The Kepies, Falkirk, Scotland

Kelpie sculptures, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Scotland

Kelpies are mythical Scottish water horses, said to be able to transform into beautiful women or handsome young men, who will lure you to your death. And, I mean, I’m saying “mythical” here because that’s what you’re supposed to say: you all know Kelpies are totes real, right?  So if you see one, it’s not a good idea to kiss it, say, like I’m doing in these photos. Kelpies are not pets, people! Honestly, my parents always warned me not to touch strange animals, but I NEVER learn…

These particular Kelpies are 30 metre steel sculptures, located at The Helix park in Falkirk. We visited them on a very grey and miserable bank holiday weekend (Because apparently spring has been cancelled this year, did you hear?), but luckily the rain held off for long enough to allow us to have a good look round and take these eleventy-one thousand photos. The sculptures really are absolutely amazing: we’d seen photos of them, but nothing really prepares you for The Real Things, which tower above you, looking spectacular against the grey skies. They’re actually illuminated at night, which I’d love to see: it doesn’t get dark until late here at this time of year, and we didn’t have time to hang around, but we’ll definitely go back to see them another time.

One of the nice things about The Helix, where the Kelpies are located, is that it’s a public park, so as well as being free to visit, you can also bring your pets. That meant there were tons of cute pups for me to pet, and we were also able to bring Rubin, who instantly waded through a couple of deep puddles, even although there were plenty of other places to walk:


Unfortunately he was far too busy undertaking an in-depth analysis of the ground to be bothered with The Kelpies themselves: in fact, I don’t think he even noticed them. I have it on good authority, however, that they were pretty impressed (and also a little bit scared) with HIM, having previously believed The Rubinman to be a mythical creature.  Let’s  just hope he didn’t frighten them too much…

me with The Kelpies

[Wearing: Current/Elliott jeans* // Zara jacket and sweater // River Island scarf // Kate Spade handbag* // Pour la Victoire ‘Mai’ wedges c/o Sarenza]

P.S. Thanks to my mum for letting me steal some of her photos!

  1. Your photos have convinced me to take a wee trip up from Edinburgh to see these things … I can’t believe the size of them! I’d seen other pictures but not to scale, so this is fascinating. 😀

    1. Yeah, I was exactly the same – when I first saw them I assumed they were the size of a regular horse, but they’re absolutely gigantic!

  2. Oh wow, the statues are very impressive. Who were they made by? I wish I’ll get to visit them one day:) oh and the photo of you kissing the horsey, ehm kelpie, very cute:))

  3. I have always admired Andy Scott’s work and hopefully one day I’ll manage to visit these majestic sculptures.

  4. Wow! Amazing pictures, and I’m sure that the sculptures are even bigger than they look here. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to visit this park.

  5. I’ve driven by these a few times but not been to see them close up yet. First time I seen them was during construction and I nearly took my car off the road twisting my head round like ‘did I just see two ginormous horse heads hanging over the motorway?!’

  6. I thought a kelpie was like the Loch Ness monster!! Lovely photos, my OH liked the perspective ones of you kissing/stroking them (he doesn’t understand these ‘fashion blogs’ normally, but your lovely photos held his attention for once!).

    P x

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