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Review | Jean Paul Gaultier Fragile Eau de Parfum

For the last few days, I’ve been cheating on my perfume. In fact, it’s gotten so serious, I’m thinking of leaving it altogether and starting a new relationship with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fragile, so great is my current infatuation with this scent.

For years now, you see, I’ve been faithful to Gaultier’s Classique. (At least I’m keeping it “in the family, then, so to speak…) It’s my signature scent, and while I’ll flirt with all of the pretty bottles in the duty free lounge just as much as the next girl, Classique is always the scent that comes home with me.

A few months ago, though, Mr Dollface bought me a Gaultier gift set, which included miniatures of his perfumes, including Fragile. Instantly, I was smitten, but I still had an unopened bottle of Classique to get through, so I pushed Fragile to the back of my mind. This week, though, I rediscovered it. And now I think I may just have a new “signature scent”….

I absolutely adore this perfume. First of all, there’s the bottle. I mean, lookit! It’s so pretty! It’s a cute little “snow globe” (with glitter for snow, natch), with a sleek, sexy little lady in the inside. To use it, you press the globe down with both hands to get the perfume out – or, of course, you can just leave it on your desk and admire it.

As for the fragrance itself, the main note is tuberose: it’s a sweet, but not too sweet scent, which also manages to be floral and musky.  It has top notes of sweet orange and raspberry leaves, heart notes of tuberose, pimento berries, and pink peppercorns and base notes of cedar wood, violet wood and crystalline musks. Mr Dollface describes it as “complex”, and I think that’s about right. It’s also the kind of scent you can instantly identify as an expensive one, and that’s good, because it is: a 50ml bottle will set you back around £50, and it can also be hard to get hold of as it goes out of stock fairly frequently.

It’s the kind of scent that makes me want to keep sniffing my wrists (now there’s an expression you don’t use every day!) every time I wear it, though, so I’m thinking it may be worth splashing out on a bottle. Sorry, Classique, but it has to be done…

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