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stripe skirt, white shirt and red shoes

Actually, I think it was technically afternoon tea which Terry and I had at Hopetoun House this week – not high tea, at all.

I just couldn’t resist the alliteration of the title, though, so I’m just going to go with “afternoon tea”, and hope you don’t know the difference/can’t be bothered Googling it either. I have a feeling I might be over-thinking this, but then again, overthinking things is a special talent of mine, and it’s not like I have many other talents to speak of, so I may as well get in some practice when I can, huh?

Alternatively, I could just show you the tea in question, couldn’t I? Yes, that sounds like a better plan, all things considered…

afternoon tea at Hopetoun House

afternoon tea at Hopetoun House

afternoon tea at Hopetoun House

afternoon tea at Hopetoun House

afternoon tea at Hopetoun House

God, I love afternoon tea – especially when it comes with champagne. I wish ALL meals came with champagne, actually: wouldn’t that just make life feel so much better? I think so. Little treats like this do their bit, too, though, and even although we can’t do it every day, it’s nice to have a bit of a break from the norm, isn’t it?

After tea (and also after I’d looked back at the first batch of photos, realised I was showing way more stomach than I’d thought I was, and ducked into the loo to adjust my outfit slightly: you can always rely on me to bring a touch of class to proceedings, can’t you?), we headed out for a walk around the beautiful grounds of the Hopetoun Estate.  We didn’t go into the house itself this time, because we’ve done the tour before, but the estate borders the River Forth, and has some stunning views from its countryside walks, so it’s worth a visit for that reason alone, really.  It’s MOST worth it for the cakes and champagne, though: I mean, let’s not kid ourselves here…
Hopetoun House, Scotland

blue and white stripe skirt with white shirt
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Zara skirt

Unique Vintage shirt*

Zara shoes

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  • Kiersten
    September 2, 2016

    I know the difference between high tea and afternoon tea but I would have put that title too. It’s sounds better than “Afternoon Tea at Hopetoun House.” 🙂 There is a hotel a few hours from where I live called the Jefferson that hosts high and afternoon teas. It is quite fun to reserve a table for birthdays and mother’s day! Thanks for sharing. Everything looked lovely. 🙂
    Kiersten @Autumn Country Girl

  • Myra Boyle
    September 2, 2016

    I love Hopetoun House too, and also know the difference between high tea (which I haven’t seen served anywhere in decades) and afternoon tea. Afternoon tea seems so decadent, I love it. We have had afternoon in some very swanky places, but how I loved it in NYC in the hotel right on the corner of Central Park (where Big in SITC got engaged and Is now condominiums). We walked in very sweaty and scruffy after a day’s shopping and they seated us in the lovely dining room full of elegant ladies with a few beautifully dressed and behaved little girls. We felt like tramps but the waiter treated us like royalty. I love that about the US.
    One memorable high tea with our three year old (that we’d daren’t take our eyes off) and our baby daughter, who was sitting in a high chair was eventful. We were both so busy watching our son, and were mortified when the waitress asked us to look at our daughter. She had food in each hand and was throwing it over shoulder, which the other diners didn’t appreciate.

  • heather nakanishi
    September 3, 2016

    Oh gosh, those little desserts look amazing! I’ve only been to a tea once, it was a charity thing, but it was so fun! I will have to see if there is any place that does something like that around here.

  • Linda Brogan
    September 3, 2016

    We went to Hopetoun house for the first time last weekend. It’s lovely and the views from the roof terrace are fabulous!

  • D. Johnson
    September 4, 2016

    That’s IT! You are a remarkable marketer; I have to visit Scotland! Any suggestions? Next August or September would be ideal for me. Have you done any “Tips for Visitors” posts?

    • Amber
      September 5, 2016

      There’s some packing advice here (although for spring, mostly):


      Everything else I’ve written about Scotland is here:


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High Tea at Hopetoun House