green floral skirt and matching sweater

Is outfit blogging over?

Chi Chi London floral print dress with matching green sweater and Christian Louboutin shoes

Chi Chi London Alyssa dress with green sweater

Chi Chi London floral print dress with matching green sweater and Christian Louboutin shoesWhere have all the outfit bloggers gone?

I was thinking about this over the weekend, as I scrolled through my Bloglovin’ feed, and all of a sudden realised that there aren’t many outfit bloggers left there – by which I mean people posting purely about what they wore every day, as opposed to ‘Fashion’ bloggers (Who write about trends, and do editorial-style shoots, in borrowed clothes and exotic locations), or lifestyle bloggers who throw in an outfit post every now and then.

Oh, there are still people doing outfit posts, of course: Β there seems to be fewer and fewer of them now, though, which is kind of sad, because I think those daily outfit diaries you used to see everywhere were one of my favourite kinds of blogs. I mean, some of those women used to post what they were wearing every single day – often in real time, too, so you’d get to see what they were wearing, while they were actually still wearing it. That’s something I was never able to emulate, unfortunately: most of my outfit posts are a few days old, at least (these shots were taken last weekend), and I only manage 2-3 per week at most, so I have so much admiration for the bloggers who did/still do it: and I kind of miss the ones who stopped, even although I don’t blame them for a second. Daily posting is hard, after all, and it must be even harder when you have to find a way to take photos of your outfit every day – even when it’s raining, or pitch dark outside, or there’s no one around to help out.

Still, there’s just something really compelling about diary-style blogs to me – especially the ones which use outfits as the basis for the content, and which are updated every single day, even if the blogger isn’t wearing anything particularly special or “blogworthy”. They really let you feel like you “know” the person behind the photos, in a way that the editorial-style shoots, as much as I love to look at them, just don’t manage. Logging on to those blogs always felt a bit like catching up with an old friend, and there’s not much that’s better than that, is there?

So, why did people stop keeping outfit diaries? Probably for the reason given above, I’d imagine: because it’s really freaking hard. It’s hard to get decent photos every day (and, in my case, it’s outright impossible, thanks to all of the rain we get: I’d have to do almost all of them indoors, and there’s just not enough light, most of the time…); it’s hard to come up with something interesting to wear every day; most of all, these days it seems it’s hard to interest people in a post that’s JUST about an outfit. Now it has to be a tutorial, or a “how to wear it” style post: it has to be useful in some way to the reader, and while I’d argue that straightforward outfit posts CAN be useful to readers (I get a lot of ideas from them, for instance: and, well, I do a lot of shopping because of them, too, let’s be honest…), they still seem to have fallen out of fashion a little: ironic, huh?

So, is outfit blogging over?

I really hope not. It is, however, starting to feel a bit like it’s no longer enough to just say, “Hey, here’s what I wore today,” and then hit “publish”, without adding so much as a click-bait headline or a Pin-able graphic – and that’s a bit of a shame. Luckily, however, there are still people blogging their daily outfits, and although I’ll never be able to stick to a daily schedule, I’m going to continue blogging my occasional ones, too: even on days when I have nothing else to say about them, other than, “Hey, here’s what I wore!”

So, here’s what I wore last Saturday: and yes, you’re right – I STILL haven’t learned my lesson about full skirts and windy days…

Chic Chi London Alyssa pansy print dress

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Chi Chi London ‘Alyssa’ dress*

Bettie Page sweater

Christian Louboutin shoes

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  • Myra


    I love reading your as it gives an insight into your life (including the weather lol). I love how you describe clothes that you have no events for you to wear them, but sometimes buy them anyway because you love them so much. Then you find yourself wearing them anyway. I love how you give dresses a personality and a story.

    I love how honest and humorous your writing is and hope you don’t give up.

    September 23, 2016
  • Outfit diary blogs are the only ones I follow really (apart from yours obviously as you are more of a mix of topics but I appreciate them all – particulary the outfits!). I’m still an outfit diary blogger, I don’t aspire to be anything else. I find it useful for myself even if no one else reads it (which they do thankfully!)

    I hope it doesn’t die out as I rarely read magazines, I tend to get outfit inspiration from smaller blogs, instagram and my own clothes.

    September 23, 2016
  • Do you know, I’m so glad you wrote this post! Outfit blogging is what inspired me to start my blog – I love reading them and seeing how other people style things, especially if they have pieces I also own. I like a blog where there is something to read too, but it’s normally outfit pics that draw me in. I have actually found that I’ve been making a conscious effort NOT to post outfit posts too many times a week and now you mention it, I don’t even know why? I think maybe I must have been worried people would get bored of hearing me talk about my clothes all the time, and my pics are very amateur so I guess sometimes I’m a little self conscious about them, but that seems daft since it’s the reason I started it! I’m going to stop over thinking it. I’d struggle to do them daily because of my job (god, Winter outfit posts when you don’t often see daylight are so tricky!) but I’m definitely going to stop worrying about posting them back to back. Thank you for the reminder to try and be me instead of trying to appeal to everyone all the time! I hope outfit blogging isn’t over – beautiful, polished, Pinterest-worthy pics are great and I love reading tips, recipes, reviews etc, but I love the ‘selfie-in-the-mirror’ type blogs too, I definitely think there is room in the world for both!

    September 23, 2016
  • I, too, like the outfit posts. I think since I really love clothes, it’s so fun for me to see how others style items and the combinations they put together!!
    I’m sure the outfit blogging is not over, but we’ll just have to keep carrying on so that doesn’t happen for sure!

    September 23, 2016
  • Well daily postings was one of the reason’s I quit blogging! I couldn’t manage to make time to post ever. I do post my oufits (not daily, but at least in real time) over on instagram. Usually with a small blurb of what im doing that day with it. I’m sure others that used to blog have done the same, as I follow quite a lot of them over there. πŸ˜€

    September 23, 2016
  • I love your outfits and would hate you to stop posting them as they are so pretty, but you have so much more to say too, it’s not JUST an outfit shot, which can sometimes feel like a sales pitch. My favourite outfit/style posts always have a story or an insight into the person’s life, and likewise I only tend to post outfits when it’s relevant to something else, a night/day out etc. Xx

    September 23, 2016
  • People have shifted over to Instagram and Lookbook where not much writing is required and it’s all about the pic. Outfit blogging has slowed down a lot but I’m certain it’ll never die out

    September 24, 2016
  • I was thinking about just this the other day. The bloggers I followed because they posted lots of outfit photos seem to do less and less now. I miss it too but maybe I’m the same! <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    September 24, 2016
  • Sharon


    I love outfit posts and really don’t mind if they’re not daily, or accompanied by words. Just last week I started following someone new Classy Girls Wear Pearls just for the outfits. I’m fascinated that she can manage so many different photos and locations for the one outfit. Plus it’s quite preppy which I like and gives me lots of ideas.

    September 24, 2016
  • You know I really want to do a lot more outfit posts but my worry is that we are all so conditioned to seeing the impeccable photography on these blogs that my little camera would look terrible in comparison but I am thinking of just throwing caution to the wind and going for it! I loved doing a wear my wardrobe series last year

    Charlotte |

    September 24, 2016
  • I love outfit posts for all the reasons you outline! And from your lovely outfit, I’m suddenly inspired! I never saw the point of a shorter waisted sweater, but now I see it works beautifully with a full skirted dress. Thanks much for sharing as many outfits as you do!

    September 24, 2016
  • I tend to find most of my outfit inspirations from everyday bloggers (via, pinterest, blog, or instagram). I like it when people are more relatable and show things that they would actually wear in everyday life.
    With my blog posts, I tend to post about what I’m doing and also throw in the outfit/makeup that I was wearing. I think it’s great to see this if you are planning to do something similar that day and need inspiration. I will also just blog about an outfit because sometimes I find the outfits just speak for themselves. I think everyday outfits are a useful type of posts in blogging.

    Colleen B from

    September 26, 2016
  • I think you’re right about why a lot of bloggers don’t post outfits everyday – it is hard to get the photos when the weather is crap, you don’t have someone to take photos for you, and if you work full time there’s not much time for blogging. Then there is the nagging thought that just posting outfit photos is no longer enough – there has to be more substance to a post to stand out and make it worth reading. But actually, like you, I simply like looking at what other people are wearing, it doesn’t have to be an essay in how to wear a trend. That’s the attraction of Instagram I suppose!

    Emma xxx

    September 27, 2016
  • Caitlin


    I think all the outfit bloggers have moved to Instagram, unfortunately – I’ve seen a number of outfit bloggers on there, often using the service. However, I’ve hated using IG ever since they implemented their non-linear timeline… and that platform is really only good for outfit photos with very little “blog” behind it. It’s a shame. πŸ™

    October 11, 2016
  • I used to love being an outfit blogger, but as the general level of quality in other people’s blogs seemed to sky-rocket, I felt more and more as though I couldn’t keep up. I don’t post as many outfits as i used to and my blog has always been a personal, outfits/diary one, as I don’t have the time or inclination to do these fancy shoot type things which you see all over the place now. I think it’s great that people do these, but my blog just isn’t in the same league, so maybe outfit blogging has been left behind.

    December 2, 2016
  • Karrisa


    First of all, I love your outfit blogs– these flared skirts are my fave type of skirt! I loved reading all the fashion blogs before– in fact, I used to have one, myself. I loved the blogs that feature outfits that are affordable and something a regular person on the street can wear (some high fashion is good to look at but not really to wear.) But then for most of us who blog as a hobby, the interest wanes because of life and commitments. I love seeing how the old staples are still around, though. πŸ™‚ I think it makes great sense to keep blogging when you’re making something out of it, you know? Keep it up. I love all facets of this blog.

    April 27, 2019