coffee and lemsip

It’s like raaaaiiiin, on your wedding day…

I know I’ve hardly mentioned this AT ALL, but I’m going on holiday this Sunday. THIS SUNDAY. Before I go, I have 26 blog posts still to write, and I’m not even making that figure up: I actually have 26 blog posts still to write. And I have to pack. And clean! I have to clean like a madwoman! (Side note: am I the only person who feels moved to clean their home into oblivion before leaving it on a trip? Yes, I thought so…) And I have to do… other things. That totally escape me right now, but that’s OK because I have a three page To Do list to refer back to, I just need to remember where I put it.

It stands to reason, then, that I think I’m getting the cold. OF COURSE I am. Because that will screw up my week nicely, making it even harder than it already is to find something to write about the kazillionth pair of shoes I’ve written about this week, and probably causing me to rock up to the airport (AARGH! Airport! OMGIAMFRIGHTENEDOFFLYING!) with a suitcase filled with socks and nothing else. Or something.


I am drinking Lemsip and hoping for the best. And telling myself that at least if I get ill NOW it’ll be marginally better than having a repeat of the whole “getting the flu during my honeymoon and then passing it onto my new husband” fiasco I managed to pull off LAST year.

Good health vibes would be greatly appreciated. Also: shoes.

  • Please, please get some echinacea and vitamin C asap – they have fielded off soooo many The Colds for me!

    I feel your pain though, esp with the cleaning – before every holiday/xmas I have to tidy everything and organise my whole life into submission. (Then I get knackered and regret it later, but still). It'll all be worth it when you're on your sun lounger, I'm sure… xx

    <abbr>Diane´s last blog post..please win</abbr>

    December 1, 2008
  • Another good way to fend of an impending illness: Throat Coat tea. Not sure if they have it in the UK, but it's definitely worth looking into. It's made by Traditional Medicinals, and I know professional singers who use it when they can't afford to be sick.

    <abbr>Hayley´s last blog post..A Promise, and another list</abbr>

    December 1, 2008
  • Good health vibes sent – not sure how long they'll take to arrive though. Should be before Sunday in any case. Stay warm and drink lemon tea with honey; also brandy if you can stand it.

    Just picture my beautiful Louboutins and all will be well in your world. That generally works for me.

    <abbr>Tracey´s last blog post..Phone envy</abbr>

    December 1, 2008
  • Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well…

    And you are certainly not the only person who scrubs her home with a toothbrush before going away because I, too, suffer from Recklesscleaningitis. I mean, what if the fruit bowl spontaneously combusted and a herd of adorable firemen saw streaks on the bathroom mirror?

    <abbr>Amanda Nicole´s last blog post..28 year crisis</abbr>

    December 2, 2008
  • I am such a slattern. I would happily sit in my own muck until breathing became a problem. The cure for this is? A cleaner. I love my cleaner.

    Sorry you're catching a cold, if it's anything like the one I currently have, than you have my profound sympathies.

    <abbr>dressed and pressed´s last blog post..December Daily Outfits – December 1, 2008</abbr>

    December 2, 2008
  • The sheer amount of drafts on the system scares me. And Kelly can't find anything to write about because you've done it all. You have SO earned this holiday!!!

    <abbr>Gemma´s last blog post..Bad mood moaning</abbr>

    December 2, 2008
  • Better getting the cold now than later. You should feel much better by Sunday!

    Also, you could find me some inexpensive tall black boots, if you need some ideas for shoe posts. 🙂

    <abbr>Kristabella´s last blog post..At Least I Was Wearing Clean Underwear</abbr>

    December 2, 2008
  • Steph


    *sends good health vibes*

    Drink plenty of cups of tea – they won't help your cold, but they do make the world a more soothing place!

    December 2, 2008
  • Good idea Steph, and tea always helps with a cold, cos you gotta drink a lot the doctor always says 🙂 and look at the LOLcats that'll cheer you up! That's what doctors also say, when you're happy you won't get sick as easily!

    Wishing you the best of luck to escape that damn cold!

    <abbr>Nina´s last blog post..3 – 1 = 2</abbr>

    December 3, 2008