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Diary | Home Improvements 2018


o, because Terry and I apparently hate ourselves, and want to permanently live in a building site, we’re planning to do a bit more DIY this year. GOD.

(Because totally remodelling our kitchen, replacing all of the downstairs floors, decorating the nursery and – oh yeah! – totally flooding the bedroom and having to replace ITS floor wasn’t NEARLY enough for us, obviusly. Nuh-uh.)

The first change, luckily, was a very easy one, and simply involved us taking delivery of this chair, which was very kindly sent to us by the people at Sloane & Sons, who make the most amazing accent chairs.

angelwing chair in duck egg

mint green retro chair

white living room with green and pink acccentsActually, I say this was “easy” – it wasn’t really. Well, I mean, it WAS: the chair was ordered, it arrived on schedule, and Terry – who’s had to assemble more than one chair for me of late – informs me that it was really easy to attach the legs to the seat, too. (That ISN’T the case with all chairs, apparently: you learn something new every day, don’t you?)

Anyway, that part was easy. Deciding where to put it, however, was NOT, and, as with our experience with Betsy the sofa last year, even although I’d ordered this with the intention of it living in the office, as soon as it arrived, and I saw it in the living room, I was all, “Er, you know what…?”

“I KNEW you were going to say that!” sighed Terry, resigning himself to the fact that the next hour or so of his life was going to be dedicated to yet another frustrating game of ‘Where Should We Put That Chair?’ In the end, we DID decide to stick to the original plan, and move it to the office: I LOVE it in the living room, but I also love the egg chair that normally sits there,  and we don’t have anywhere we can move that one to (We did consider putting IT in the office, but it just didn’t look right…), so here it is:

duckegg green retro chair

As you can see, Max approves. I’ve actually been wanting to put a chair in here for a while now: I’ve started taking Max in here for an hour or so in the morning while I try to catch up with work – he normally sits in his Baby Bjorn bouncer when he’s in this room, but I wanted a comfier chair we could sit in too, when he wants some cuddles. Or when I do, rather. (Er, he doesn’t normally sit in it HIMSELF, I hasten to add: that was just for the photo…) Next up, I want to find a small side table to go next to it, because I’m still not totally happy with this room: I AM happy with my new chair, though, so at least that’s something, huh?

(IPDATE! Not long after writing the paragraph above, we did, indeed, buy a side table to go next to it. I totally neglected to get any photos of it, though, so that’s something for you all to look forward to next week, I guess…)

The next set of home improvements, however, won’t be QUITE so easy:

tile mountainTiles. For the garden AND the en-suite bathroom. Because the type of projects which cause the maximum amount of mess are always the best kind, aren’t they?

Thankfully neither of these projects are ones we’re going to be jumping into right this second, so the tiles are currently living in the garden shed. I mean, I’m hoping the projects won’t take as long as the shed itself did (You might recall that it took 8 months, a huge amount of cursing, and a small sacrifice to the Shed Gods to get that thing built), but, well, we still had snow in the garden this week, so it’s not exactly a great time to start tiling it, really.

When we do get round to it, Terry has selected these tiles with which to finally finish the fire pit he started five years ago (MAN MAKE FIRE. MAN DO IT VERY SLOWLY.), and we’re currently in negotiation over some other upgrades to the outdoor space. These negotiations mostly just involve me going, “Could we not just paint that pink, though? Or mint green?” and Terry giving me this face in response:

Max at 11 weeks(“U OK, mum? Or U trying to paint stuff pink again, just because it’ll look good on Instagram? THOUGHT SO.”)

As for the en-suite, meanwhile, this is going to be a project that happens in stages, the first stage being “whenever we get our act together and start functioning like normal humans again.” So, when Max is about 23 then, probably. We don’t have the time/money to just rip everything out and start again, unfortunately, so we’re starting off slow, by tiling the wall behind the sink, and getting a new vanity unit and mirror. This will obviously be yet another opportunity for me to buy storage boxes for Ikea, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked about it. I don’t think I’ve EVER spent more time looking at organisation boards on Pinterest, in fact.

For this project, we’re keeping it classic, and have gone with a white subway tile which my dad says reminds him of a public toilet – so that’s us off to a good start, then. We’ve yet to choose the new vanity unit (I see a trip to Ikea in our near future. I pretty much ALWAYS see a trip to Ikea in my future, though, so that’s not saying much, really…), so most of my time is being spent mulling over the important question: would it be too much to replace all of my toiletries with ones that will look prettier on the new vanity? Because I’m feeling a strong pull towards doing that. In fact, I don’t really see how I can avoid it. I wonder if you can buy Pinterest-worthy tubes of toothpaste, for instance? Toothpaste companies should really get on that, shouldn’t they?

Finally, in weight loss news, I’m happy to report that I lost just under another pound this week, which was quite surprising really, considering that this happened:

Five Guys cheeseburgerI’d like to thank you all for not scolding me when I posted this photo on Instagram Stories, even although I totally gave you all permission to do exactly that. In fairness, our trip to Five Guys was for a meet-up with friends, and had been planned for a while, so it’s not like I just randomly decided to have myself a gigantic burger. I DID, however, have myself a gigantic burger, and honestly, je ne regrette rien, because I managed to make up for it during the rest of the week, and, we’ll, it was a REALLY good burger, seriously.

Anyway, I’m pleased to have lost a little more weight, although I’m also slightly demotivated by the fact that, even if I mange to continue at the current rate, it’ll still be at least 7 weeks until I look/feel like “myself” again. Still, spring’s on the way (She says, cheerfully ignoring the snowflake symbol her iPhone weather app is showing for next week…), which will HOPEFULLY allow me to be a bit more active. And yes, I know I’ve been saying that for weeks now, and it always feels like NEXT week is the one I’m going to start getting out for those long walks with the pram, but seriously, guys, it’s just been SO COLD, I can’t even. But I WILL. And hopefully soon, too: there’s a whole closet full of spring clothes waiting for me, after all…



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  • Myra Boyle
    March 24, 2018

    Love the new chair, especially with Max in it. Well done on losing another pound.

  • V
    March 24, 2018

    I actually laughed out loud at Max’s face! Best expression ever.

  • Lori
    March 25, 2018

    Loved the expression on Max’s little face. He looks just like Terry?

  • Danielle
    March 25, 2018

    Your blog posts never fail to make my day! LOVE your humor.

  • Alice
    March 26, 2018

    A pound is a pound, celebrate the win! (Perhaps with non-edible rewards though – may I recommend a scratch card?)
    My dad also slated my tiles (LOLZ) as being public loo-esque, but I love them regardless! Plus, cheaper tiles = more money for this, surely….? http://www.marvismint.com/

  • Teresa
    March 28, 2018

    Looking forward to more posts on your renovations! Max is looking sooo cute! 🙂