leave at stupid o’clock. Having picked up his two friends, he was proceeding in an orderly manner along the road when he noticed the police doing their now characteristic about-turn in order to follow him. They probably put out an APB too, or maybe I just watch too many cop shows?

Within a few short seconds they had, once again, pulled him over. Luckily this time it was just Good Cop who approached him (as opposed to Bad Cop and Bad Cop, who dealt with him the last time); Good Cop  had a short chat with The Accused before telling him that they’d basically pulled him over because they’d noticed three young guys in car (*gasp* Discrimination!) in the early hours of the morning, and they wanted to make sure they hadn’t been drinking, or doing something else illegal. Because, obviously young men + car = CRIMINALS.

Clearly Terry & Co. had not been drinking, or, indeed, doing any other kind of Bad Stuff, so the police let them go with a friendly wave and a smile. I fear Terry is a Marked Man now, though. How thrilling!

Incidentally, even although the rear lights on Terry’s car are exactly the same as they were the last time the police decided to pick on him (this being because Terry took the car to the MOT centre as required, and they told him that yes, they had checked the lights as part of the MOT, and no, there was not one single thing wrong with them, and yes, the police probably were just picking on him for the sheer hell of it) the cops who stopped him this time didn’t even mention the lights. Nevertheless, Terry is now carrying a note from the MOT centre with him at all times, confirming that the car is legal to drive. It might come in handy the next time he’s pulled over by The Law.

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  • You’re kidding! Goodness, Terry’s quite the popular one isn’t he!

    July 31, 2007