Some Glitter Loss May Occur

green ankle boost and gold booties

gold shoe boots and clutch bag


gold shoe boots


It’s been pretty much impossible to take outfit photos this week. In fact, it ALWAYS is at this time of year, because once Daylight Savings kicks in, as well as the non-stop wind and rain, we also have a complete lack of daylight to deal with. By the middle of December, it’ll be dark here by around 3:30pm, and if it’s raining before then,or even just really overcast (which makes it feel like the middle of the night, even at noon), that small window of opportunity for semi-decent photography shrinks to nothing. And so does the window of opportunity for not feeling like crap, because you haven’t seen daylight in a week, actually. But enough of this misery!

I may not have been able to take photos of me WEARING my clothes, then, so here are some photos of my clothes WITHOUT me in them, instead. That sounded awkward, didn’t it? Not QUITE as awkward as it would’ve sounded if that sentence had been the other way around, though, so let’s just be grateful for small mercies.Let’s also look at photos of shoes, shall we? Because that HAS to be better than listening to me whine about autumn, right?

So, yeah, I had a bit of a splurge in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and ended up with two new pairs of shoe boots. Shoots. Booties. Whatever.

In my defense…

1. I didn’t actually buy them at the same time: I bought the gold pair first, with a discount code, then the NEXT day the sale started, and by then I’d spotted the green ones, and who am I to resist the lure of green boots on sale? Also, buying them on two different days is TOTALLY different from buying two pairs of boots in one go. The fact that they ARRIVED “in one go” (But I paid for shipping twice) DID make it feel a bit like that, though…

2. I realised last winter that shoe boots – or even close-fitting ankle boots, which the green pair are –  are the key to “dressing down” my fancier outfits, so it would be sensible to stock up on them.  And never let it be said that I’m not sensible when it comes to shopping. Ahem.

As I mentioned in this post, I firmly believe that almost any outfit can be instantly dressed down, just by adding boots and/or tights. As a matter of fact, I’d actually planned to wear a different dress that night, but I didn’t have the right shoes to go with it. The black boots and tights I ended up wearing would’ve been too dark, and would’ve made me feel like I was going to a funeral, rather than a comedy show. All of the many pairs of shoes which would’ve worked, meanwhile, would’ve immediately taken the look straight into “cocktail party” territory, and that wasn’t what I was going for either.

“If only I had a pair of glittery gold shoe boots!” I told my reflection in the mirror, Evil Queen-style. “I’d be both dressy AND casual! All of my troubles would be over! And who IS the fairest of them all, anyway?!”

The mirror didn’t answer. The Dorothy Perkins website DID, however, because the very next day, I remembered the existence of the gold shoe boots, at exactly the same time they launched a “20% off on shoes” offer. So I bought them. Then the day AFTER that, they launched a site-wide sale. And yes, the boots were in it. It was OK, though: they were only a couple of pounds less than I’d paid with my code, and by then I’d spotted the green ones. Which, naturally, go with so many of my clothes I’ll be in danger of looking like an elf if I wear them all at once. Not that that’s a BAD thing, obviously. I mean, “elf” definitely wouldn’t be the WORST thing I’d ever been called…

When they arrived, though, I discovered a label on the sole of the gold boots, with the following disclaimer:

“Due to the nature of this material, some glitter loss may occur.”

Isn’t that just the saddest thing? Also: isn’t that just the story of my life? No, seriously: ‘Some Glitter Loss May Occur’ is going to be the title of my autobiography. Or the title of this blog post, at the very least…

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  • That would indeed be an awesome autobiography title. Oh – and PLEASE write an autobiography one day. I don’t even read them, but I’d read yours because it would be literally a catalogue of minor accidents – a bit like watching an episode of You’ve Been Framed. And that’s literally what I sit and spend hours doing every weekend, because that programme is genuinely hilarious. And agree on the shoe boots – although I realise I only own three pairs. This clearly needs rectifying! Though I’m always wary of the likes of DP with heels these high… intense foot pain coming right up?

    November 3, 2014
  • Hana


    Ah, the gold clutch and the booties are divine! You absolutely had to buy them, I agree… And I’m loving the title and nod in agreement that you if you ever write an autobiography, I would be delighted to read it. There can never be enough random acts!

    November 3, 2014
  • I’m always a little scared of ankle boots. I never know quite what to wear them with.

    November 3, 2014
  • This year has been the year of the ankle boots for me. I’ve somehow acquired 4 pairs and have a few more on my Wishlist.

    Fashion and Happy Things

    November 4, 2014
  • I love this glitter boots and the dark green one with the bag. Never had dark green boots before. Always black, brown and grey. Your collection looks gorgeous!


    November 5, 2014
  • Mena


    Hi Amber, this is completely unrelated to your post (although those glitter boots are DIVINE). I was wondering, do you have any trouble with your hair fading? I’ve just hit thirty and my red hair is starting to fade. I am devastated! Any tips if you have? All the best! – Mena

    November 7, 2014
  • Valerie


    Where are u on “Pose”! Thank goodness I found your blog but I miss your outfits on pose…u are such an inspiration! Keep them poses coming! Thank Amber

    November 18, 2014