gold open toed sandals

Garden Party (Not)

It’s been a bit of a frustrating week, for lots of little, not-particularly-important reasons.

Not being able to use the internet. Having to wear my winter coat in June. Coming back from dog walks with numb hands and a frozen nose, and knowing I should really have worn a hat and gloves in addition to the coat. In June. Not being able to sleep for the sound of the wind howling around the house. A comment on my Facebook page that upset me more than it really should have. Getting soaked to the skin twice while walking the dog. The bathroom light not working for three days (Long story, don’t ask…). Having to have the heating on IN JUNE. That kind of thing.

Like I say, these are all just little things: silly little things that shouldn’t really bother me, but which somehow all managed to add up to a mildly frustrating week. But there was some good stuff, too, so let’s think about that instead of dwelling on all the negatives, shall we?

There was a visit with our friends, who’ve just had a new baby. There were cuddles with the gorgeous new baby, and fun with their adorable two year old, who never fails to make me laugh. There was dinner with my in-laws, who are off to Cyprus this week, the lucky sods. There was dinner with my parents, who also never fail to make me laugh. There was Game of Thrones. There was Pretty Little Liars (although there almost wasn’t, because for some reason the latest episode disappeared from our Netflix for 24 hours…) There were more cuddles, with another cute baby, belong to other friends. There was these sandals from Dorothy Perkins:

Doorthy Perkins gold gem detail flat sandals

I bought these for my holiday, and they’re the first pair of flat sandals I’ve owned since I was a little girl… mostly because flat sandals are the kind of shoes I associate with being a little girl. I still have painful memories of hobbling round Miami when all of the so-called “comfortable” shoes I’d brought with me turned into instruments of torture when my feet swelled up from the heat (nice visual there for you): I’d have done just about anything for a pair of flat sandals on that holiday (including actually wearing flat sandals, even although they make me feel about 5), so this time I’m going prepared. (Don’t worry, I’ll be taking other shoes too, just in case these become similarly and mysteriously painful: this isn’t my first rodeo…)

(Quick sizing note, for anyone who cares: I had to go down a size with these, but I’m quite often one size smaller in flats than I am in heels, so that could just be my feet…)

There was this red telephone box:

solar powered telephone box light

It’s a solar-powered light for the garden. I call it the ‘Gnome Phone’. I like to think the gnomes use it to phone gnome – I mean home – when we’re not looking.

Speaking of things that happen when you’re not looking, a couple of weeks ago we came home one day to find a giant green apple in our garden:

apple lamp

It’s ALSO a solar-powered light (Ikea, naturally…), and my parents were quick to ‘fess up : apparently they’ve graduated from gnomes to apples. We liked it so much we ordered two of the matching pairs, in a smaller size, suitable for the living room:

white pears

Nice pair, huh? Boom boom.

Speaking of fruit, there was also this glass apple, which my mum found in a charity shop, and knew I’d love:

glass apple

I DO love it, and I particularly love thinking that someone else once loved it too, and that they’d be pleased to know it’s now safe in my keeping: or as safe as ANYTHING ever is in my keeping, anyway. When I was little, I once smashed up a glass cabinet, plus everything on it, so I don’t really have the greatest track record with glass. Kinda wishing I hadn’t opened up that can of worms, actually – I’m not sure my parents ever really got over the shock of it. Anyway!

Last, but not least, there was this ice cream, made by Terry:

ice cream cone

“You’re going to Instagram that, aren’t you?” he said as he handed it to me. He was wrong, though: I didn’t Instagram it: I posted it on my blog instead. SO THERE.

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  • Ken Courtice


    Amber, your Blog is charming as always . Glad (no I’m not) that your June weather experience has sucked as much as ours here in Thanks for producing a quality Blog that always holds my attention

    June 6, 2015
  • Erin


    That ice cream is adorable (and probably yummy). Terry’s sweet 🙂

    June 6, 2015
  • The giant apple is funny. We had the heating on too for a couple of days. But now the sun is shining in Liverpool and I have to work and can’t go out… I have no idea which situation is better.

    June 6, 2015
  • That last picture is giving me SERIOUS ice cream envy.

    Sad to hear your week wasn’t great but all the little moments sound great!

    June 6, 2015
  • That Ice cream looks delicious! Also, I am sick of hearing the wind howling outside, it’s been like that all day up north! AND I’m also freezing now when I take my dogs for a walk when it should be warm and sunny! I feel your pain! Loved the post as always.

    Angelica x

    June 6, 2015
  • Vickie


    I can’t believe I have never thought to buy ice cream cones to eat shop-bought ice cream in at home before. Genius!

    June 6, 2015
  • My story of childhood shame is how I smashed my parents’ glass coffee table (by thumping down a small porcelain dog on it – also smashed, which I was definitely more heartbroken about) and you smashed an entire cabinet! I am not worthy…

    June 7, 2015
  • Bee


    Hi Amber,

    Great blog! Love that Apple, beautiful deep green colour.

    Do you have any old posts on coats/jackets? I stuck with what to wear at the moment. I go out in a thick jacket in the cold mornings and by lunch time it’s so hot I cant bear to wear it. Then by the time the days over it’s raining and the coats back on!

    Th Is weather is playing havoc with my wardrobe 🙂


    June 7, 2015
  • Sorry to hear your weather has taken a turn for cold, but seems like you are making do. New shoes and new decor, makes me smile every time. That telephone box is very neat.

    June 9, 2015