Review: Lacura Double Lift Regeneration Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Firming Gel Serum


As I get older, I find myself becoming more and more susceptible to the claims of skincare companies who promise to give me youthful skin in a bottle. Or sometimes in a jar.

The thing is, though, despite wanting to believe these claims are true, I’m always highly skeptical about them, especially given that so many of these skincare solutions come with a hefty price-tag.  This is why Lacura’s budget-priced offerings are looking better and better to me these days: ever since they got a lot of press attention with the launch of their Wrinkle Stop serum last year, they’ve been busily producing more products that cost less than £5, and yet still manage to draw comparisons with the high-end brands.

One of these creams is called ‘Double Lift’, and I’ve been trying it out for the last couple of weeks, courtesy of the people at Aldi, who sell Lacura. This is an anti-wrinkle cream and firming serum in one: the bottle actually contains two different products (the cream is white, the serum is red), which are mixed together in the pump dispenser, a bit like toothpaste. Press the left hand side of the pump and the red serum comes out, press the right and you’ll get the cream. Press it in the centre, meanwhile, and they’ll both come out together, allowing you to apply both at the same time, although you have to be careful to make sure that both products are dispensed: the first few times I used this, only the face cream came out and I applied it merrily, not realising there was also a serum. A few pumps of the dispenser will fix this out, though.

This cream promises an immediate firming effect, and sure enough, when I apply it I can feel a slight tightening of the skin: it’s not unpleasant or too extreme, and I was actually quite pleased, because it reassured me that the product was actually doing something. The tingling/tightening only lasts for a few seconds, and immediately afterwards, the lines around my eyes do look less noticeable, although they’re normally back in full effect by the end of the day. Boo!

The cream is really nice to use: it absorbs quickly, and leaves the skin nice and smooth in preparation for makeup. It has a sweet smell, but it doesn’t linger too long, so it’s not competing with any other products you might want to wear. So far I’ve yet to see any overall reduction in wrinkles, but the two weeks I’ve been using it may not be quite long enough to see a difference. My skin does feel softer and smoother, however, and given that this only costs £4.99, I’m impressed: I think it’s easily as good as the more expensive (sometimes much more expensive!) creams I’ve used in the past, and I will definitely re-purchase it when it runs out. Well, why pay £30+ when you can get the same kind of thing for £4.99?

If you want to try it for yourself, the products are unfortunately not available to buy online, but you’ll find a store locator at the Aldi website.